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Resolved unprofessionalism

Fitness 19 Glendale, AZ recently underwent a management shift. With new management always comes change. It...

Resolved won't buy decent scale

The owner refuses to buy a decent scale for the gym. The scale in the gym is a piece of crap that does not give an accurate weight. He wants our money, but refuses to buy basic equipment for the customers. It took a ton of complaints and threats from customers to leave the gym to "encourage" him to buy window shades. The sun was glaring in the morning. Customers avoided the treadmills because of the glare in the morning. I guess invested in a medical scale is too much to ask. Anyone have an address or number for corporate??

Resolved upgrades

I am not surprised that you cannot contact the corporate site. Apparently they are not interested in their customers. I have belonged to this club for a couple of years and have paid their $20 a year for "upgrades" to the club. Absolutely nothing has changed. Most machines do not yet have TV's, there is no new equipment, no upgraded equipment, no additional lockers, etc. There staff is on the job mostly to sign up more and more people creating an increasingly crowded environment. In winter, you can seldom find a locker, a machine or even a place to hang your coat. I know I am not the only one who needs the distraction of a TV to keep going on the treadmill or bike, and they are often not available. With all the money they are collecting, when are they actually going to do something ? If they never intend to make improvements, drop the additional charges !!
Maybe they would not have the turnover that I see if they would actually live up to their contract !!!

  • Ki
    kim2012 Oct 29, 2011

    I can get you in contact with corporate. Let me know if you still need to.

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  • Ty
    Tyrone Washington Oct 29, 2011

    Yo you needs to be payin attention to exercises not tv yo Then you wouldn't be so fat

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  • Wow, very rude comment. You are definitely not my3cent material. We are respectful towards the OP's.

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  • Ty
    Tyrone Washington Nov 02, 2011

    my3cents be full of queers yo

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  • Th
    ThinkingStraight Dec 11, 2011

    Members of a Gym shouldnt complain if a gym is busy. That usually means they are going to be around for a long time. It's time to start worrying when you find your gym consistently slow and the staff are not signing people up.
    Also, with being a member at Fitness19 i dont see anywhere in the contract where they have to spend money on new tvs or buy new lockers... all i see is a nice clean well kept facility that i pay next to nothing for... just my 2cents.

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Resolved dishonest!

When I got pregnant, I wanted to hold up my membership, but they told me to pay $5 a month to keep the...

Resolved more dust?

I am a client of fitness 19 and lately, this place has taken a turn for the worst. Mainly, my complaint is with the lack of professionalism and good customer service. All the employees walk around this place like they're gifts to earth, and do not go out of their way to help you. One of my largest complaints is the constant cleaning they are doing during store hours...NOW, i know what you are thinking, "why is this ### complaining about this place being clean?" Well, that is not the case here. I know many other people know what I am talking about when i say it is hard to breathe when dust is being kicked up all around you. It seems to me like this company does not want to do the cleaning when they close when it seems most appropriate. Vacuuming and the constant dusting is very irritating when one is trying to get their gym on. This makes it hard to breathe and makes the ambiance of them gym not so fun to be around. CLEAN ON YOUR OWN TIME! spare my lungs.

That is all. Whew, i feel better!

  • Hm
    Hmonday Jan 06, 2011

    Being an employee for fitness 19 I would agree with you that we clean a lot because being a gym are equipment gets very dusty and quickly to. If we dont dust about every two hours you would not want to use the equiptment because of the amount of dust and hair that falls off people. If we waited till closing to glean you would not touch anything cause of all the dust and hair. Its not like other places of buisness. People are moving constantly snd that makes more dust and hair be everywhere.

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  • Sm
    SMMember Sep 06, 2011

    Really??!!! Get over yourself ###. I'm a member of the same club and I totally appreciate that they are keeping the equipment and overall location wiped down and clean. There is never dust being kicked up and your claim about it being hard to breathe in there is only your stupid imagination. Get real. Any gym you go to, the staff or janitors will be cleaning during operating hours, it's common practice to keep equipment and location clean while being used, for sanitation purposes. Honestly, if you don't like it, cancel your membership, get the Hell out and take your stupid ugly snatch to another gym.

