Ford Motor Company2014 ford fiesta

P Oct 09, 2019

If your family is in search of a reliable vehicle, do not purchase a ford, the least a ford fiesta of any model. I purchased my vehicle brand new only to be plagued with recalls that are extremely inconvenient, time consuming and hazardous at times under operation. The transmission the life of the car, is infected with defects. It consistently needs repair as it will shut down, unannounced and stall without warning. The car began to disengage a year after purchase. Although, the repairs are free. You must first contact ford upon. Encounters of unannounced problem. They are aware of the defects but made no initiative to contact myself with deliberate and truthful information. If you have purchased a car if any problem begins shortly after purchase contact ford. If you are looking to buy a car. Please stay away from any and all makes of ford. It is a horrible investment because the vehicle is already damaged upon purchase.

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