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breyers chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

Hello there. I'm not one to ever officially complain but I feel compelled too at this time. I purchased a 1.5 quart of Breyers Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream last week at Publix. We opened it tonight to indulge ourselves a bit with our favorite flavor and couldn't be more disappointed. I'm not sure what happened in the processing factory but, there is literally no cookie dough in this carton of ice cream. LOTS of chocolate chips but no cookie dough. Just thought I'd report this. It would be hard to imagine that I'm the only unlucky, sad one with this issue. A replacement carton would be very much appreciated. I'd be happy to provide more information if needed. I did not even think to take pictures or video.

Tina H

[Resolved] vanilla ice cream

Hi my name is tessa. I am a huge fan of your delicious ice cream. Been buying it for years. Well I actually bought some ice cream from walmart today and when I got home I opened it and noticed there was no seal on it and someone must have tampered with it. I feel sick that my kid almost ate it. I went back to get my money back and the store denyed me because I couldnt prove it had already been open. Can you send me my money back or a coupon to get another gallon of vanilla ice cream (my 5 year olds favorite) I would really appreciate it and you will have my continued respect and support for your products. My address is 4294 north hughes ave apartment number 122 fresno, ca 93705 and my email is [protected] Thankyou.

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    Nothing just didnt want my info public take that post down i thought it was a private message

breyer chocolate chip cookie dough 2 quart

On 07/19/2019, i bought Breyer Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Dairy Desert 2 quart (1.89L) at my local Bj's Supermarket in Dartmouth, MA. When we opened the ice cream at home we were very surprised and disappointed to find out that the content inside DID NOT match the label picture and the discription on the package. The label clearly state "Made With Chewy Cookie Dough Chunks", but inside there is NONE just Vanilla Ice Cream with a couple of chocolate chip.
Clearly misleading, your product labeling discreption on the outsise of the package does not match the product content . Who is monitoring this and how is responsible.

breyer chocolate chip cookie dough 2 quart
breyer chocolate chip cookie dough 2 quart

  • SubSquirrel Jul 25, 2019

    Go back to Route 6 and return it to BJ’s Wholesale Club. The factory obviously made an error and the store bought the packages. You can’t blame the store as they don’t open and inspect each carton.

    Go across the road to Target and pay a few cents more but no membership fees.

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butter pecan

I bought a container of butter pecan ice cream at my local grocery store, but it had maybe 3 pecans in the entire container. This is my husband's favorite, so he was very disappointed. This has never happened before. Your help in this matter would be appreciated.

I bought it at the Strack & Van Til in Lowell, Indiana.

Thank you.

Pam Raby

breyers ice cream - cookies & cream

I purchased a half-gallon of the Cookies & Cream ice cream at my local Jewel Osco grocery store in Channahon, IL and found upon opening that the package contained vanilla ice cream only. I should be recompensed for this package as I didn't get what was expected. I appreciate Breyers ice cream as I believe it to be among the best ice creams made and have enjoyed the product many, many times.

breyers dairy free

Date: June 28, 2019

I purchased Breyers Dairy Free ice cream at my local Martin's Grocery Store in Front Royal, VA. When my husband went to open it Friday evening to have a scoop of ice cream, he noticed the ice cream wasn't filled up all the way. I am not sure why this happened, but it was very disappointing. The seal was still around the ice cream, but it looked like when you opened it half the ice cream was gone!

The number on the ice cream is [protected]
F.G. #[protected]

cookies and cream ice cream

I have just opened my cookies and cream ice cream to see that I haven't even received a full tub. Your brand isn't the cheapest however I don't mind paying for extra due to the alternative nutritional values compared to regular ice cream. I am a regular purchaser or your product and was disappointed to see that the tub was missing a good quantity of product.

cookies and cream ice cream

breyers french vanilla/allergen not properly labeled

4/27/19 My husband and I are always conscientious about what we feed our daughter (six) who is highly allergic to eggs. After searching for allergens in bold on the ingredients list on the Breyer's French Vanilla carton tonight, we felt it was safe to give it to our daughter who had to forego treats at a birthday party earlier because of her severe allergy. Immediately after eating two small scoops of your ice cream, she developed a severe rash the front of her neck, began to throw up profusely, and complained that she felt like there was "a rash inside her throat." After taking a closer look at the ingredients, we realized it says there is egg yolk in the ice cream. Egg/egg yolk is a severe allergen that should be in bold and larger print at the bottom of the ingredients list. I hope your company works toward remedying this problem in order to keep your buyers safe.
Claudette Davis

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    buildere Apr 27, 2019

    You daughter needs to be taken away from you. It is YOUR fault for not reading the ingredients before giving her the ice cream. Do not blame them for your bad parenting.