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Resolved keep charging after cancellation

###s run this gym. They did not charge me the initiation fee and kept calling asking for the number to my...

Resolved scam

This company advertised a promotion to come in and try Fitness 19 for FREE for 7 days! I went in to inquire about this and to begin with I waited for over 10 minutes while a salesperson sat less than 10 feet away from me chatting with friends that were their working out! Secondly I felt as though purchasing a new car would have been easier than receiving permission to workout at a Fitness 19 because their sales ploy it relentless! Finally after signing the guest book for liability reasons, which I understand, and a LONG unnecessary tour (sorry but you can see the entire facility from the second you walk in and I doubt people need a 15 minute tour) next I was told random facts about the building (i.e. square footage, building materials), finally when I sat down with the sales person to inquire about just starting my free 7-day trial he informed me that if I didn't sign up for one of their plans then I could work out at this location tonight but it would cost me $10! NICE FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

Let me know how many others have experienced this!

  • Hy
    hy43606 Apr 17, 2012

    I joined in November with my mom, both of us on my account. They falsely advertised the price and charged us much more than what the signed stated. They gave my mom a "free physical training session" which was really a sales pitch. She agreed to the personal training session and was told she had 3 days to cancel it. She came back in within the 3 days and told them she changed her mind and didn't want the sessions. We went out of town for three weeks and came back to the gym and they asked her if she was ready to schedule her sessions, she told them "no" she had changed her mind. They told her "too bad, we already took the money out of MY account" I was livid, I didn't realize a business could take money from someone's account without my permission. I told the owner Rick (which took forever to get a hold of him) that it was illegal and to give me my money back. He said no, we went back and forth, they pretty much told me that they were going to hold my account hostage until my mother paid for the personal training session (which she cancelled). I told them I didn't sign up for these sessions so I won't pay for them. It wasn't fair to charge me for something I didn't authorize, especially for another person. Rick did finally give me my money back. I went in to cancell my membership and they gave me a hard time. Finally they gave me a cancellation form and I signed it but when I passed it back to them they added a note to the bottom saying that "my cancellation wouldn't be valid until the personal training sessions were paid". That's illegal too. So they are still charging me monthly fees eventhough I signed a cancellation slip and I never authorized these charges. They are crooks!!! I tried to call them and talk to Rick but they would place me on hold and hang up and they said that if I called back they would call the police on me!!!

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Resolved dirty

The fitness equipment has spills from client’s perspiration, sports drinks, dirty shoes, etc. and hasn’t been cleaned in months or if it has it’s done very poorly. Vacuuming does get done on the main walkways however under and around the exercise equipment is a mound of dust, bottle caps and hair. Both restrooms have a foul constant smell, and the toilet commodes have hair, urine and dirt caked about the commode stool. The floor is often “sticky” with urine. The restroom floor is frequently littered with bits of toilet paper and balls of dust/hair. The ceiling fans blades are thick with dust and hair. The front desk staff appears to be ill equipped and untrained to maintain such a revolving door operation that involves the loss of human body fluids. The owner/manager doesen't care about how clean this facility is and I'm sure the health department would really like to know what's really going on here!!!

Resolved business ethics

I went for a free fitness session to try the place out and was subjected to high pressure sales tactics (a...

Resolved personal trainer scam

We joined the gym recently and signed up for a free personal training assessment. They misled us into thinking that we had to pay a one-time total cost that turned out to be the monthly payment for 6 months! We are very bright, very educated people, but naturally trusting, I am afraid. The contract is written confusingly and when you have someone misleading you verbally, you naturally think that the contract is confirming what the trainer is saying. When we got our second bill we went right in thinking it was an accident. Although the assistant manager was made fully aware of the situation, he would not allow us to speak to his manager and stated that "there was nothing he could do." Now we are locked in a 6 month contract with ridiculous premiums. Where are the moral, honest people in this world? Certainly not here at this Fitness 19.

