Ford Motor Companyford customer service

G Sep 05, 2018

My son has a 2017 Ford Mustang ecoboost. It is 13 months old and has about 42, 000 miles on it. He recently took it to a dealer in Fresno California with a Check Engine Light. They told him he had a heater hose leak which made no sense. They advised that because the mileage was over the 36, 000 miles that there could be no warrenty cover and that the hose had failed from wear and tear. As a plastics and rubber technologist I was baffled as to how a modern day hose could fail after only 13 months. I tried to work with Nate Real at Ford Customer Service and he was completely unhelpful, not returning phone calls or emails. Finally when I spoke to him he said there was nothing he can do as it is wear and tear. I asked if he could provide me with the contact details for someone else as I wished to challenge this adjudication and he refused to do this.

This is appalling customer service and we will never purchase another Ford product. With all the makes we have owned, we have never been treated this way.

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