Ford Motor Companywarranty work, charging customer, and not fixing truck after 3 times at shop, now 4th time

truck was taken there because had to get a jump on batt. they said it was from oil being spill o n alternater, they said it cause the batt. to go bad to. we had to pay out of pock for it[invoive# 266167] 19 aug, . on sept had same issues took it back [266176], , gave truck back and stated it was fix. last week we took truck back for same issue. they gave the truck back again. again today the batt. light came on for the 4th time. we drop it off. today.. this is the fourth time on the same issue and they said it is the alternator again.. if alterator go bad again, I would not say it a altornator issue, it a short or something draining the batt. why are they not returing my money..and something needs to be done.. I can not drive a truck that breaks down all the time with only 25000 miles on it 1FTEX1EP7JFE39885..THANK YOU ERNEST MONTLEY .. [protected]

Oct 04, 2019

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