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Flight Network's service is appalling. When I booked a ticket on their website I was double charged (they made 2 bookings on the same flight in the same name, and there is no way I made a mistake in going thru the booking process). When I called their 24/7 help number, I was kept on hold for a total of 1 1/2 hours on a long distance call from Malaysia. I didn't matter what time of the day or night I called. I sent emails, no reply. I still am trying to get thru to them and am now afraid I will in fact be double charged for the flight (more than USD 1100 extrat charge). It's disgraceful. Do they actually have anyone servicing their call lines?

  •'s response · May 08, 2012

    Hello Kent Carter 12,

    My name is Kiersten and I am in the Customer Care department at Flight Network. We are disappointed to learn about your experience with us and would like to investigate your file and come to a speedy resolution for you.

    Please email [email protected] or message us with your booking information and we will look into this immediately.

    Kind Regards,


  •'s response · May 25, 2016

    Hello Kent,
    Thank you for the message. We would like to look into this and reply however in this message we do not have enough detail to view your reservation.
    Please send us a copy of the double charges to [email protected] and I am sure that we will have this cleared up if there are any issues on our end.
    Thank you
    Flight Network

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Ox
    Oxana Ossiptchouk Mar 25, 2013

    5th of March 2013, 11 pm I try to buy a vacation for my mother's Birthday. We found a deal on The price on vacation was around 550 online, we try to buy vacation for 11-19 March for mother's Birthday. But after I push "submit" it was change to 785. Instead 11 of March it was a flight in the morning (few hours away). I did pay Master Card . Both (Master Card and Flight Network) asking me for a screen shoot from my booking-but I am not a "computer person" and I never thought that I need to do a screen shoot from every step of my booking in a order to prove what I doing. The name on Vacation is different (it is my mother's name)from name on Credit Card(my name). I bought vacation before for my friends (48 hours prior departure) and Travel Company always call me to confirm . This is what they say on a web site
    " In order to ensure delivery of your tickets prior to your departure, we cannot accept bookings for travel within 3 business days of your departure date via the internet. For last minute booking please call our call centre."
    But I got a wrong price, wrong day and 7 hours prior departure vacation what I never use . I called Master Card right away and asked to stop payment. They didn't pay Flight Network-but SunWing Vacation charge me instead. It is a fraud, unauthorized transaction, unfair business and totally inappropriate situation from "2nd largest company " in Canada

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  • He
    HeideMCD Apr 03, 2013

    I have sent emails everyday to their office without a single response. I paid for an upgraded seat the I never got. I sent an email as stated above to Kiersten and it bounced. Just great !!!

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  • Wi
    winniekaty Apr 30, 2013

    Dear Flight Network,

    I've recently booked a flight to Europe but suddenly needed to make changes to my flight due to personal reasons. I am aware thetr are charges that occur when changing flights but the fee of $500 dollars I was charged is ridiculous. My friend who had the same flight was only charged $125 dollars for her cancellation fee. I am quite overwhelmed with this price and do not feel it is fair. I feel that I am still doing business with your company and should not be penalized in this way. Please let me know if there is anything that can be done to remove or reduce this fee. Thank you and appreciate your time

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  • Sy
    Sylvia Li Jun 04, 2013

    I booked the round air tickets online via Flightnetwork firstly on June 3rd, but online showing my reservation had failed, I found my credit card was charged portion of the ticket(only one way), so I called the 1-905-829-8699 to ask staff help me fix or check out. The staff with number 2216 were helping me book the return tickets(one way tickets were paid), he firstly tried to charge fare from credit card with return tickets.but he said my credit card declined.He tried to charged again.then he completed my reservation and send the confirmation.After that, I found my credit card was charged twice and I called my bank to double check the specific transactions.The bank staff told me West Jet charged me twice. Later, I called back the staff from Flightnetwork, he said there is only one charge showing there, now I were sad.So now I just am waiting my E-ticket from Flightnetwork and waiting the my credit card transaction showed on my website bank about 2-3 days and email to Flightnetwork to prove it, which can solve the problem. After that, I thought a lot, I think the Staff 2216 made mistake when helped me book return tickets, I remember when he said my credit card declined firstly, he told me wait me a while, and I ask him to I wanna change to use Mastcard for paying, but later he said wait, I put your reservation on it, then he said it is ok now, booked it. I said really? I do not need change into MasterCard? He said he complete the reservation, I trust him what he said. After I checked my current available credit online, It was charged double money!!So I call my bank and staff told me specific transaction about West Jet charged twice from my credit card and it was US dollers!Crazy! till now, I received my E-tickets today and itinerary that the 2216 staff send to me, I look over whole document, I realize I can not find my receipt of payment for return tickets with West Jet, I do not know what exactly I paid, Staff from flightnetwork and online said only $847.74 CND.But I do not have proof to check!that is suck!I can't believe the Flightnetwork anymore, I will learn the lesson !JUST WANNA THE STAFF FROM CUSTOMER CARD DEPARTMENT CAN CONTACT ME RIGHT NOW AND SOLVE THE PROBLEM !OR I WILL SUE YOU COMPANY!