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  • SubSquirrel Apr 27, 2019

    Ingredients are listed by amount used. They can’t highlight egg yolks at the end. Besides, other ingredients are allergens. Should all listed ingredients be highlighted??

    You didn’t read the full label. You’re too lazy and expect the words to be bright. It’s your responsibility to be aware of your daughter’s intake of ingredients.

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Breyers Ice Creamcreamy vanilla ice cream

I'm so very dissatisfied! The creamy vanilla ice cream is just horrible!!!
My husband got groceries the other day and thought he was buying the all natural vanilla (very white ice cream with tiny vanilla specs) and bought the horrible creamy vanilla (because the boxes look almost identical). Really can't you guys make the boxes look different?
The creamy vanilla is slimy and tastes terrible!! After eating it it's slimy in my mouth for about 5 minutes. Please make the boxes different so people will realize what they're buying, or stop making the creamy slimy vanilla ice cream! Creamy vanilla, TERRIBLE!!!

Breyers Ice Creambreyers snickers ice cream

I bought a half gallon of breyer's snickers ice cream, and as soon as I opened it, there was only vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Digging into it, I found two or three chocolate covered peanuts, and more or less the same amount of actual snickers pieces. I was pretty annoyed. I'd already been having a less than stellar day, and that irritating discovery was just the cherry on top. If you're going to call something ‘snickers ice cream', you've got to have more freaking snickers than that! There were no chocolate pieces, there were stray pieces of chocolate covered peanuts (2 or 3), and a depressing amount of snickers.

This is false advertising! I don't even like ice cream that has caramel that much, but the copious amounts you added were disgusting!

Do you even try your own products? Please, please, please do us all a solid and add more snickers and less caramel to it!!

breyer's "frozen dairy dessert" — no longer real ice cream

I grew up eating Breyers as a special treat. Their ice cream ingredients were so simple they used to advertise that even young children could read off the list. And the taste was spectacular. I realize companies change, but I just wasn't prepared for how much Breyers has changed. Last night my family wanted some ice cream and first selected Hagen Daaz. Next to HD was the same "flavor" of Breyers. Nostalgia got the best of me and I selected the Breyers (butter pecan). After dinner, we tried the ice cream. Even the kids couldn't finish a single scoop of the artificial tasting concoction. My wife and I read the label of the box to see if we'd somehow purchased a diet (and tasteless) version. Sure enough, in tiny letters in an obscure part of the packaging, we read "Frozen Dairy Dessert." What the expletive is "frozen dairy dessert"?

We did some online research and learned that, to cut corners, Breyers has changed their formula, adding in the artificial stuff they were once famous for NOT including. The result is a cloyingly sweet, foamy, chemical taste that no longer melts on the tongue but instead produces a rubbery pool inside the mouth. Disgusting.

In frustration, this morning we returned the opened box of Breyers ice cream to our local supermarket, got a refund, and purchased the Hagen Daaz we SHOULD HAVE bought last night. We will never again even consider buying Breyers. It's not ice cream anymore, at least according to US federal law. It's now artificial crap. Worse, like so many other duplicitous companies, Breyers now HIDES this fact by minimizing the absurd name, "Frozen Dairy Dessert, " at the very bottom of the package. US consumers really ought not to stand for this common [censored]ization of our food.

breyer's "frozen dairy dessert" — no longer real ice cream
breyer's "frozen dairy dessert" — no longer real ice cream

  • SubSquirrel Dec 02, 2018

    You chose to buy a product without reading the label. You assumed it was the same as before in 1960 when you were young. I eat the Breyer’s with a few ingredients. Vanilla, milk, cream, sugar and a stabilizer is listed and I’m not reading the carton.

