Ford Motor Company / continued electrical problems with my ford taurus

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After three months of owning the vehicle the airbag light came on on the instrument panel. This was brought to the attention of my service person Shannon at Auto Fair Ford in Manchester NH. After about a week the problem was fixed only to return again within a week. The car was returned to the service department and repaired again, however this time the auto start did not work. The vehicle was returned to the service department for repair again and the auto start was fixed. After about two weeks the air bag light illuminated again and the car was returned to the service department. This time the car was gone for almost two weeks and they state the electrical problem was fixed. Now the car is in the shop again as the seat belt chime does not sound, the key less entry does not work and the seat belt light is on again.

At this time my wife and child are afraid to ride in the car as they are concerned that the air bag may not deploy or the seat belt will not restrain as needed. I am concerned that a serious injury could occur in even the most minor crash.

Therefor I would propose that either Ford please by back the vehicle or allow me the opportunity to trade this one in for a like priced auto or truck.

I love the Ford brand and do not look poorly on the company as this is just a defective piece of equipment that just cannot be fixed.

Jun 03, 2019
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  • Km
      Jun 03, 2019

    Clean out from behind the seats. You have something obstructing a sensor. The air bags will still deploy but the light will stay illuminated until you clean from behind the seat.

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