Fitness 19customers safety threatened at home, management mishandled the situation

B Aug 04, 2018
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I would never recommend a business that doesn't take its customers safety seriously and treats a situation where they are followed home in an attempt to intimidate and frighten them as a joke. My situation as it was is described below.

Twelve years ago four high school age boys tried to rob the older couple across the street from my parents. They came three nights in a row to case the place and on the fourth night I stood on my parent's porch and scared them away. On March 12th, 2018 I recognized one of them recording the inside of a coffee shop I frequented from his black car. I announced my experiences with him previously in an attempt to keep him from robbing the place and an employee of the coffee shop that knew him tipped him off to what I was saying. I was followed home that day by a very unique yellow sports car with black stripes and these same four men that had tried to rob my neighbor started trying to case my house. They ran an unregistered home improvement business in order to get in houses to find ones worth robbing and the member of this group who came to my house (and only to my house, not my neighbors) tried to convince me that I needed my brand new roof replaced when I firmly told him he was not going to be doing anything on my house. When he came back that night and dismantled a wiring box I got fed up and called the police giving them pictures of the man (John), his driver (James), their car (a white fiat), and a description of all the vehicles involved.
I found out recently that the owner of the yellow sports car is the boyfriend of Samantha who at the time of this most recent incident was an employee of Fitness 19 on 21st street in Federal Way a gym and fitness center that I had been at for a few months. I had little to no interactions with this employee and paid no attention to her at all until her boyfriend was sent to my house to make sure I didn't continue going to that gym. I am the reason he lost the steady income from robbing people that he and his friends were using to support the life styles of themselves and their significant others.
On Sunday July 31st, 2018 Samantha's boyfriend decided to try and intimidate me by glaring at me while driving slowly by my house and then revving his engine and tearing off as if my neighborhood were a freeway in the middle of the day on a street with children and pets. This was an attempt at intimidation and then what is known as a "power move" an attempt to use his car to show dominance.
When I spoke to the manager of Fitness 19 about his employee sending her boyfriend to my house he made excuses, claimed he couldn't know what was going on as he wasn't there, and completely discounted and discredited my opinion on the matter even though I was there when this happened. I gave up trying to inform him of why this was not simply Samantha's boyfriend "recognizing me" (which would have included a friendly gesture like a nod or a wave) and simply stated that the behavior was creepy, inappropriate, and WOULD NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.
I found out from the Fitness 19 Facebook page that the employee was "Starting a new journey" which I suspect was their way of informing that she had been fired. The manager never spoke to me about any form of resolution even though he knew he could find me next door at Starbucks and was even in Starbucks while I was there. It has been over four days with no contact from management or staff about this issue. The employee who felt it was acceptable to threaten the safety of a customer was still welcome at that Fitness 19 location and continuing to use the facilities and sit behind the front desk as if she still worked there. It is not unreasonable to expect in this situation that the Employee who showed Sociopathic Tendencies and no signs of guilt or remorse for threatening a customer's safety at his house would be fired AND banned from the gym to make sure that the customer can continue using the facilities safely and with no further problems.
The manager treated the situation like a joke, minimizing the severity of the situation throughout the entire process especially considering the fact that I have never once caused a problem or had anything about my behavior that might need to be changed or validate this situation discussed with me by management or staff. Firing the employee will not be enough to keep her from manipulating other employees or customers into punishing me for the loss of her job. Keeping the reason she was let go a secret will only allow her to paint herself as the victim. She had no moral problems with sending someone after me at my house. Lying to others to paint herself as the victim and send them after me is standard sociopathic behavior and well below the level she has already gone in this matter. The inappropriate resolution to this situation has not made it any safer for me to continue using this facility.
As it is management's fault I cannot feel my safety is supported at that location I expect that I will not be charged for the discontinuation of my membership or the fees that will accrue for my not using your gym this month (August) as, in the contract, written notice is required before the end of the previous month (when all this started). This is my written notice. I will be submitting a digital copy to the corporate's linked complaint site ( as well as submitting one to Fitness 19 Federal Way via their Facebook page. Keeping a situation like this quiet is a wonderful public relations tactic but only serves to help those who victimize your customers.