    Supermarkets have fake ice cream, real ice cream, frozen yogurt, coconut milk ice cream, no milk ice cream, sugarfree ice cream, low sugar ice cream, gelato, no fat ice cream, low fat ice cream, no dairy ice cream, and more.

    Read labels. The world is changing.

    Ketchup or catsup is regular, low salt, no salt, no sugar, low sugar, corn syrup, no corn syrup.

    Food is made available for all food allergens, diets, health issues and more

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breyer delight creamy chocolate.

116082 Bought 2 containers of this last night. Something is very very wrong with it. I have pics. Containers half full. Hard as a rock. Very dark color. Covered in ice. Certainly not...

ice cream

Hi there.

I was contacting because when I opened a tub of your ice cream, purchased from Tesco, it wasn't a full tub. It was empty around edges (see pic). When we usually buy it the ice cream comes right to the top of the tub. As you can see it doesn't. My husband and I love your ice cream and buy it weekly so this was a little disappointing.


Holly McArthur

ice cream
ice cream

breyers chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

On september 16, 2018, I purchased breyer's chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from shop rite of english creek, egg harbor city, nj. The groceries I purchased were immediately...

the new breyers reese's cups and reese's pieces ice cream

116082 I'm complaining about the new ice cream that was just released by Breyers it's the new Ricci PCS / peanut butter cup ice cream with peanut butter ice cream and chocolate ice cream...

ice cream

I purchased a 1.5 Quart Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ice cream and the product states "Now with 35% more reese's peanut butter cup pieces". I have gone through the entire 1.5 quart...

creamsicle icecream

I love your Breyers creamsicle orange-flavored I had chemo for years ago and my taste buds are weird and your creamsicle is one of the few things that tastes right so I have eaten...

peanut butter ice cream

Bought a tub of breyers chocolate peanut butter ice cream paid 4.99$ Bought it at superstore and was sad to read the label and noticed it said there was suppose to be peanut...

breyers 310 calorie creamy chocolate ice cream

116082 I bought a tub of this ice cream for €6 in my local Tesco's. I was shocked when I opened it to find the tub less than half full. I feel like this is false advertising and I would...

breyers delights creamy chocolate

116082 I bought this container tonight as a treat for my birthday. I paid 6.29 for the pint container. When I got home and opened it, the container was not full, the ice cream had shrunk...

breyers® ice cream cake! not enough crunchies!

First time having this and I am very disappointed. The vanilla doesn't even taste like Breyers normally tastes and the advertisement regarding the crunchies is false...

chocolate peanut butter ice cream

I have purchased Breyers ice cream for years and have always been pleased with the product. I was disappointed the other day when I purchased a container of Chocolate Peanut...

Breyers Ice Creamice cream

Use to be big fan of Breyers. Quit eating it because it wasn't the same. Bought some other day, and it's just awful. Looked so good on carton, but with all the unnatural ingredients, it's not worth trying it anymore. I had high hopes, but I won't buy anymore, no matter how tempting the picture looks. Texture was same as the cheap gummy stuff I had as a kid. First time I had real ice cream that was one of the things I noticed first, it wasn't gummy. Shame on Breyers for aldulerating ice cream.

breyers ice cream purchased today from morrisons (huddersfield store, uk)

116082 Good afternoon breyers, I would like to bring to your attention our disappointment following the purchase today of breyers ice cream fromour local morrisons supermarket in...

disappointment with breyers ice cream change of formula/ recipe/ texture

I am a long time consumer of Breyers ice cream ever since i was kid. I was especially in love with Breyer's Vanilla and Cherry Vanilla flavors. I really loved Breyer's "ice...

chocolate ice cream & cookies and cream ice cream

Both tubs were not nearly full when I opened them. They were only approx two-thirds full and I was extremely disappointed to find this after brigning them home. I bought them on sale for €3.50 each but this is not quite a good bargain seeing as I'm being cheated out of so much of the product! I'm really unhappy about this and I feel I should at least receive a response from Breyers (I emailed) and some form of compensation.

