Food Networkbullying


hi my name is Christa Pellicci im from Stamford Ct, iam a Fan of the Actor Henry William Danglish Cavil, from the (WB) Company, Justice of the League. now I Support, him for who he is Madam and he is my Favorite hero from a movie, and thats about it, iam not his Austoria for a Girlfriend. im sorry! we both do not go out! Together! im sorry! I do not know who he is Madame. and the Actor dosent know me as Christa either! and hes not my guy for a boyfriend im sorry! were not in a relationship! together! im just a fan okay! and thats about it, um my sister is watching this show# on the (Food) Network# I do not know what it is. and this Blonde Lady is Laughing at me for being a Henry Cavil fan that is Rude# and that hurts my feelings! im sorry but she really should Laugh because she does not know him either! and he dosent know her! either! and that Lady! with the blonde hair is never going to get to know the Actor or (meet) him either! Nobody is and thats sad thats part# of Life# Mame im sorry! but we all have Dreams that we want (meet) someone famous for a Celebrity! but its never going to happen sorry but I live in the real world. so I like real Men like Not a Celebrity for like a Start their not real people They dont really live in real lives and they hurt# other woman for a liveing its true, Like trust me ive seen it happen before their Losers and hes not her guy for a Boyfriend either and he dosent know her! either! im sorry but Nobody doesent know him and the Actor is Nobodys guy for a Boyfriend he only Belongs to Nobody but himself. and hes too busy to date other woman Let me tell you something Like that Lady with like the blonde hair does not have Like a Twitter on her computer! shes lieing! she likes Nothing about that Actor Henry Cavil its a lie. its not true. I Bet Like she did not go see the Movie Man of Steel back in (2012) I bet she had start on that show# and the lady did not witness the first Crush! on the Actor Henry Cavil. that is a lie. I went and saw that movie with my cousin Hayley Renee Libertore dureing the summer of 2012 when she was 12 years old I witness the First Crush on the Actor Henry Cavil as (Miss) Christa Pellicci from Stamford Ct, she does not like him ohhh please! KISS MY [censor]. No she does not shes useing that as Poor! Elame Excuse to pick out on me as his first-time fan as (Miss) Christa Pellicci is that it. Yea, shes nothing but a waste of (Space) Like for a true selfesh [censor] like her really Growup! like get life. (JEEZE) and (A) Number 1# hes not her favorite. Actor! (B) shes not a fan of his shes Cheateing shes Lieing thats not true. (OMGOD) what a [censor] she is (C) that Lady! with the blonde hair does not Support him and (D) hes not her Favorite, Hero from a movie and (E) hes not like sending her the pics# Everday because shes not his fan and im sorry I do have to like say madame but he dosent like her (AWWWw) to bad what a pitifull shame a very sad Lost what a Beautifull shame because she is nothing but a liar. Like im sorry! I have a Twitter as (Miss) Christa Pellicci from Stamford Ct, I Added him as my Friend, because hes my favorite actor and my Favorite, Hero from a Movie! I Like the Actor Henry Cavil I have a crush on him Like im the Actors fan and I support the Actor hes my favorite hero from a movie and hes my Friend. Like iam afraid to be the one to put that Lady! down the Actor Henry Cavil is sending me his pics# im his fan shes not he likes me not her! so I rather Laugh at her Because she dosent know him either! and the Actor dosent know her either! and I hate to be the one to say this but that Lady! with the blonde hair is never going to know him or (meet) him either (AWWWw) how sad its sad for everyone madame we all have dreams that we all want to (meet) a celebrity for a star not going to happen for any of us Like in her Wildest dreams up her [censor] he dosent like her so I think the Lady! with the Blonde hair needs to move on and Get you know a Life# (Jeeze) she is sick in the head Nuts Mental shes got issues. im sorry he likes me not her and I saw a video of this kid name keaton getting bullied in school sad because Like its all gonna end right here and right now we are the ones who are going to Stop the (Bullying) as for the Children young teens to adults from christa

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