Ford Motor Companyservice dept at joe cooper ford in tulsa, ok 33rd and sheridan

J Nov 29, 2017

I was scheduled for 3 weeks to have my transmission looked at in my 2016 Ford Explorer. I had previously taken it in for a few other issue and they couldn't get the transmission looked at for 3 weeks.
I drove over 25 min and when I arrive they say I do not have an appointment. I explained having waited for 3 weeks and then she found my appointment. She then says that the transmission guy quit a week ago. I asked why they didn't contact me to let me know so I wouldn't take off work, drive all the way over only to be told no one bothered to let me know he had left.
She said "I understand your frustration", I said no you do not or you would've done your job and treated me with respect by calling me and not inconveniencing. You do not answer the phone or return phone calls which is horrible but now you can't even let me know not to come in because you can't keep employees.
The dealership is horrible! They have no regard for their customer. It is just sad

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