chocolate ice cream & cookies and cream ice cream
chocolate ice cream & cookies and cream ice cream
chocolate ice cream & cookies and cream ice cream
chocolate ice cream & cookies and cream ice cream

cookies and cream ice cream

116082 The ice cream tub was about half gone when I purchased it. There where large amounts of ice cream missing from the edges, and the top of the container. To top off my purchase the...

ice cream

The 340cal ice cream. The retail price was initially very expensive but I really wanted to try it. It was half empty when I opened the packaging. No wonder it is so little calories as it doesn't fill the container. The ice cream did taste very nice but having the container half full was very disheartening. I heard brilliant reviews on it from fitness bloggers and I never heard them say that theirs was half full.

ice cream
ice cream

snickers ice cream

116082 Good morning, I was looking to send an email but I see there is no place just to leave a comment. I just wanted to make mention that I purchased your snickers ice cream. The label...

cookie dough gelato indulgences

I recently purchased Cookie Dough Gelato Indulgences and there were NO
chocolate chip cookie dough pieces on top and only THREE pieces inside the gelato cream. 
How could anyone forget the chocolate chip cookie dough pieces inside the Gelato? Disappointed!
Do I get a Refund? Do I get 6 months of Free Gelato for being a loyal customer?

cookie dough gelato indulgences
cookie dough gelato indulgences
cookie dough gelato indulgences
cookie dough gelato indulgences
cookie dough gelato indulgences

dairy free oreo flavored ice cream

116082 Hi my name is Krystal West and I buy this ice cream almost every week at wegmans in Canandaigua ny, but this time is was not full. At January 12th 2018 I bought this container. I...

Caramilk ice cream

This was literally the worst ice cream I have ever had. I usually love brewers ice cream and was excited to try a new flavor! The ice cream was flat not creamy! Furthermore the ice cream had no caramel and the chocolate chunks seemed stale! The flavor wasn't good and the bottom was overly sweat while the top was not. Very disappointed!! Don't think I'll be buying breyers ice cream again. Ecpecially for the price I paid for this disappointing product

Caramilk ice cream
Caramilk ice cream

Breyer's Ice CreamI wanted ICE CREAM! not this!

Recently there was a sale on Breyer's ice cream for buy one get one free. Little did I
Know that I was picking up the flavor that was not even real ice cream!
When I opened it, it looked too soft and it was way too easy to scoop out.
It was in the freezer for awhile so it wasn't that it was just melty.
While eating it, I noticed that it is way too soft and melts way too fast!
I felt like I had to eat it quick before it turned to liquid! It also has a weird texture.
And it leaves a bad aftertaste! Why are they making fake ice cream now?
I just wanted some real damn ice cream and this is what I get? I will never buy this
Frozen dairy dessert crap ever again. I hope they realize WE DON'T LIKE IT!

Breyers Banana Split Ice cream — poor quality, bland, not enough strawberries, chocolate was poor quality

454779 I just bought a container of Breyers Banana Split Ice Cream. This was one of the most bland and skimpy ice creams I have ever tried. The ice cream does not taste like ice cream...

breyers butter pecan and breyers vanilla fudge twirl — &frozen dairy dessert& is awful!

we have always eaten butter pecan and vanilla fudge twirl for at least 30 plus yrs..we just bought both flavors in march of 2012 and noticed a very different taste to both...

Breyers Ice Creamice cream is bland with bad aftertaste

My wife and I used to enjoy a pint of Breyers Butter Pecan ice cream every few months. It's been about 6 months since our last pint. It used to have a rich, creamy flavor and was full of nuts. However, in our latest pint we both noticed independently that there was no flavor whatsoever, and there were exactly 6 tiny pecan pieces in it. It was bland and left a bad aftertaste. We noticed several new ingredients in it; it was no longer all natural. Either they started manufacturing overseas (China, tastes like), or they just got cheap, or both. We will NOT be buying any more Breyers, ever.

  • He
    Heatmizer Jul 26, 2012

    breyers used to be the best now they are flat out AWFUL!!! If it isn't all sandy textured then it has all those nasty guar gum ingrediants like the generic brand. Who ever made the decision to change the recipe should be FIRED!!! i AM ON THE HUNT FOR SOME ALL NATURAL GREAT TASTING ICE CREAM!!!

