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Food Network Magazinedoorfront direct

I never signed up for doorfront direct, which always is at the bottom of my driveway, right next to the mailbox. Anyone walking by can pick it up and take it. If its raining its soaked!! I want my magazine put in the mailbox. If this cannot be done, cancel my subscription. I enjoy this magazine, but apparently some of my neighbors do too, or the workers in the area do, and they are taking it. please put my magazine back in the mailbox, this was a horrible idea, especially if you are away and the magazine sits out front and is taken!!!

Food Network Magazine Missing recipe section

I called to try to find the missing cauliflower weekend cooking section in the January/February 2020 I purchased. The person at the 800 number did not speak clear English at all and since I had no subscription could not assist me at all. Online the section doesn't even show in the recipes - but it is there in the magazine just missing. I want the cauliflower steaks with caper sauce and cauliflower hummus. Neither come up on your website. and I tried calling again to no avail. What a joke. I had thought to get a subscription but I don't think so.

3 piece nesting bowl set

I purchased the 3 piece nesting bowls and lids from Kohl's about 5 months ago. After placing some veggies in the large blue bowl and putting it in my fridge, I noticed a large hole one side with the pieces on the counter. Can I please get a replacement bowl. The cover is fine as are the other 2bowls. I have no idea how or why the bowl cracked where it did.

Thank you
Kathy Adams
55 South Main St.
Millbury, Ma 01527

[protected] cell phone


3 piece nesting bowl set
3 piece nesting bowl set
3 piece nesting bowl set

ceramic coated cast iron pot

I purchased a food network 6 quart ceramic coated iron pot from kohls last year. I have used silicone utensils. I have only used in oven at 350 degrees. The bottom of the pan is chipping away. I am surprised as I have a generic large ceramic cast iron pot that has lasted 5 years without any problems. I am disappointed as I expected the food network pot to be superior.

food network pots and pans

I have a full set of FN pots and pans that I have loved for over 10 years, but they are wearing pretty bad and food sticks all the time now. When I purchased them it said they had a lifetime warranty. I've emailed numerous times but never heard back at all. I'd like to see what you can do to correct this and would hope it means a new set. Thank you

food network pots and pans
food network pots and pans

roasting pan

We have had the Food Network roasting pan for a couple of years now and are pleased for the most part

We do have a concern in that each time we clean the pan ( either by hand or in the D/W there is a chalky Sticky residue on the handles

We can clean the residue off but are concerned this may not be safe so have quit using the pan

Any assistance to explain what we are experiencing?

roasting pan

pot and pan set

I got a red set of pots and pans for christmas 2018. My medium size pot has the teflon coming out of the bottom. I do not use metal utensils only wooden. I am very upset. They were not a cheap set of pans and I do not want go have to purchase another one because of a bad quality product. I havent even checked the others to see if they are messed up. This was never something I expected from your products.

pot and pan set
pot and pan set

compliments and various complaints of programs

The concerns Food Network. I love Ina's Roasted Shrimp shown for New Year's. What a beautiful lead in. The network does so many things right, with a great website and providing great recipes, great Food Truck Race, Restaurant Impossible, Farmhouse Rules, Barefoot Contessa, Trisha's Southern Kitchen, Iron Chef, Food Network Stars and some others, even Undercover Diners, that it blows my mind when it does other things in a totally opposite direction. Like why, why, why does DDD get so much air time when you have much better shows to give time to? What happened to Damaris Phillips' show? She has much more personality and she actually cooks. And I would much rather see the shows I mentioned than Fieri, Giada, Rachel Ray, and definitely can't stand Halloween Wars and Cake Wars. Those shows are a total waste of air time. I would love to see Cupcake Wars brought back, or even reruns. Like I stated, you do a lot of great things, and I learn from them, so those are the things I prefer to see. FN has long been a favorite of mine but I find myself watching it less and less. Thank you.

