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denial of check based on profiling

I attempted to write a check for a payment on a layaway and the check was denied. When I called Certegy I was told that they had decided my check didnt meet their criteria and they determined it might be fraudulent because my husband also has check writing privileges on our joint account. When I called them on that, he told me that he tried to call my bank, which is a lie because they were open to verify funds and couldnt, so they determined I was a risk. The entire situation is unethical and deplorable. I dont write checks ever but this was for a lay away payment and I wanted to be able to track the payments for my own purposes. The fact is, the ###s informed me that they have the right to unethically profile me and decide whether or not I am trustworthy enough to write a check based on criteria they would not share with me. When I requested the exact reason, he told me it was not my business why and that if he told me I might undertake fraudlent activity! This isnt over. I am goimg to the dept of financial affairs in my state, the governors office and the CEO of this horrendous company to get satisfaction. A class action suite needs to be undertaken against these people - or maybe a 20/20 expose exposing the for who and what they really are!

refused to cash checks

I am a disabled single mom and I went into Walmart to cash my child support money orders to pick up some things that child needed. I had more than one to cash but it only totaled $349. They would only cash one for $100.

When I first had my ex change over to the Money Grams at Walmart from Western Union, I had no problem cashing how ever many I had and at no charge to me. Then they put a $1 fee per money order on getting them cashed but I could still get them all cashed. Now they will only let you cash one per week and I guess Certegy gets to pick out which one and the amount they will cash. ITS MY MONEY AND I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET ALL OF IT WHEN I NEED IT!!!

Money Orders are now considered checks even though you have to pay out the money upfront to buy one + a fee, now you cant cash them and there is a fee now to cash them when you can. And the people who work at Certegy DO NOT CARE!!!

I have a child to take care of and Certegy and Western Union are legalized crooks. Western Union wont even cash their own money orders anymore.

  • Mh
    mharris70 Apr 28, 2012

    I went in to a local walmart the declined to cash my tax refund, I called certegy, the woman and the supervisor I talked with both talked in circles, stating there was no negative information on me, I asked then why was my check denied, I was told because of there computer system, when I asked why the computer would not let my check be cashed, I was told the do not have that information, I asked who does have that information I was told I dont response wth, then why did I get declined, and this continued back and forth for 30 minutes not including the 10 minutes the put me on hold waiting for the supervisor, I then called walmart and they were indisbelief that I had no information given to me, it was their understanding that certegy was to give the information as to why your declined. ok so if certegy does not know and walmart does not the who does, I am frustrated.

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  • Kb
    KBom Jan 19, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went through the same thing with an employee getting denied when trying to cash his payroll check like he has been doing for the past 2 years. They wouldn't tell him why when he called and they had no reason when I called. I must have called them 6 times before they finally cleared him but then said that he still couldn't cash checks for 5-6 days while the system catches up with what she entered!!!

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check cashing

I was in walmart (oct 2, 2010) to cash my payroll check. It was my first time. I have a bank account but I got my check to late so I could get to the bank but I thought walmart would cash it but I was wrong. Very one says that walmart would do it but no they did try ill them that but it kept saying no. They call the toll free number and it said that because I got married it wasnt going to work because in the system I had a different last name what kind of crap is that. So if you got married and cant make it your bank dont go to walmart because most llikely it will happen to you.

money order verfication

I attempted to cash a MoneyGram money order at Walmart. This was a money order purchased at the very same...

questionable returned check service charge

I received a letter from CPRC stating I owned them $30 for a returned check service charge. The check was to Lowes Home Centers with a claim number, check number and check date. I checked my check postings and I did not even write a check to Lowes on that date, in fact that series of checks was months before the date listed and the check was written to my church. I have no record of receiving a returned check from my bank so I am sure this is a scam.

