Ford Motor Company2013 ford fiesta

T Jul 26, 2019

I have a ford fiesta. I have had the transmission checked multiple times and was told it was fine, this is normal...On this past Tuesday My service transmission message came on, the car was jerking and stalled. I called Gibbons Ford. They told me to bring it in immediately and that it may take - 3 -5 days to fix. Told her I had the extended transmission warranty. I told her I couldn't be without my car. She told me there were no loaners available but Through my warranty I could get a vehicle thru Enterprise and they would set it up. I went right down Spoke with David who proceeded to tell me it would be at least 7 days before they could look at it and I was misinformed aboit Enterprise. Also told me they had no loaners. Yes... I got aggravated, even lost my temper...said the car was apiece of [censored]. Not proud of but I am so frustrated with this car. I spoke to Heather, the manager she said it would be 3 days. We went back and forth. I was told I couldn't have a loaner because they don't know if it is a covered repair under the warranty...yet I have to wait 3 days without a car for them to tell me that. And if it turns out it is covered, I qualify for a loaner. WHAT!! Today, Friday I called to see if they diagnosed the car..had not even been looked at. I left a message with Daryl, the GM. I did not receive a return call. I called my local news, my local senator and the PA attorney general. I left another message on Daryls machine to let him know that I had done that since I was on day four with zero help from Ford I had no choice. He called me back and told me I was a liar...that one of his girls who answer the phone would never had told me anything about a loner or Enterprise. I was stunned. I told him David the rep I dealt with called the girl with me standing there and she admitted telling me that. He said I also used the F word in front of children...I told him yes, I lost my temper and said my car was a piece of [censored]. There were no children around. There was an older man and an older women. I apologized to both for being angry..The older gentleman said don't worry I would be pissed too. The older women said don't worry, we all get upset some times. This is 100 percent true..Im sure they have cameras. It was Tues July 23rd around 3pm. He then went on to tell me that people think they person who makes the most noise gets what they want and that I threatened him by saying I was calling the news. I told him I have had several issues with my Ford and never lost my temper...This time I was treated so poorly I could not believe it. He told me I could pick up my car or have it towed somewhere else. I told him No, I bought the car from you, it is covered under warranty. U I told him I was not asking for special treatment, just to be treated fairly, I told him I paid that car off last month...6 years worth of pymts. I held up my end of the contract and so should Ford. He told me He is not Ford...that Ford made a car with a faulty transmission. I told him I bought the car from Gibbons Ford and I paid my pymts to Ford credit...That makes him FORD. I told him Iam well aware of all the issues with the Fiesta, the senate is now looking into it also. Lets not pretend Ford doesn't know about the problems. Well today around 5pm Ford called me and told me the clutch is faulty and needs to be repaired. He then told me the transmission is bad...but not any of they covered parts. Any repairs, except the clutch will not be covered.. HOWIS THIS REAL!!! I asked if 6 years of the clutch slipping, the constant jerking and every other thing wrong with transmission cused this...he told me no. I picked up my car...the next available APPT IS AUG 13. they will fix the clutch and let me know the rest of the problems. All I want is my car fixed. You know there is a faulty transmission. I paid for that car as agreed. You should hold up your end of the deal. The was I was treated this week by Ford is unbelievable. I will not let it drop. my email is [protected] or I can be reached at [protected]

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