N Nov 28, 2017

I had purchased 2 tickets from there online portal on 24th Nov 2017 (Friday) . 2 passengers coming from Karachi Dubai Karachi. One ticket they acknowledged and sent the confirmation. The second one they cannot track the payment. Although the money was deducted and reflects on my Enbd statement they still cannot find it. Enbd said its been decucted from their account and sent already. Its the 4th day today and when i call their customer service all they can say is that we will escalate the matter and there is nothing more that they can do. After begging to speak to a supervisor yesterday he called me and said that by morning it will be sorted. Today morning its the same story. The flight is tomorrow and still we have to go and do the OK TO BOARD.

The tickets are more expensive now and they advised me to wait.

Isnt there anyone who can sort this matter out. Its been 96hrs and still they cant find the payment

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