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  • An
    AngryGrl Nov 15, 2013

    This company is a scam. I recently used their website, booked a round trip flight to Miami/Toronto. The fare was $511 which was very reasonable. I received a confirmation that only one portion of the flight (Air Canada) was booked, the other portion (with Westjet) failed... same as the complaint above, however that did not come up when I hit the "purchase" button. Then I receive an email message to call them because a portion of the flight transaction failed. So after waiting for 10 minutes, I eventually spoke with a Customer Service Rep who tells me that the price is now $570...and there were no more flights available at that time...and the only flight available via Westjet was at 2:40pm in the afternoon; I had originally booked the 6:15 am flight. So, I felt that they were being quite dishonest and told them to cancel the payment that had gone through. I immediately went online at WestJet and booked my 6:15am flight...oddly enough it was available...isn't that strange! The CSR's explained that someone else must have booked the flight before me. Yeah right. I'll never use this website/company again. They are CROOKS. STAY AWAY. I'll be checking my credit card and making sure that I am not charged twice like the woman before me.

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  • Ri
    Rich F L Jan 22, 2014

    To anybody interested,

    A couple months ago, I booked a hotel through FlightNetwork for the night of December 30th in Barrie, Ontario. In 2013 alone, I booked six flights with this company. So, I figured I would try their hotel service. Biggest mistake I ever made! Upon arrival with my guest at the hotel (FlightNetwork confirmation in hand), I was informed that the hotel staff had not received any confirmed/booking. This was extremely frustrating, but it got much worse! I immediately called the FlightNetwork customer service line. This service was an utter embarrassment for the company. I would not expect such horrible service from any organization, especially as a paying customer. The contact I spoke with was unprofessional, rude and disorganized. I described my situation to an employee named Alexandra, who clearly had zero customer service training. A few of her decisions:

    1. She immediately put me on hold for 1 HOUR!! This, I assume, was her attempt to get rid of me, but I stayed on the line (eventually running-up my cell phone bill). When she returned, she tried to put me on hold again. She continued to put me on hold over and over again.
    2. She told me she had a supervisor named Jordy, but would not let me speak to him and would not provide me with contact information for any employees higher up.
    3. She was rude, had no clue about company policies, and asked for my name at least 5 times!
    4. She promised another employee would contact me first thing in the morning and provide a refund. This was probably her way to get me off the phone (which I was on for over 2 hours!). Not a single person ever contacted me through e-mail, phone, or any other means. Of course, I also did not receive any compensation.

    Overall, she had no focus, no clue, and no sympathy. To all family, friends and strangers: I recommend that you never use FlightNetwork for any of its services. Our entire night was ruined because of their inadequacy and rude demeanor towards a paying customer that never received a service he paid for. Instead, find a company that will help a customer in need and take responsibility for their mistakes.


    Rich Lagani ([email protected])

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  • Mn
    mndu Jan 16, 2015

    I used my credit card booking flight at flightnetwork web site. Then after, a couple of unlawful and malicious transactions happened in India appeared on my account. I almost do not use this card(1 or 2 times yearly) before. reveals my card number to criminals!
    By now, I just wanna say:

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  • Jk
    Jkotuyk Mar 20, 2015

    Avoid Flightnetwork, flyfar like a plague. Result of using them is LOST money, time and nerves.

