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I received a call from Ford today threatening to send me into collections and report me to the credit agency. The story is that my payment is due every 26th day of the month, and will be deemed late if not payed later than the 7th of next month. So I sent the late payment 3 days ago and they will most likely receive it first thing Monday, and on top of that I also made sure that I included this month's due. I am almost finished with my payments as well, the last payment date is on March 2010. I only missed one month which is May 2009, and made on time monthly payments way above the minimum payment without fail. I hope that they are not threatening me because in less than one year I am done with my payment, and if they reposes my car today they are making more money out of it since the value of my car is in the mid 10000, and the money I owe is only less than 5000. I have had this car since 2005, and it is still in excellent condition (only drive it on weekends), mileage is only 34800, and maintenance service is always through the dealer.

Now I understand why my friends question me when I was deciding on getting another automobile from Ford. I have never experience such treatment before. With the automobile industry crisis today, you think they would be more understanding with a Ford vehicle owner. Now I wonder if all automobile company's member services are like this, when you miss only 1 payment out of many. I also own an Eclipse, an Altima, a Mercedes and a Jetta, I hope that the other company will not be these harsh. Too bad for Ford, now I am one less customer that they lost. I now I am just one, but every year I actually buy, lease or trade in through Ford. The local Ford dealer managers even became family friends. I don't think that I can deal with Ford anymore after this. This just ruined a long time friendship. Oh well, I guess its about time to look elsewhere, maybe the all new Mazda Speed 3, even the Hyundai Genesis. Sayonara Ford...


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      Jan 29, 2013
    Ford Motor Credit Company - I feel traumatized everytime I must deal with Joan .
    Ford Motor Credit Company (collection agency)
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