green dutch cooker with white ceramic lining

got your large green dutch cooker super heavy that was bought from Kohls as a gift for me. Used 1 time and the white ceramic coating has peeled of the bottom the size of a quarter and cracked in other area..
i only want a replacement if problem is fixed or some large type heavy dutch cooker

Jay Epstein
413 east bainbridge street
elizabethtown pa 17022

green dutch cooker with white ceramic lining

food network whistling tea kettle

Today 11/7/2019 while boiling water in our food network tea pot (red), we started to smell plastic burning. Here it was the handle of the tea pot burning and melting. Now our home stinks of plastic burnt smell! Not sure why this has happen but guessing I will be looking for a new teapot. Pretty sure it is not safe to drink from. Would like to know why this would happen or be caused by since this has never happened before. I would like to have my tea pot replaced and not have to put out money or time looking for a tea pot that fits my kitchen.

unwanted host

Please stop ruining specials by making Giada a host. You have now added her to the thanksgiving challenge which I will also avoid watching. She is a phony and so annoying that it is just difficult to watch anything shes on. Its very disappointing as I watch the food channel often but not if she is on it. Please listen to your viewers and stop making her the host of a show. You will lose long time watchers if we cant watch the seasonal shows without putting up with her.

  • Mo
    morganlondon1 Dec 13, 2019

    Has anyone told giada she's not interviewing for fredricks of hollywood and that this is a cooking show. She needs to keep her trashy lifestyle out of food networks
    limelight. I have been a long time viewer, since it first aired actually, but during holiday viewing every one of my guests, all 12 agreed she has changed the opinion of many who watch. Maybe she needs to interview with playboy, it's the right fit for both personality and """ attire """"" !!!

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cake wars host

I have been addicated to cake wars. I loved Halloween Wars and have now started watching the Christmas episodes. However the host, Johnathon, annoys me to no end. Everytime I see his over the top drama and ridiculous comedy I cringe. I think a better fit for him would be a children's show. I watched some older episodes with the first host and enjoyed those seasons much more. I love the show but don't understand why you chose to go in the direction you did with the corny jokes and horrible acting.


I really like watching the Food Network. With that being said I'm really tired of Carla Hall, Zac Young and Jason Smith judging. They act so stupid. I know that there is more chefs out there that y'all can get to judge. I was born and raised in the south and trust me we don't talk like Jason Smith. So he won a baking competition and now he is an expert. Please get different judges.

halloween shows

Please remove all of these Halloween shows they are annoying you guys are not showing the regular schedule shows such as chopped, beat Bobby flay these shows are not for everybody I really don't appreciate you guys taking off the regular shows for Halloween shows I'm a faithful viewer of chopped and beat bobby flay, when you have these others shows on I have to find something else to wTch I get some of my receipt from these shows please stop all of these Halloween shows

Sign Fed up Melody Hawkins

10 piece ceramic coated cookware

We bought the food network 10 pc. ceramic cookware set from Kohls in Grand Blanc Mi.
Order # was [protected].
The first mistake was mine, I didn't read that the set was hand wash only and I washed the 5 quart i the dishwasher and it discolored the bottom. This I could put up with. The second thing was the large frying pan. I fried some fish in it, after I washed it, in the sink, using Dawn liquid, the inside bottom of the pan has a discoloring over most of it. the third was the small sauce pan has a loose handle. It looks like one of the fasteners was not set right.
I feel that with this many problems, it is only going to get worse and I would like a full refund.