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pre authorized debit

I wrote a check to Lowes back in the end of July 2010 that didn't go through the first time at our bank, but did go through on the second just fine Aug. 9th. I was charged one NSF charge from our bank, on the 12th our checking account, had a Pre-Authorized Debit from Certegy Payment Recovery Systems for $25. for a return check - In looking at the bank statement I find it hard to understand why our acount was charged by this company after the check was drafted on the second try and paid. Is it legal for Lowes to use a system - who can deduct money out of our account without my knowledge or approval after it in fact was paid?!?!
I know the store may be entitled to their fees if a check is returned on the second time - but to have them use this company after the fact debit us a fee makes us very

I plan to try to place stop payment - with the back to see - if not - Lowes can kiss my business away for good...

  • Ki
    Kimberly Jarrett Nov 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a fee deducted from checking account for a check that cleared my account and they deducted 35.00 for recovery services

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  • Re
    Reviewer69486 Oct 14, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The entity is a call center that had been established to defraud and take advantage of victim of identity theft and small black business owners through check systems, online and mail fraud. They are not a legit company, but are known 'old hackers' and money launders. Don't be deceive. Keep your good name 'don't write checks' or use debit or credit cards...'DO IT THE OLD SCHOOL WAY - 'USE C A S H'.

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would not cash my unemployment check

I went to Walmart to cash my unemployment check - which is a month overdue. I wanted to be able to pay some...

reason 2 denile of cashing a paycheck

i have been cashing my pay check at walmart for the pass 3years, my check is always for the same amont of...

horrible expeirence

I recieved this tiny piece of paper when trying to cash a check on a sunday (couldnt go to my bank because...

refuse to cash check

I normally take my unemployment checks to my bank and have them deposited. This week my check was delayed and I decided to try to cash it at Walmart. The lady told me that they could not cash the check due to "Reason: 2" then gave me a number to call Certegy Check Service. When I called they verified all of my info and said that the check was good but since the merchant (walmart) had taken a loss on this kind of check before they won't cash it. I tried Publix and Target they all use the same system so I was deneyed for no good reason. I have been in banking for over 6years and have never been able to verify funds and all of their id info and then still deny them. This company should not be allowed to do this to honest people trying to get by in life. I have too much pride to cash it at a BP due to the fact of the irresponsible company opperations that has led to the worst disaster of our Mother Earth. I see that this company has been allowed to do this to a lot of people, why is this being allowed?

  • Te
    Teresa Welch Aug 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tried to write a Check at K-Mart department store and was denied, and I know I am not in Tele-check, I had just came from two prior stores and my check was accepted with no problem, but when I went to K-Mart they informed me that my check was not accepted by K-Mart because they do not go through tele-check for check approval but through Certegy Check Services and they had denied my check with no explaination, when ask for the number to the company, I got no explaination or response I am very disappointed and upset that K-mart has decided to go through this company for check approval because they have proven they are unreliable and inaccurate in there information, i advise anyone who knows a store goes through this check service not patronize them with our business.

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  • Ca
    CAROL BUHL Jan 06, 2009

    EMAIL [email protected]

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  • Hd
    Hdelgado Jan 12, 2009

    I went to Wal-Mart today with a Payroll Check from the Bank of The Goverment of Puerto Rico as I am a public employee. I asked if I could pay with a goverment payrroll check and they said yes at Wal Mart. After more than an hour picking the groceries items i needed i waited in line to pay. I asked again the Cashier if they accepted goverment payrroll checks, and she said yes. After trying several times she gave me a receipt paper with a phone number i should call. There was Certegy's Check Service phone number and i called. "Liz 2720" answered and she told me after i gave her my information that there was a study of certain parameters of the check needed to complete the transaction and that my transaction had failed those parameters. I asked what were the parameters and she said, after repeating like a robot two or three times the same thing without listening, that she was not allowed to tell the parameters that i failed. I asked for a supervisor and answered Shanna 09821358 i asked her again and she said the same thing and tried to tell me that the fault was mine for not understanding her answer. I told here that she was not answering my questions and that i have no way of knowing what the problem was so i could avoid it in the future.
    I think this people are a fraud who just answer the phone but cant do anything to solve people problems and that they are the ones who create those problems.