  • La
    Lake guy Dec 19, 2010

    I joined the gym in Wickliffe, Ohio this past summer. For the most part I am please with the gym. I am not please with the managers or the people working there. This past week all of them were playing cards at their registration tables while the place is filthy. The trash cans were overflowing, the machines need to be wiped down because there is so much dust on them. One evening while I was working out, an elderly lady fell and hurt her head, a trainer and her client were the first to help her up and see if she was ok..Management came over, called 911 and didn't even come back to her. This company needs to be run by mature adults who will keep this gym in tip top order. Don't get me wrong, I like going there, However, it is disgusting when I am working out and see spit on the mirrors from guys straining which is normal and the spit is still there a week later. I went in the bathroom and my feet stuck to the floor because the urine was not cleaned up..the bathroom is disgusting as well. They all need to be fired and hire some people who know to run a business

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Resolved unauthorised bank draft and gift certificate not honored

My name is Nsimba Kuedituka and I had a family account with fitness 19 located @ 141 W.Foothill blvd.# C.Upland, CA 91786[Bus:[protected].The general JOE NAKAMURA.I cancelled one person from it in June 2009.It was a family account of 7 people.the cost was $35/month for all of us. After that one member was cancelled, my monthly payment should have decrease to $30/month, eventhough i had requested to cancelled the entire account(7 people)but they didn't(a mistake from Fitness19!), but instead they kept on drafting $35 from my account from July 2009 to September 2009.When I went to the center to bring it up to the manager's attention, instead of offering to credit my account back(which i did myself directly with my bank as a dispute of an unauthorised drafting), the manager offered to compensate me with a gift certificate of "18months free" of membership that needed to be activated by 12/2009.On nov.20, 2009 i went to the center to activate the gift certificate, I spoke to TAYLOR @1:45PM AND HE REFUSED TO ACTIVATE IT, stating that since he did not know who issued it, he could not honor it.I think he refused on purpose, knowing that the certificate was going to expire after Dec.2009, and if we brought it back after wants be honored.
This kind of behavior from fitness19 from start is very unprofessional, unacceptable customer care services.They are not honest nor loyal to the members. They are cheatting! And need to stand behind their words. If my bank did not dispute it, they would have kept my money.I think that they should honor my Gift Certificate and give my entire family(7) the 18months free as promised.I'm disappointed and WILL NEVER RECOMMEND SOMEONE TO FITNESS19 EVER!!!

  • Ca
    Cabrown Jan 27, 2011

    The Fitness 19 on Foothill in Upland is clean and the people working there are friendly enough, but don't try to cancel or get them to honor their own contract or have any sort of customer service policy. I would not be surprised if they are trained to never, never, under any circumstance give any money back. What a racket!!! Their employee screwed up and didn't cancel my daughters membership when I attempted to cancel both of them, IN PERSON. They are on the same account but because I did not have a slip of paper with my daughters name on it, they refuse to refund her dues. I have one with my name and signature and was assured by the kid who canceled my membership that because she was on my account this was all I needed. Made sense to me. They also charged me $15 stating that a debit was refused by my bank and had to be resubmitted. Rediculous as my balance was sufficient to cover the debit and my bank verified that they never declined anything from them. They also refused to investigate this in their end, telling me to "take it up with my bank". And don't buy the 30-day notice and additional month of dues after cancelling. Their contract clearly states that if you paid 1st and last upon joining, they will refund the additional monthy dues if you request. However, you may have to sue them to actually get it. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Burea and disputed this through my bank but I am just outraged that they appear to get away with this crap!

