Florida Power & Light [FPL]downed lines

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At 7:30 on 9/9/17 I reported the lines were sparking and popping on our lane (Loquat Lane), the power was turned off shortly afterwards. Then at 3am on 9/10/17, the power was turned back on, and the explosion woke me, there were fireworks outside at the lines and I had to call again and ask that the power be turned off again. It is a miracle that no one was killed and our entire neighborhood burned down. The problem with the lines was due to tree branches that FPL had neglected to trim. Now we have to wait for the branches to be trimmed before the line can be repaired. We are told to stay away from the lines but they are hanging down in the middle of the lane and we all have to work for a living so we have to drive by them. Others in the neighborhood walk around freely because someone from FPL told them the lines were off. I was told downed lines were a priority but clearly that is not the case, it has been a week now, and another week before the estimate of repair. Video will not upload.


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    Antonio Divine Aug 21, 2019

    This is the story that came out on TV of the #Electrical #arcing #fire in our home, after a #transformer exploded & 2 power lines fell on top of the one feeding it.
    Fire Tears Through #Miami Home During Irma; Pet Cat Rescued | NBC 6 South Florida #FPL

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