Ford Motor Companycourtesy ford (campus ford), okemos mi

P Sep 11, 2018

Would like to know how to report a fraudulent Ford dealer. I have proof that they; alter odometer statements and RD108's, have purchased A-Pin Numbers for customers that do not qualify, have altered customer credit applications in order to gain approval. They also falsify cash down from customers (showing A And D-plan commissions) as customer cash down, when in fact, no cash from the customer was every received. The dealer is Courtesy Ford (aka Campus Ford) located at 1830 W Grand River Ave, Okemos MI

Currently the State of Michigan has also begun an investigation into them selling used vehicles without titles and fraudulent odometer statements.

Thought you should know. Hope you decide to investigate. I can supply you with specific files should you desire. You might start with any D-Plan sale. You'll see cash down, but I bet you won't find a recipe for the money . You'll probably also see an AVO stating that the cash down needs to come out of the gross. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

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