Ford Motor Company2016 ford fusion check engine light

L Aug 18, 2018

Two months ago my check engine light came on. My car only had 31, 000 miles so I knew it was still under warranty. I took my car to Sheehy Ford Ashand to fix the issue. Well two months later and 5 visits the issue have yet to resolved. Sheehy Ford has had my car longer than I have in the last two months. Each time only giving me a loner car twice even though I have the VIP package. Each time I drop my car off I get the same excuse. They either can't find a problem or they cleaned the coils and that should have fixed the issue. In my opinion all there doing is clearing out the sensor to turn off the light. My warranty expires in Novemeber and I have yet to have my problem fix. This Monday I go backfor visit number 6 because my check engine light cameback on last night.

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