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A Nov 08, 2018

My family and I have been life long time customers with Ford. I am very disappointed with the extremely poor calls I consistently get in regards to service and with roadside assistance. I have a flat tire right now. A very common occuranve and a simple fix in my opinion. Tonight I've had to call around to more Ford locations than I'd like to count in order to attempt to find the quickest and most convenient repair for my tire possible. First off the roadside assistance operators had my car being towed to a location that only deals with commercial trucks when I have a Ford Ecosport SUV. I don't understand why when I give my vehicle info they would have it towed to a location that doesn't even service my simple tire repair. I'm not going to have my vehicle towed to sit at a random location just to have it towed again in the morning! Then I call around to other locations in the area and not only am I treated like I'm incompetent when I can't immediately give my tire size but no one can give me a clear answer on when a repair can be completed nor can anyone tell me if they even have my tire in stock! Also, the people who have answered my phone call act like they can't give me a straight answer on when my tire can be changed! One operator told me their service department wouldn't be able to have my repair completed for a week and a half! A week and a half to change a tire!? I'm beyond disappointed on how I've been treated and customer service I've received.

There is no reason I shouldn't be able to have a tire changed within 24 hrs. I could do it myself if I could locate a tire. I lease my vehicle with Ford and it's ridiculous I can't get better customer service with repairs. A tire repair should not be this stressful

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