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S Jul 31, 2018

To whom it may concern:

I contacted you about the flight tickets# 731-[protected]: Sochaknita Murray,
# 731-[protected]: Jasmine Jan Rivera from LA to Phnompenh Cambodia, round trip.

I booked this flight tickets thought flightHub. I contacted the FlightHub to refund this tickets as I did not use this service. They told me to contact the airline directly.
I called the flightHub on July 2 that I wanted to change the flight to July 3 they said they could not change less than 72h, told me to call the airline directly, which is I did and I got a charge $27 on my phone service when I made phone call to China, and it is auto-reply message and finally talk to person in China about my flight and the flight was going up more than $2600 which is ridiculous and adviced me to contact the flightHub back so I called flightHub, his name Gwen and I agreed to new flight rate and he said he will send me new flight confirmation. I was waiting for my flight confirmation I did not receive it . The feeling of waiting and frustration on July 3 around 3am, I decided to book the new flight tickets as I already in LA waiting.
It is very tiring and frustration as I called back and forth on the phone for this issue and I got charge when I called to China.
I decided to contact my bank to dispute this tickets on July 3 as I did not use this service.

Thank you
Sochaknita Murray

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