The total I paid, after my coupon and discount was $67.00

halloween wars

Sending trio of terroir home was a complete and utter joke. The team with Santa clause had one sugar light hanging in the background and a half finished Santa!! You sent home the one team that didn't use Santa in the display (they used Jack Frost showing some creativity) and defied freaking GRAVITY!! You loved the tasting element and all their work was cohesive. I'm done with this show, each year it gets worse and you pick the team with the least amount of work to win... is it rigged? I truly believe it is! Job not well done :(

  • Updated by Colleenduggan · Oct 23, 2019

    That may be true and I agree, maybe adding more movement to the kids would have created a better story line, but the piece as a whole was more complete than buttercream beasts don’t you think? Even if they didn’t go home they did not earn the win there what so ever, the other did that had the krampus carving was amazing and they had a story...not just Santa with a clown face eating candy. In my opinion it just wasn’t as strong as their other pieces, which is why I’m confused about how they managed to win that one?

  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Oct 23, 2019

    Fact of the matter is Trio of Terror's display had no life to it. Sure jack frost was surfing a frozen slide with an incredibly large pumpkin, but the problem with the piece was the kids in front of the display, they were just standing there with no movement. Now had they done something with the kids showing impression of terror of being frozen by Jack Frost maybe they would have made it to the finally, but Tater's carvings, and Foggy's sugar work can't be the only thing that keeps them in the competition. It needs more imagination.

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bad programming

When is food network going to wake-up!! Jeez... How many complaints do you need! Of course now they are owned by discovery so even more politically correct than before. It is sickening. The network is supposed to be about "food"... Not the worst cooks of america; not food truck race, not trisha's horrible southern cooking, not giada and her yoga party and the list goes on including the horrible show the kitchen. We want to see real food, good food, food we can make and recipes that actually work. Some of giada is okay & brunch @ bobby's as well as ina garten and some of valerie's stuff but the rest of this garbage. How disgraceful with all these competition shows all the food that is wasted, ruined! It is truly shameful. None of us want to watch these stupid shows. Bring back food network to the old days where we can learn about food, actually see beautiful food being made etc... Thank god sunny anderson lost some of her voice today!! Still didn't keep her quiet!! All she did was blab. And these "cutsie" recipes from katie lee. Yuk... With the exception of the roasted veggies it all sucked. And how they boost each others' egos with the o"omg never tasted anything so good." lol... It is annoying. Please get some shows about real cooking, real food and stop this politically correct nonsense with the cake wars with same sex couples. Seriously... What does that have to do with food? Huh???

halloween wars

Just finished the show "Halloween Wars" and would like the say the winners did not deserve it! The opposing team clearly had the better ideas and execution and the judges even said that their food was the best they'd had all season! While they said that the winners food was the worst they had received from the group throughout the competition! Unbelievable! One of the members of the undeserving winning team had a sore throat and could not talk and he also threw a fit when he broke one of his pieces and proceeded to break even more! Like a child! I believe the judges felt bad for him and cut him some slack on his disgusting dessert! Clearly the opposing team was robbed of the money that should have been theirs and I am not happy with it.

magazines subscription from food network

I got a email claiming that I owe a invoice of 12 dollars for the FoodMagaizne network. I never order from them before. Nor magazine has been delivered to my house. I the. Get a letter claiming I owe money to them. I never got this magazines before. So what is going on? I keep getting emails claiming that this needs to be paid off. How can I pay something I never receive nor asked for. Its straight up a scam.

Food Network Bobby Flay10 piece cookware set

Hi Bobby! My name is Bonnie, and I live in Michigan. 3 years ago I was given your 10 piece cookware set for Christmas..Sadly, the 10 inch and 8 inch pans are peeling. I don't have any kids, it's just me and my husband, so we only use wooden spoons on the pans. I enclosed pictures of the pans and ME! Can I please get a replacement 10" and 8" pan? Thank you ❤

10 piece cookware set
10 piece cookware set
10 piece cookware set
10 piece cookware set

chopped/food truck race

I simply want to say that I will no longer be watching Chopped and the Food Truck Race. Contestants are given way too much face time. It is downright annoying. Also on Chopped, the show went downhill for me when you allowed the judges to converse with the chefs. I watched to see cooking, not talking. These once great shows are no longer enjoyable to watch. So very sorry to see good shows ruined.

