Forever 21he's a very bad manager


Shawn the manager at 0439 and he is very very disrespectful, he's prejudice against color people he talks to you like a child, yells at you as if you were he's kid. Monday 11/2015 4:05pm he lift the store to talk on he's cell phone for 20minutes no manager in the store. In February a girl named carlisa told him that I said something sexually to her but she Made up it. He said that he was going to get to the bottom it, but of course nothing happened but made me feel discriminated against no one got fired or punish they got promoted...So I quit...please something needs to be done before someone hurts him real bad..someone better hurry up And Get The DM


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    noname185 Aug 03, 2009

    I used to work nearby the store and the employees there would repeatedly mess with me. One of them specifically would say racist comments to me and his friends would laugh. I didn't do anything to them and they had no right to be mean to me.

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    mvc Aug 04, 2009

    and who the hell you are ###ing ###, this is a space to complain about anything, if you are not agree with the lady's complaint just shup up ### up your mouth looser idiot!!!etc...

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    mvc Aug 05, 2009

    go to hell ###ing ###, get busy it looks like nobody ### you for long time, i'am talking about this hooker..NONNIEMOUSE.

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    jaymi Feb 14, 2010

    @heatherbirdlady, How will you NOT visit ANY of the stores now because of the ### at this one location? Makes no sense...

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    bexarsgirl May 12, 2015

    Um, why don't YOU go to the DM rather than a general complaints board? No one here is going to or can do anything about your dispute with a former employer.

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