Ford Motor Company2017 ford f150 transmission failure - then terrible customer service from ford!


Contact to Ford Motor Company RE: 1FTEW1EG6GKF53895 CRM:[protected]

On August 19, 2017, our 2017 Ford F150 with less than 10, 000 miles suddenly lost all power on a hill while we were 300 miles from home! We had to spend more than $350 out of pocket on Uber and one-way car rental just to get home! Luckily, we did not require a car rental once we arrived.

Two weeks later, the truck was fixed and eventually trailered back to us. (This is another story as we had to use the online car tracker to find our truck, as no one knew where it was! )

The person at Ford my husband was dealing with, Tara Dew, stopped all communication with us once the truck was on the trailer. She had promised to pay for the expenses we incurred as a result of the Ford failure. My husband had sent her the receipts and multiple emails asking for a response. bit to no avail. He called the Ford customer service and was told he could not deal with anyone else, because Tara was assigned to our case.

We are still waiting for the refund on our expenses!

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