beat bobby flay show

I just watched Giada double dip her spoon in dishes meant for other judges on season 18 episode 8 of beat bobby flay, you can clearly see Giada dip her spoon in one pan, and then use the same spoon to taste the second pot WITHOUT wiping or using a different spoon!!! How unsanitary! How did you not catch that in the episode????? How do you know if she doesnt have something contagious?? You can clearly see her double dip her spoon!!

guy fieri

I am so sick of Fieri being on so much on your Food Network that I have only recorded the more interesting shows so that I can skip ANY thing with Fieri in it. Additionally, many of the episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives are repeats of repeats of repeats of repeats!! Just how much of Food Network do he own? He has never been very entertaining, and with all the repeats, I try to avoid anything on your network that is even closely located to any of the programs he show up on, including "Best Thing I Ever Ate"! And, I used to enjoy that show. How about we try new shows and eliminate Fieri from any location on the network? If something isn't done, I will abandon the network altogether! While that won't matter to you one bit, I will have t he satisfaction of not having to watch any program where Fieri pops up. Sorry, but he has to go!!!

  • SubSquirrel Jun 28, 2019

    He owns nothing of the network. They show repeats because most people love him. New shows cost money and you’ll notice that the money contests are not on that often. Ten grand winnings were fun but they were offering more for better competitors.

    They need more new shows with new hosts. Ethnic, holiday and faster food type food shows are needed. Spun sugar, candy making and chocolate competitions are awesome

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food network cookware set

I purchased a Food Network Cookware Set in November of 2018. I hand wash all of my pots and pans, and do not use metal utensils in them. But still, the ceramic coating on one saucepan is chipping away. I purchased this set, as it was said to be a quality set, and because of the lifetime warranty.
How do I go about getting a replacement saucepan under the lifetime warranty?
Thank you,
Stephanie Clark

ceramic coated cookware set

I was given the food Network 10 piece cookware set for my birthday December 2018, my sister purchased it from Kohl's online. I was so excited to get this especially since it is a food Network set. Thinking it had to be of superior quality. I have used the set less than 6 months and I take very good care if my kitchen ware. I just can't seem to keep the outsides of the pans from discoloring no matter how careful I am and how well I clean them. They are badly discolored and don't know how to correct this. I don't want to use steel wool or anything too abrasive, I don't want to scratch them. Also the worst thing has been one of the large lids totally shattered for no reason. I had just hand washed it and placed it in the dish drainer. I put a nylon spatula that I had just washed next to it in the drainer and I was shocked as the glass from the lid shattered without any warning going everywhere it was like an explosion of glass. I have splinters of glass in my hands and have one less pan lid. I really don't know what to do about these issues????

hair touching

Please tell Rachel Ray to stop messing with her hair/scalp. We see her constantly scratching her scalp or pushing her hair out of her face and then touching her food. I don't think I'd ever be able to eat her cooking because of it. I love her recipes and have tried several of them.
Rachel Ray is an amazing chef but with the hair touching then right away touching her food is sickening.
Thank you so much.

8” enamel non stick fry pan

We have one of food network enamel 8" non stick fry pans.


The frypan is no longer non stick.

We use this pan often for many rent types of food but everything sticks to it.

We do not use metal utensils and there are no scratches in the no. Stick surface.

This is my second attempt to get this information to you. I hope it goes thru this time.

8” enamel non stick fry pan
8” enamel non stick fry pan

set of 4o pc white ripple dinnerware

I recently bought a 2nd set of ripple dinnerware at my local Kohl's yesterday April 14, 2019 I After I unboxed them, hand washed them, then I noticed that the box was short 1 salad plate. I am asking you to please provide me with a replacement salad plate.

Please advise me as to what you can do to resolve this issue.