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  • Md
    MDG1987 Mar 25, 2015

    Flight Network is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. Customer service is non-existent. We had to cancel two flights last year for personal reasons and we told we would have a travel credit of $1051 to use at a later point with a $125 rebooking fee. We were absolutely fine with this, but it was unfortunately not to be that simple. We were advised over the phone that we could use this money to book a vacation package if we wanted to...great! Thats all we wanted to do. So we went to use our credit for a trip to Las Vegas to be told we could now only use the credit towards flights not a hotel. I understood that the flights we wanted to book had to be with Alaska airlines as that was the original booking. We had no problem with this but were told we could also use the money towards booking a hotel as it was a travel credit not a flight credit.
    After numerous phone calls and emails (of which we never received a response) we gave up with the stress of it all so we decided to use the max credit to book flights to Washington DC. This time we were told that on top of the $125 rebooking fee, there were extra taxes and fees that meant we would be paying over $300 per person to re book! When the difference in the flight cost was only $91 in total!
    So not only did we have to pay an additional $600 to use a $1051 credit (when the flight price difference was only $91) we had terrible customer service along the entire way. They could not explain why this was or answer any of my questions.
    Well lesson learnt the hard way. I will never ever use this company again. I will be advising everyone I come into contact with at the hotel I work for to never ever use this company. There is absolutely no excuse for the terrible customer service we have received.

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  • Le
    LePan Oct 23, 2015

    I needed to book a flight to Miami 5 days before boarding. I booked with Flight Network, as they could accommodate a date and time for a flight that would work ideally with my schedule. I followed be immediately booking a hotel in the Miami area.

    24 hours later, now 4 days from my intended leave, I received an e-mail from Flight Network detailing the cancellation of my booking as it was no longer 'valid'. After calling Flight Network to inquire, they simply stated that someone else had booked those flight seats before I had and there was 'nothing they could do'. I was not offered any comps or alternative options for being victim to their mistake. Flight Network had given another client priority over me - even though I had received a confirmation e-mail from Flight Network.

    This is either a seriously over-looked gap in Flight Network's customer service or a severe glitch in their online booking system. Either way, it cost me $500 in hotel cancellation fees as my entire trip was compromised due to flight prices skyrocketing after Flight Network had deemed my purchase 'not valid'.

    I will not be using Flight Network again.

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  • Th
    thiagonp100 Mar 10, 2016

    Today I had one of the worst experiences with air travel of my entire life. I bough a promotion ticket for me and my wife from a website that I already know (not the horrible flight network) and the purchase went through. I managed to buy 30min before the end of the sale flight and, at the same time, was looking for other companies to help me buy the tickets for my parents and finally make it happen our long dreamed family trip. I looked online and came across Flight Network advertising the sale that I wanted to buy. I checked the fight, typed my parents contacts and 2 minutes after buying it I received a confirmation email from this fraud company and I STOPPED looking for other possible flights. Half an hour later, after the sale (from Avianca) ended, I received an email telling me this: "we are unable to proceed with your Flight Network reservation" and "We regret for the inconvenience that this may have caused.". Inconvenience?? I stopped looking the flight for my parents because of this confirmation email from Flight Network, and I actually bought for me and my wife with no trouble from other company, really? And this regretful company takes 30min to tell you that it did not work? Thanks a lot!! With this canadian company never again!

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  • Fr
    Freedom Skyliner Apr 22, 2016

    Make yourself a favor and don't even try to book through this company plane ticket because they don't care about their customers. I booked a ticket earlier with them and I cancelled it and I had a credit that I am trying to use it and to use that credit cost me more than to buy a new airplane ticket. Two times I already tried to use credit and the flight specialist on the phone both times unprofessional and I wish they could speak English and to explain me properly the rules, they never did. I asked to talk to a manager or supervisor never got an answer about that. Very poor service and unprofessional people who trying to get your money.

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  • Ju
    Julieann Cantwell May 10, 2016

    Flightnetwork is a joke!! They don't reply to emails, are unhelpful on the phone! You get a different response depending who you end up talking to!! No custom service and they aren't interested in helping one bit! Would recommend to avoid using them at all costs!