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Resolved fraudulent advertisement

This particular gym franchise and fitness19 in general are engaged in fraudulent advertisements.
Fitness 19 advertised 5$ per month subscriptions and when I inquired all the details about this offer they sneak in the details that its only from two days of the week. I would not do business with anyone this dishonest.

  • Co
    coyote_manager Mar 24, 2010

    Thats not dishonest i go to the gym in another city and want to work out where i live on the weekends. this rate is awesome for me since the other local gym wants to charge me $10.00 as a visitor each time i go. What planet do you live in? Thats not false advertising they are telling you what the rates start as. You must not have good common sense.

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Resolved crappy gym

This gym is the worst. No showers, child-care workers texting while Ted Bundy tries to pick up your kid, equipement failure, lying salesmen, and trainers that couldn't train a turd to smell bad. After 1 month their, I was ready to cancel and couldn't until I faxed 3 letters, sent 2 letters certified, and finally had to close my bank account. DO NOT JOIN THIS GYM ANYWHERE!!!

Resolved incorrect cancelation

A clerk who was canceling my membership very conveniently misunderstood that I was canceling the whole family...

Resolved they need better staff

I went into Fitness 19 last week to check out the facilities because I was thinking of joining a new gym and was not impressed. The gym itself was a basic gym which was expected but what I didn't like was the staff. They use a lot of high pressure selling tactics to "close the deal" and it all is a bunch of baloney. Things like "Oh you’re so lucky, last day of the sale" "You’re getting a really great deal" "If you don't sign up right now you're going to miss out and prices will raise tomorrow" etc. I receive coupons every week saying there's a sale. I left there with a really bad feeling about the place and it was all because of how the staff made me feel. I actually had every intention of joining before that. And of course there were a lot of "extra" fees after they made their initial pitch. The manager came over and was asking if they told us yet about the first and last month fees, processing fees, etc. $199 processing dues come on all they have to do is enter into a computer. I just did not like their tactics it made them all seem slimy and was the reason I changed my mind about joining. I decided it was worth the couple extra bucks to join the gym right down the road.

  • Se
    Serval Dec 08, 2009

    Hey...out of curiosity, what gym did you end up joining? I am from Rochester too and was planning on heading over to Fitness 19 this week to sign up. After reading your comment...I will DEFINITELY NOT sign up. I like to exercise for physical, mental and spiritual well being and the environment that you described sounds way too shady. Thank you for your honest feedback on this facility.

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Resolved seriously?

I am reading all of these complaints and it seems like it is a lot of people complaining not because Fitness 19 did anything wrong but because they did not get there way... looking at the Fitness 19 website they have over 100 gyms nation wide with only a handful of complaints it seems like they may be the best option for someone looking for a gym and the people on here complaining because they had to pay a last month or because they would not get a better deal on adding a family memeber? are they not the best price anyways? why complain when you are already getting a lower price than the competition? dunno just seems like a bunch of people with petty problems that have no outlet other than to complain on the internet about a gym that is giving a better product and price than any of the competition.

  • Ns
    NSKk Oct 19, 2009

    Let me guess - you are working for them, right?

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  • Bo
    bourne81 Oct 29, 2009

    Please, that could not be further from the truth! Although, Fitness 19 (in redding ca) has some nice equipment and a convenient location, the customer service has plummeted to an all time low. The facility is generally neglected with little to no attention in the restrooms. The gym’s overwhelming odor of mold and faulty water vending machine system are also frustrating. The child care hours and frequent late start “banker” hour holiday and weekend hours are a joke and can leave a devoted lifter out in the cold. If I were the one in charge, I would get a new staff and clean the place up before devoted athletes and families start looking elsewhere for gym services.

