Ford Motor Companyservice at dealership


I originally purchased my 2016 Ford Fusion at the above dealership in Kendall, Florida. I was reluctant about ever going back after the way the sale went, but because I was pressured to purchase the extra warrenty to cover the vehicle for 75, 000 miles and include oil changes, I had to continue servicing my car there. We started to notice some issues with the cars shifting a few weeks back and called the dealership, spoke with the service center and asked about the shifting and inquired about the recommended miles to do a transmission drain and fill. It was at this point we received 7 differnt answers. This brought on the next question, how many quarts does the drain and fill require. My husband and I both called the same dealership and asked. Again, 3 differnt answers which lead me to call Ford Motor company directly and speak with customer service who informed me that all 3 answers were actually incorrect. Last weekend we noticed a huge diffenrce in the way the car was shifting and while making a right, the car jerked and made a huge noise, sounding like the transmission had just bottomed out. Monday we brought the car to the service station to inquire what could be wrong. We use out vehicle for work and have 90, 000 miles, understand that this is a high amout of miles but these are all highway miles. The dealership advised they were going to charge us 117.00 to look at the car and they had no time until thursday. At this point we didn't want to cause further damage and left the car. 2 hours later service calls and said it was the transmission and it needed to be replaced. They advised that the cost is 4700.00 because out of warrenty and that they could order the transmission that day. My husband called me to inform what they found. The service center stated that gear 1 and 2 were damaged. They did not provide us with any reason. I advised my husband that something was not right and I wanted a real transmission specialist to check my car. The dealership charged us 117.00 to pick my car up. I had the car towed to a transmission shop that day. My concern was how does one say they have no time until Thursday and then 2 hours later call and say you need a new transmission. What did you do to determine that in 2 hours? The transmission shop picked my car up and advised me they would need to open the transmission to find the issue which took all day. They explained it was impossible for the dealership to inspect the transmission without doing so and more than likely just ran a computer test and drove the car. Long story short, the shop lifted and opens the transmission to find water in my torque converter. We recently suffered some flooding from Hurricane Irma and did need to drive to get out of the storm, so this did make sense. Turns out the transmission shop explained this is something the car insurance would cover for us and the dealership not only failed to properly inspect my car, but they never mentioned this to me. Instead advised I needed a new transmission at 4700.00 and asked when do we want this ordered. After seeing what the shop did to find out why my car was having issues, I realized that my dealership was trying to get over on me and also charged me 117.00 to do nothing at all but drive my vehicle and feel the same issue we explained we had. I feel totally ripped off and offended that they even had the nerve to think this was okay. The service center is just ad poorly ran as the rest of the sales department. I originally purchased a Ford because my aunts worked 30 years in the cleveland ohis Ford plant, retiring and always boasting Fords reputation. Unfortunately, for me this has not been pleasant.

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