Thank You,

Janet LeBreton
18 Moneta Ct
Mt. Laurel NJ 08054

  • Updated by Janet LeBreton · Apr 15, 2019

    Please resolve this issue.

food network 12" cast iron skillet

I purchased a 12" Cast Iron Skillet from Kohl's online, it was shipped in a box with no inner packaging and when it arrived and I opened the box the handle was busted off..

Had I been cooking with this and the handle broke I could of suffered some serious damage to myself, or anything in my kitchen.

This is the first food network product I have purchased and it will be they last. I will return the item to Kohl's for a full refund, which is just an added hassle, however I feel the product was poorly made and thought you should know the poor product quality since it has your name on it.
Thank you

food network 12" cast iron skillet

food network ceramic 10 pc cookware set

I bought these pans for my son for Christmas, and we are very dissatisfied with them. Everything sticks, they are very difficult to clean, and they scratch very easily. These problems began immediately. I bought these because they are a Food Network product and assumed they would be durable. The Food Network should stand by the products they put their brand on, rather than plying this low quality, disposable crap.

12" copper ceramic deep skillet

I have on of these skillets that I thoroughly enjoy cooking with. I tried to buy a second one to use with it, but I've had to return 2 of them because when heated up they both bowed down leaving only about 1 square inch in contact with my glass top oven. I am extremely disappointed that I am unable to buy a second skillet with the same quality and results as my original one.

10-pc. nonstick ceramic copper cookware set

I received this set for Christmas 2018. Along with this I got wooden and silicone spoons and spatulas. Two of the pans have already became discolored (non stick is not working) and the same two pans have small chips already. I done my research on this type of pans and have washed in the dishwasher, emersed hot pans in water, used utensils that could chip, or used on high heat. I have been trying to find a phone number that will get a person with customer service and got nowhere. I thought there was a lifetime limited warranty but again can not find any info. This is very frustrating to not even be able to get a number to a live person for a question.

food network knife butcher block

I have a Food Network Knife Butcher Block set that I purchased at Kohls. Several months ago, one of the steak knives tip broke when my husband was using it. I thought it wa...

12 in anodized non stick pan

221559 Hi! I ordered this pan before Christmas 2018 and immediately it has sort of warped in the middle it is higher in the center and a well like a moat around the edges. Of course thi...

food network 3pc cookie sheet set

I received these cookie sheets as a early Christmas presents because it was going to be my first time hosting Christmas Dinner. I used this cookie sheets to bake cookies the...

8 qt stainless steel pot with lid and strainer (pasta pot)

So I just ordered the 8 qt stainless steel pot with strainer (pasta pot) and lid. I ordered it from kolhs using a gift card that I got for christmas. It came in last week, I...


I'll deal with the disgusting eczema commercial. I'll deal with the pimple popper show commercial. I don't like watching those between viewing all the delicious food the Food...

white coated fry pans purchased from kohls in a two pack

When I purchased the fry pans I loved them so much, I went and bought a full set of copper coated ceramic pans. I really loved them. I have purchased them for house warming gift...

10 nesting glass bowls

221559 When using my larger glass bowl in the microwave on defrost it cracked the whole way down. Creating a little piece that came out into my food. I threw away 2 pounds of meat. We...

cutlery set; paring knife

I have a lifetime warranty Food Network cutlery set that I had purchased at Kohls, I don't have the date or the receipt. On December 11, 2018 I was cutting bar cookies (they were not burnt :) ). The tip of my paring knife broke off into my cookies.
I am not sure how this could be resolved. I would be happy to receive a new paring knife to replace this one if they are still available to match my set. I have my set sitting on my counter so I would like it to match the one that I have. I have been told by Kohls that they no longer carry that product that I need to contact Food Network. Can't find information on where or how to do that.

cutlery set; paring knife
cutlery set; paring knife

  • Ti
    Tina Marie Kunder Jan 22, 2019

    The same thing happened to me except this is now the 2nd knife that the tip broke. I am almost afraid to use them. Did you have any luck with this issue.

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