  • Updated by Bryan D. Smith · Aug 06, 2018

    Update: one week after reporting what happened to the manager of Fitness 19 after finding out about my reviews the manager finally decided to come meet me at Starbucks, informed me that I was wrong about him doing anything at all about the situation, that nobody there was after me, completely discrediting what had happened to me and that when I had time I needed to come over and we needed to "talk" about my reviews. A talk which as he has no interest in believing a thing about my experience will likely consist of him continuing to discredit what happened to me and telling me that some how me not tolerating a threat to my safety makes me the problem.

    Some how he is of the opinion that a customer who has had a 5 star experience up until that point is more likely to make up this story and cause problems for no reason about an employee and her boyfriend that he has nothing to do with, than an employee getting caught driving away his customers through threats and intimidation is likely to lie about it.

  • Updated by Bryan D. Smith · Aug 06, 2018

    I would like to point out that he showed me the message with my written notice of discontinuing my membership so if i am charged for the next billing cycle (August 15th) I can take him to court over it.

  • Updated by Bryan D. Smith · Aug 07, 2018

    The manager identified the car described as belonging to an employee's boyfriend. i made an incorrect assumption on which employee because the manager never came and discussed the issue with me nor gave me any information on specifically who's boyfriend it was that came to my house. you would be paranoid too if people kept showing up to rob you and target you. regardless, the car is the one from March 12th. Same exact car and he knew exactly where i lived. That is a fact, not insanity. Unfortunately i have not figured out a way to go back and fix the incorrect assumptions i made due to the manager treating my experience like a joke and failing to discuss the issue with me in a timely manner on this complaint sight. I'm not crazy, i'm feeling like my safety in my own home has been threatened. have you ever experienced having the safety of your home threatened? unfortunately moving away is out of the question at the moment. PLease don't call someone who has been put through something you don't understand crazy.

  • Updated by Bryan D. Smith · Sep 07, 2018

    Since I last updated my difficulties with this Gym the blonde woman who pointed me out to her boyfriend to “handle” because she didn’t like me talking to her coworker Christina (they were at most a minute in length conversations with no personal details and very rare interactions to begin with) has told customers the lie that’s been spread by a former friend turned sociopath for the last three years claiming falsely that I am a child molester. I have never violated a woman or child in my life but people still chose to believe these lies without evidence. I know she told customers this false claim because one of the gym’s very buff male customers came over to starbucks next door to the gym and after getting his drink proceeded to stand in my personal space (3 inches from me) when there was plenty of space around him as an attempt to physically intimidate me into being too uncomfortable to come to starbucks. I stepped away giving us some distance and when the man’s young son stepped between us the man immediately got protective and moved his son out of the way. That behavior is how I know the blonde convinced him that I am a child molester. I will reiterate for those who are slow. I have never violated a woman or child in my life. I am actually extremely respectful of women’s boundaries and choices and choose to not interact with children if at all possible. After that I caught one of the gym’s personal trainers stalking me at starbucks. To prove this behavior of him stalking me I left the store and cam back a few minutes later. As soon as I left the employee went back over to the gym and then returned to starbucks to play on his phone when I returned. I attempted to repeat the experiment with my brother taking pictures but as soon as the employee realized we were recording it he stopped for the day. This was on a Wednesday and on Thursday I send a reply email to the manager Ed’s request to ”come over and talk about it” telling him about Samantha’s Boyfriend being given enough information on me to contact me on facebook in a very angry message (a violation of my legal rights if my personal information was being shared and used for personal reasons) to which i replied with an explanation of exactly why I had wound up making a wrong assumption and apologized. That Friday a fitness 19 employee and the boyfriend of the blonde (the man who with his buddies tried to rob me back in march and more recently drove by my house so I would “get the message that he can harm me whenever he wants if I don’t stay away from the gym”) showed up at starbucks shortly after I left because I sensed trouble brewing when his car showed up and hung out waiting for me to show up while my brother watched them. My car was keyed while sitting outside the gym on a Saturday afternoon about a week later. A staff member from Fitness 19 is still coming into starbucks (not buying anything) to “keep an eye on me” while doing paperwork whenever he knows I’m at this starbucks even a month after I left the gym and dropped all contact with its staff. Today I was also followed from that starbucks to a store on a dead end street (so I could verify I was being followed) by a vehicle that looked very similar to one I’d swear I’ve seen the manager of Fitness get into. The man driving the vehicle that was following me had the same build and baldness as Ed but when I asked Ed if he drove a black SUV (I don’t know cars very well) he stated that he did not to which I responded that a black SUV followed me today and I don’t like it. I took pictures of a similar vehicle outside the gym that has been here for hours and has left at approximately the same time the manager of fitness 19 leaves his store on weekdays unfortunately I missed the moment when the driver got in this vehicle but as I said I would swear I’ve seen Ed get in a vehicle just like this. Last night I saw the man who threatened my safety at my house say something to the blonde and then when they went off camera into the office she was looking at me constantly during their conversation. It is too bad that area is off camera because I suspect that their conversation would have been extremely incriminating. I don’t appreciate still being stalked, I don’t appreciate being targeted, I don’t appreciate people spreading lies about me to get others to target me for them, I don’t appreciate my car being vandalized, I don’t appreciate being followed, I don’t appreciate being “watched”, I don’t appreciate my safety being threatened, and I don’t appreciate people pretending all this wasn’t happening and stonewalling me on the information I needed to protect myself from all these horrible things I warned the manager of Fitness 19 would occur. I never would have accused the wrong person in those review if I hadn’t seen the sociopathic blonde who started all this spreading lies to her coworker the day prior. I was right about what she would do. The only thing I was wrong on was the identity of the person. I know her by sight not by name and “Anna Williams” who has been targeting me and attempting to discredit me on this complaint site I am fairly certain is an employee of the gym. Ed the manager has been telling people I need to come over and talk to him but I have no reason to do so until I know he stops denying everything I have been experiencing and is willing to understand that if my original claims of what his employee did were true she would never have admitted it. As long as his stores “reputation” is more important that his customer’s safety and his staff representing his store in ways that are not borderline criminal while being paid to represent Fitness 19 there is no point in me attempting a peaceful resolution to the horrible shit he has allowed me to go through. He wants to fix things? Great. His entire staff hates me because of the lies he let the blonde spread. That needs to be fixed. The stalking, harassment, vandalism, etc? Those need to be publicly denounced as something management does not tolerate. The boyfriend of the employee that threatened my safety needs to be banned from that gym and charged with trespassing if he returns to the area with the staff being aware that if he returns and they do not press trespassing charges they will lose their jobs. He needs to make sure I never feel I am being stalked or followed or harassed by his staff or customers again. Notice I am not asking him to fire anyone unless they continue to victimize me or support those who are? I can be reasonable, I can also be excessively violent when I have to protect myself physically. I tried solving this peacefully. You want to fix things Ed? This is what you have to do. If you half ass it your staff will continue causing me problems and we will continue having issues. Also Anna Williams i was told when i joined that written notice could be done digitally so that is what i did can you please explain why you keep attacking me? Everything you have used to attack me was based on your false assumptions and attempt and slander and to discredit what happened to me and your choice to misunderstand what is actually going on. where is your evidence that the events that happened to me are false?


