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N Aug 13, 2018

I made a booking on July 30th from Regina to Mauritius to go to funeraly Father in law and even got my confirmation number and was told that I would have my spot on the plane and 20 minutes before leaving the hostess at the airport still couldn't find my name on the system. I called them 3 hours before the flight as I was at the airport and 6 times did call them and always got the same answer that my booking is good to go but still nothing! 20 minutes before the flight leaves I got an arrogant one at the Flighthub telling me to book another ticket at the airport and once in Toronto to book for Mauritius!!

I don't understand how could you be so irresponsible and such liar saying that all good that the payment has been processed and that I am good to go to the funeral and end up begging for a spot !! Anf paying twice the price being told in the beginning and worse is that the Flighthub kept on trying to pull money out of my account 4 times!

I would be grateful if someone could help me on this matter.

customer service

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