FlightNetwork.comunauthorized charge


5th of March, 11 pm I try to buy a vacation for my mother's Birthday. We found a deal on The price on vacation was around 550 online, we try to buy vacation for 11-19 March for mother's Birthday. But after I push "submit" it was change to 785. Instead 11 of March it was a flight in the morning (few hours away). I did pay Master Card. Both (Master Card and Flight Network) asking me for a screen shoot from my booking-but I am not a "computer person" and I never thought that I need to do a screen shoot from every step of my booking in a order to prove what I doing. The name on Vacation is different (it is my mother's name) from name on Credit Card (my name). I bought vacation before for my friends (48 hours prior departure) and Travel Company always call me to confirm. This is what they say on a web site htm#12
"In order to ensure delivery of your tickets prior to your departure, we cannot accept bookings for travel within 3 business days of your departure date via the internet. For last minute booking please call our call centre"
But I got a wrong price, wrong day and 7 hours prior departure vacation what I never use. I called Master Card right away and asked to stop payment. They didn't pay Flight Network-but SunWing Vacation charge me instead. It is a fraud, unauthorized transaction, unfair business and totally inappropriate situation from "2nd largest company" in Canada

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