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  • Le
    LenaLin Aug 08, 2013

    We were noticing a strange taste in the chocolate ice cream, BRAND NEW CARTON, and found knots of long hair throughout the ice cream. We are praying that no one gets sick. Because something is not right! It could be contaminated. God Bless!

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Breyers Ice Creampecan shells in ice cream and broke my tooth!

I purchased, as i always have, butter pecan box of breyers ice ceam from a retailer which i will not name because i love their store. I was a little more than half into the box when i bit down on something very very hard. When i pulled i out of my mouth, it was pecan shells and It Broke My Tooth! I called the company immediately about the incident and filed my consumer complaint. They in turn gave me a reference number to refer back to when in two or three days a representative gave me a return call. They Never Did! I called the company and gave my reference number and guess what? They did not know what i was talking about. The refernce number was not taken in the computer, my name was not taken down, and there was no recoed of me even calling the company! Imagine That! So i had to give the rep. my information all over again and she kept apologizing to me. Well, they sent me out a package to take to my dentist to fill out, sent a package to send in the bos that the prodect came in, x-rays that i had have taken by the dentist, and the portion of the contents that came from my mouth?.(This is what the first reopresentative told me to do in the first place, have x-rays done of my tooth and the estimate of how much the work would cost)|.So now i have the estimate, the x-rays and the pecan shells ready to send in t the company;. So in the meantime they send me what i call a parting gift that says no matter what your dentist says, we are not resposible for your broken tooth'.They send me coupons for more ice cream and other products that the company makes;.Now does anone out ther feel that they are going to fix my tooth? No i do not think so! So my advice to all of you, Never ever file a complaint to a company because they will not own up to their mistakes no matter what it costs the consumer in the end! Yes, their boxes have been ever-shrinking and the prices ever-rising, like we would not even notice, huh!I hope they read the complaints again them beause they ned to hear them". We are the one who are buying this stuff so we have te right to complain about it! If it were not for us, they would not be in business, . I will be back with a later update about this to tell you all if they really refused to have my tooth fixed!

  • Ms
    Ms. Amused Jun 20, 2011

    She can sue Breyer's, if she was to win, (unlikely) they could in turn sue the nut makers. Breyer's has some responsibility for it's products. I would guess that they would just settle for the bill if it even got that far. Which it wouldn't. The tooth could have already been damaged or weak. I broke a tooth on a granola bar and went on with my day. ###, it's in the back anyways. If it had broken my front tooth, things would be different.

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  • Co
    Cookie n cream lover Apr 30, 2012

    I love breyers and love cookies n cream but I've never gotten a half gallon of cookies n cream "HOLD THE COOKIES"!!! So sucks!!!

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Breyers All Natural Ice CreamTasted chalky

Purchased Breyers All Natural Ice Cream in the flavor of Butter Pecan. the ice cream had a different texture and the group decided it ws chalky.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Apr 21, 2011

    Return it to your store of purchase with receipt.

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  • No
    nofaithincommercialmarket Nov 18, 2011

    I cannot even remember the flavor, think it was Butter Pecan. If I recall correctly it was the Summer of 2007, I had a hankering for icecream and since Breyer's is a Wisconsin icecream and was suppose to be all natural I thought I would give it a try, I certainly did find the consistency to be chalky. Now that I know as is the case with many factory made or grocery store bakery baked goods many icecreams contain emulsifiers to give the food a more appealing texture. Are emulsifiers good for you health-wise, certainly not, but it may be the reason icecream has a chalky consistency rather than the creamy texture that gives it it's namesake. I am hoping I am wrong about my assumption about icecream and emulsifiers, because if I am not besides the fact the amino acids in dairy phlegm me up the emulsifiers wreak havoc with my GI tract.

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Breyers Cookies and Cream Ice Cream — No cookies in the ice cream

I opened the container of Breyers Cookies and Cream Ice Cream and there weren't any cookies in there. There were just miniscule particles of cookie dust. I'm very...

Incomplete Ice Creme Sandwiches

I bought Breyers ice creme sandwiches box. Out side of the box clearly written 5 ice creme cookie sandwiches. I openes the box and found only 3 inside. I told my wife to return...