Ford Motor Companyservice repair at mike castrucci ford milford ohio

P Aug 05, 2018

Case # CAS15402349

I want first say that I can't believe that I'm having this kind of problem from a Ford dealership. I take my car to Ford because of the trust factor. Second of all I want to say that even though the service department thinks that I don't understand about manipulating circuits and relays, I used to be an engineer, and I used to automate manufacturing lines so I do know how to bypass circuits and manipulate the computer to try to make something work. However, unless you address the real problem it'll never be fixed, and this is what Castrucci Ford has done. Their Technician has altered my car's computer system so badly that I don't believe my car can be put back to factory setting. My T-Bird may be a 2002, but it only has 19, 000 miles, and it was in excellent condition.
This thing started out with me taking my car to and trusting Mike Castrucci Ford for a simple dashboard light problem.
I told Ben Castrucci, the service rep. at the dealership, what I had found researching this problem on the web. I told him there are many T-bird owners who have had this problem, and they either couldn't fix their car because this problem was related to a faulty cluster that is no longer sold or that there is a place in New Jersey that rebuilds them. Ben Castrucci and another technician named Tom told me that they don't go by the internet and that they're professionals, so they dismissed what I told them about my research and the problems other owners have had with the cluster. Later that week Ben told me they had ruled out the cluster, and that it was two other parts, and it would cost almost $1, 400.00 to repair. I gave them the ok to fix it

Later that week I received a call telling me my car was fixed, so I picked up my car the next day which was the Saturday just before Memorial Day. On my way home it started to rain, and the windshield wipers would not work, and while driving I tried to blow my horn at someone who pulled in front of me, and the horn would not blow. As soon as I got home and pulled into the garage I noticed that the park light was on, and I couldn't turn it off. I had to unhook the battery to get it to go off. The service department was already closed because it was a Saturday, so I called Jim Turner, a Salesman at Mike Castrucci who I had talked with before, and I let him know of the problem. He said bring it in on Tuesday after Memorial Day.
I took my car there on Tuesday evening after Memorial Day, and they had the technician talk with me, and he told me he didn't check the windshield wipers or the horn but he was certain that the park light wasn't on, and then he gave me a whole speech that my car was mostly a Jaguar and how he spent a lot of time working on my car. I was getting frustrated with him because it felt like he was giving me the run around and at one point I was going to just take my car and leave but they said they would fix it.
I tried to tell them what I found out about the cluster again, but they didn't want to hear it. Again they told me that they were professionals and they don't go by the internet. They told me they work with other Ford mechanics to solve problems.
I left my T-Bird with them again. A month went by without a word from them. I stopped by after work to check the progress on repairs, and they hadn't even touched my car at all. They said that they had another car ahead of mine that they been working on and were just finishing it. I was told that my car was third on their list

I told Ben that it would have been nice to at least have had some kind of communication about what was going on because I've been doing without my car for over a month. I said it would have been nice if they would have called to tell me there where customers ahead of me. They failed to mention that when I left my car with them over a month prior to that time.
They did start calling me on Wednesday of this past week to let me know they haven't fixed my car yet. Ben Castrucci left a voicemail message for me to call about my car. I called that evening, and Ben had me speak with the technician Tom. Tom told me I probably wouldn't understand what was going on with my car but he would try and explain it to me. He told me again that my car was half Jaguar and half Ford. He told me that they found the problem and that everything works now except for my radio. He said the radio was a Wi-Fi and was more than just a radio. He said that they had to unplug my radio to get my car to work. He said I would need to keep the radio unplugged so that the other electrical items would work and that unplugging my radio was his solution. He did say if I wanted to I could probably find a good used radio somewhere and install it because they were just trying to get my car back to me.
Tom said that they had sent my radio to Texas, and they couldn't fix it, and it couldn't be fixed. He told me they were in the hole with my car and that they had more than the $1, 400.00 I paid them in the car. Then he told me that they were breaking even, but he pretty much told me that I needed to find a radio and install it. After talking a little further he finally said maybe they could find a radio.

I took my T-bird to this Ford dealer because my I wanted the best to work on my car it only has19, 000 miles on it and it's in excellent shape I took my T-bird to this Ford dealer and I trusted them to fix my car correctly.

I told the Mike Castrucci service department from the beginning about the problems other T-bird owners have had, and they didn't want to listen to me.
I've been an engineer, an

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