Fitness 19keep getting charged after cancellation


I canceled my membership after getting Silver Sneakers (which is free). Mike, the manager, put my membership on hold instead of cancelling. After 6 months, I am being charged again, so I advised my bank that these were unauthorized charges. Now, Mike is threatening me with a collection agency. I am unable to use a gym at this time due to a broken back. Do you think this matters to him? Fitness 19 is a ripoff.


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    Lizzie67 Aug 08, 2012

    That is similar to what happened to me. I wanted to cancel and they coerced me into putting my account on a freeze for a year. After the year was up this past March, I didn't get a call, a letter, or any prior notice that the account was coming off freeze (and after a year, I honestly forgot all about it). They started billing me again but that account is not used any longer, and they are still billing me even though I have tried to cancel this account. They won't let me cancel until my past charges are made and since the account isn't cancelled, they will continue to bill me, but because I am behind in dues, I can't use the gym (not that I can, it went on 'involuntary' hold becuase of two torn meniscuses). What kind of business practices are these?!?!?! It outrageous, DO NOT join this gym, go to Lifetime Fitness if you need a gym, it costs more, but they have so much more to offer you, it is totally worth it.

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