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  • Ju
    Julieann Cantwell May 10, 2016

    Flightnetwork is a joke!! They don't reply to emails, are unhelpful on the phone! You get a different response depending who you end up talking to!! No custom service and they aren't interested in helping one bit! Would recommend to avoid using them at all costs!

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  • Mj
    mjb3824 May 23, 2016

    Booked flight with in October 2015. Flight cancelled February 2016. Was not notified of cancellation (substituted flight was 12 hours later same day) until 90 minutes before original scheduled flight. Its email said I would be notified within 5 days of new fight details (not much good when new flight is on the same day).

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  • Me
    Mel4865 Nov 03, 2016

    I bought a return flight from sydney to Havana, from the 10th of December to the 31st of December. Upon speaking with Aero mexico they advised me that I do not have enough time to get on the next plane from Mexico to Havana on the 10th of December and that FLightNetwork should not have given me this ticket if there was a possibility of me missing my plane.

    When I spoke to Flightnetwork, numerous times, they refused to change my ticket and it was becoming clear to me that they were being lazy and not listening to me (that I would possibly miss my flight in Mexico) if they did not change my itinerary with more time in Mexico Airport. I escalated this matter to the supervisor and he again refused me. I then resorted to becoming very angry at him because he wasn’t listening. He then agreed to have my flight changed, after speaking with Aeromexico, and that I should wait for the new itinerary but the new itinerary has never come into action, despite me calling up so many times to check if it has. The supervisor never called me to let me know what was happening with my application and I have always called them and nothing has been done. I have wasted a lot of my time and energy being on the phone, arguing with FlightNetwork customer service.

    I have been waiting for quite some time, I have called up FlightNetwork, despite being told that they would contact me. They have kept assuring me that this would be fixed within certain time-frames (24 hours, 3/4 days, 24 hours again) but nothing was fixed and I am still with my same itinerary. I feel like I am constantly being lied to and all I am requesting is to not be stuck in Mexico due to false advertising.

    I then spoke to another customer officer, who claimed to be taking over the supervisor regarding my case, and he then told me that he couldn’t promise anything. I am very angry about the lack of integrty from the company and I feel like I am being mistreated as a customer. I have already paid for the fights that should not have been advertised.

    I am appalled at the service from Flight Network. I am angry and upset that the customer service team are aware that I will possibly miss my flight in Mexico and be stuck there. FlightNetwork should not have allowed these times of flights to be advertised on their website and should not have hired staff who show such a lack of integrity to their clients.

    I still need my itinerary fixed, or else I may still be stuck on Mexico.

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  • Lo
    Looke Siew Yin Oct 14, 2018

    Flight Network Booking ID: 7417656
    Flight Confirmation: PH5SDB
    1. Mr. Pua Jin Long
    2. Mr. Kelvin Seah Chin Yong
    3. Mr. Tong Ka Veng

    3 of us were unable to check-in as the confirmation number from Flight Network was not found when we check-in over the counter.

    Appreciate your kind refund.

    Kelvin Seah

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  • To
    Totally Appalled Jun 01, 2019

    Tried getting information to change flights, after a lengthy conversation and promises of a return call + Email, nothing. I emailed them 3 times requesting information with NO REPLY. Ended up having to alter my travel plans due to that. I will NEVER RECOMMEND or use them again. Appalling.

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  • To
    Totally Appalled Jun 01, 2019

    Tried getting information to change flights, after a lengthy conversation and promises of a return call + Email, nothing. I emailed them 3 times requesting information with NO REPLY. Ended up having to alter my travel plans due to that. I will NEVER RECOMMEND or use them again. Appalling.

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  • Ni
    Nicole Glass Jun 23, 2019

    I went to print my e ticket yesturday for my flight leaving on the 19th-23rd only to find out that they cancelled my flight with out telling me...Want me to purchase new ones which is now 3 x the price😤

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  • Ch
    Chintan3410 Sep 24, 2019

    When i booked my tickets, they charge me trip protection plan $187.00 . I don't want that still they force me to buy and charge my visa card. I am very disappointed. They make money like this. Customer service very rude and unclear. after booking i call them immediately but they told me, this charge or service non refundable.

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