Ford Motor Companydennis sneed ford, gower mo, f rating with bbb, web loaded with complaints.

V Sep 06, 2018

This sums up our situation with this dealership, it would be in Fords best interest to see what s going on there.Buyers beware! We traveled 16 hour round trip with overnight stay and food and fuel expenses all for two cars that were not even there after we were assured the cars would be and made all the arrangements with them to view both cars . Please read the other reviews both here and on other sites and don't dismiss them as I did. I spoke to Rich in sales on Saturday afternoon on labor day weekend at 45 minutes before closing to make sure the cars were there and all was good with them both. He assured me all was well, I had informed him we had a 8 hour drive each way and he told me since it was rite at closing Saturday and they would be closed Labor day the cars weren't going anywhere. There would be no need for a deposit if we would show up at 8;30 when they opened on Tuesday.He also stated that the owners sons which work and manage at the dealership were driving the cars for the holiday weekend but they would be there at opening on Tuesday morning. I had given him two phone numbers to reach me at if there were any issues so we wouldn't be making a wasted trip. The price had been worked out on them and all was set for us to be there Tuesday morning. We spent our Labor day driving from Ky to Kansas city spending the night there Monday night so we would be there at opening on Tuesdays. We pulled into the dealership at exactly 8:30 and circled the lot to get a look at the two cars before we met with him. Two circles around and the two cars couldn't be found so I assumed maybe they were in clean up bays or somewhere inside. We went into dealership and found Rich, he says "the one car is here but I don't think you are going to like it it has some rear end damage but I will show you anyways the other is on the way and should be here any minute i have already spoken with the owners son". To I replied "damage you never mentioned that before and the pics of them show any damage " he said "yea I just found out about it and we are probably going to send it back to ford'. We make 2 loops through the lot while the while time I'm telling him the car is not out front. Finally he says let me go check with manager and see where we put it . He comes back out and tells us they sent it back to ford already, keep in mind the car was there Saturday at closing and they were closed Monday and it's Labor day weekend. My wife expressed to him she was not happy and felt something wasn't rite with the story. So one car has magically disappeared. With all the small red flags i had been seeing this one was the largest I knew something wasn't rite and let him know we were starting off on a bad deal already. By now its 8:50 and still the other car hasn't showed keep in mind it was just minutes away at 8:30. He tells us just to hang for a bit and it should be here in just a minute or two he had called him again and told him he was just a few minutes out. I go back out to the car with my wife who had took a vacation day as well as myself to sit in our vehicle to ponder on the situation, While sitting there watching some of the things going on and taking a good look at the dealership I start figuring out that all the red flags are adding up and this is hook and switch deal or just a scam to get you there. By now its 9:25 and we are fed up. I walked into the office and told Rich we are leaving, he looks at me kinda dumbfounded I said " we drove 8 hours one way to look at these cars that you told me were going to be here, worked out a deal on them with no mention of damage to one not only that we have been sitting here for 55 minutes waiting to see a car that was just a minute away that was supposed to be here at 8:30 I'm done with this deal and i see what it going on. The only reply out of him is "the cars were here this weekend". After leaving and calming down a bit I decide to call the general manager, which Rich has told US Is one of the owners sons and tell him how we felt about it all, guess what, he was not available and no return of my call. Please save yourself the trouble and steer clear of this dealership, I should have payed more attention to all the sketchy reviews and ratings i seen, i would have a 1000.00 more dollars in my pocket we spent to go see two ghost cars and not have wasted my holiday weekend.. BTW the two ghost cars are still listed on their site as well as other places all over the internet they are the two 2018 loaded mustang gt premium red and blue.

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