Ford Motor Company / 2018 ford f-250 super duty / king ranch

United States

I've been a loyal Ford customer all my life (63 yrs. old) and have never been more frustrated with ford, about 3 mos. ago I purchased the above vehicle used from Enterprise in Middletown, PA' it had about 13 k miles on it, I traded in a 2015 F250 FX Lariat that had a "Death Wobble" that was so bad I would almost come off the road. About a month ago my King Ranch has started to wobble. My closest Ford dealer iexas Hoffman Ford in Harrisburg, PA. and i'm reluctant to have them look at it since I've taken it there 3 times for my Drivers seat that will not heat or cool and they still haven't been able to fix it, not to mention I had my Lariat there 5 times to fix my back-up camera ( This can all be verified that I'm not exagerating), plus I purchased a F250 from them years ago with a similar wobble and their Service MGR. said it was common and I would have to live with it ! In closing I havea 2018 King Ranch with a broken drivers seat and starting to wobble and nowhere I trust to take it. I've sent in complaints before in the past about other things that I've purchased and usually never get a response back, so I'm skeptical that you'll be any different, but I may become GM owner after this if I don't get some satisfaction.

Apr 15, 2019

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