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    Anne_Williams Aug 06, 2018
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    Verified customer

    PLease tell me nobody is taking the crazy guy seriously!!

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    Anne_Williams Aug 08, 2018
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    Why not go to the police then? You have any proof? If you don't then why should he belive you?
    Correct the issue? Be an adult and GO HAVE AN ADULT CONVERSATION with him.
    "WAAHH he won't come to me." Then call, schedule an apppintment and talk to him.
    You feel so threatened... but not threatened enough to not go to starbucks where he tried to speak with you?
    Btw, written notice is usually required to be done on paper or in person. So your failure to pay means they can send you to collections after racking up a bill (I had to go into planet to cancel).
    You want him to go thru this site? Controlling little child you are, why should he? You never said you wanted communication done thru here so duh, of course he hasn't. Go back and read it, you only said that you were going to post it on here.

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    Kaino25 Sep 08, 2018

    Seems like Bryan did go to the manager and it was not taken care of properly and sents the manager IDed the car of the person herassing him. means there was a second meeting Sents there is writen paper from the maniger about cancellation there is a third meeting. So assuming this infact happened Bryan took the right step. It did nothing so he works his way up the latter. It's the managers job to do fallow ups. The business is at faut now. Plus with the way this Anna is acting in sure it is safe to say she works at the gym or did wile this was going on. So my question is why is Anna making it her business when this don't concerned her.

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  • Ca
    Call the Waaaambulance! Sep 22, 2018

    I. Do. Not. Work. At. The. Gym...But you are a child molester, because some guy moved his kid away from you?

    You said this guy was standing 3 inches from you, to intimidate you... How did a kid fit in this 3 inch space? A guy is going to bring a kid along, to intimidate a child molester supposedly? I dont buy it. It sounds like you have serious paranoia issues. See a medical professional.

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