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Resolved negative vs. positive

This is the w0rst website ever! I have been to many fitness 19 gyms when I go out of town for work, and not once did I find something wrong with them! Everygym is very clean and organized and has every type of equipment any body can use whether you are a hard core body builder, a cashual work out, or have never worked out in their life before. I have been to so many gyms in my life and only a few, besides fitness 19, have the most comfortable workout feel, cleanliness, and variety of top of the line equipment! All of my experiences at fitness 19 were awesome! Any body can go to any business and critique a simple spec on the ground and blow it up by making the business sound like it is a hell of a place to be in. This is not true! Stay positive and look at all of the positive things in life cause there is no way the negative crap can over win any of it. Everything you see on the news or these website are all bad things about everything! When does the news ever tell the public about the good around the coutnry. Not as much as the bad that goes around.

negative vs. positive

  • Ja
    jackson1972 Nov 18, 2009

    You can shine up a turd, put all the bells and whisltles on it, and tell people how nice it is, , , but in reality it is STILL A TURD. Fitness 19 is a joke, it has the shiniest, cheapest equipment money can buy, at a "you get what you pay for" price. Fitness 19 is staffed by kids that are barely out of high school. I would rather have Charles Manson watch my children than some of the day care workes at Fitness 19. And you had better be prepared to die or change your name and social if you want to cancel your membership. Did I mention that Fitness 19 SUCKS!!!

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  • Jo
    JohnnyBoy!!! Jan 05, 2010

    If you look at it, fitness 19s equipment is the same as many gyms equipment. Due the comparisons your self. Go online and see how much they cost. Life Fitness and Hammer Strength are top of the line my friend. Go to any other gyms and your going to pay more than double monthley, plus have to sign up for a year or so. All other gyms have the same equipment but come with pools, basketball courts showers ect ... if thats what you want then go join the other gyms, most people working out however never utilize the pools thus why pay for them? Thats where fitness 19 comes into play. Same equipment, you only pay for what you would use anyway and its much cheaper because they simply just have less over head to pay.

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  • Kw
    k william Oct 29, 2010

    Common the fitness 19 will not put a paper towel dispenser on the wall nor put paper towels int he bathroom...The answer we got after we asked management for this reason they said... They cost 40 dollars a roll...then after we discussed this issue the manager said well what do you pay here monthly...Really well next time ill blow my nose in my hand then go work out with snot and all

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  • Cm
    CMmanager Feb 06, 2012

    JackNickson, sounds a lot like Nick Jackson, one of the managers of Fitness 19 in Washington...hmm, not the best bet for unbiased advice.

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Resolved do not sign up. worst gym ever

My husband and i were fitness 19 members for about a year. 6 months ago are son became increasingly sick and...

Resolved deceptive business practices

Well, I have been reading these complaints abouit Fitness 19 and can't say that I'm surprised. I...

Resolved awful company

I signed up for a new gym membership with Fitness 19 on June 7, 2008. I was told that my initial membership costs would include a one-time activation fee of $49 and the first and last month's dues at $17 per month, bringing the total to $83. All dues thereafter would be $17 per month. My contract stated that I would be charged on the 15th of each month, which I took to mean that on the 15th of June, I would be charged the $83. However, when my first credit card bill arrived, I was charged $100 (The $83 initial costs plus the next month's dues of $17). After analyzing the situation, I determined that my dues for the first "month" were actually for only 8 days, not a whole month. What I believe happened is they charged me $83 on June 7, $49 for my activation fee and $17 per month for what they told me was my first and last month's dues when in reality the first month was only 8 days from June 7-14. Then I was charged another $17 on June 15 for the next month, bringing the total on my credit card bill to $100. I am disappointed that they misled me like that. They should have been honest with me and claimed that the first "month" would only be 8 days or until the 15th of the month, or they should have charged for the next month's dues 30 days after June 7 when I signed up or prorate the monthly dues based on the June 15 date. Charging me on the 15th of each month doesn't make sense because if that's how they do it, then all new members should sign up on the 16th of each month to get the full month for the dues they pay and wouldn't it make more sense to charge on 30 days increments from the date each new member signs up? It is fairest to the customer that way. That is my main complaint.