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  • Ju
    Julia Kennedy Feb 10, 2009

    I tried to pay by check at a Bed Bath & Beyond and my check was declined by Certegy Check Service. The check was for about $400 and I had more than $4, 000 in my bank account! Furthermore, I don't understand why Bed Bath & Beyond had to call Certegy after I gave them a check with my address and phone number and showed them my valid driver's license. I have never had to go through this before! When I complained to the manager of the store (and told her about all the complaints on this website against Certegy), she said she would email my complaint to someone higher up in management but a local store has no control over the retailer's policies. I told her I probably would not be shopping in her store again and that a retailer shouldn't be pissing off its customers in such a bad economy. After reading about all the other complaints against Certegy, I decided it was useless to complain to them. How many complaints do they have to get before they are accountable?

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  • Je
    Jenniferjazz Mar 23, 2010

    I received my payroll check from my job and tried to cash it at their bank "Bank of Ameica" and was told the check's number had not been posted. I waited a day later and decided to open a bank account . I did so and returned the following day to discover I could not get any of my money from my pay check because certegy had declined it. I am truly at at lost.

    I can somewhat understand a personal check, but not a payroll check.

    What does one do now?

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  • La
    Laura E Blaesing Mar 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Went to Wal-Mart to cash payroll check. Check could not be cashed - embarressing not to mention a 38 mile round trip. Certegy gave reason 2 for not cashing. Did not fit a normal pattern. Have only used this service once, just last month. What kind of pattern could they possibly established? Work hard for my money. Will not use ANY store again that uses this check cashing service, including Wal-Mart. This company is not doing them any favors, but are instead, running of folks who would otherwise shop there. Not an intelligent business decision.

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irs refund check declined

Attempted to cash an IRS refund check at H.E.B. but it was declined by Certegy. When I called Certegy, the...

not authorizing social security check

We went to HEB last evening so that my 73 year old mom could cash her Social Security check, something she has done every month for the last few years. After waiting in the long line, (it was after 6pm already) she gets to the counter, goes thru the process, to be told that Certegy would not authorize them to cash her check!!! I called the number on the little printout for Certegy from my cell phone while still standing in the store. After giving the operator the information, she proceeds to tell me that there is no derogatory information against my mom, but while running the check thru their system, it pinged on some identity theft security points. I asked what points could that possibly be, and she proceeded to read off her pre-written script, "I'm sorry ma'am, but that is proprietary blah blah blah..." Then she told me that she could see I was calling her from Walmart...(see above, still in HEB on cell phone), and that I could find somewhere else to try to cash the check. When I finally got a "supervisor, Lowell, on the phone, he started telling me he understood what a hardship this was...blah, blah, blah, but that we wouldn't be able to cash the check this month anywhere that used his company. What a bunch of BS!!! I was soooooo happy when the retailer I work for fired Certegy and went back to Telechek!!!

declined payroll check

My payroll check was declined by the Certegy Check Service with a reason code of (2). When I called the [protected] number it was automated. It started off saying that you would need you driver's license number. Then it jumped right into asking the amount of the check. I gave the amount and the next thing it told me was that I had exceeded the amount allowed for the day. Now mind you I had not even tried to cash me check until the one time at Walmart just prior to the phone call. My question is how can the automated service know who you are without giving any of the information other than the amount of the check? There was no human to talk to and the only way to contact them was to call or write to an address in Florida. I was so upset I could have bitten the head off of customer service employee at Walmart, who had no concern or skill to handle my problem. That employee tried to tell me that I had cashed two other checks earlier that day which was not true. The whole thing was such a hassle, and embarrassing to me for the attitude of the Walmart employee was as if I had done something wrong or illegal. I must stop now I can feel my blood boiling again.

  • Kl
    KLeckie Apr 10, 2010

    I agree the service for cashing payroll checks at Walmart is less than perfect. And the attitude of employees should be a lot more considerate towards the needs of the people who the service is designed to help. The whole automated thing too is not customer friendly either. What ever happened to people dealing with people's needs? We as a nation are turning into cold cyber machines. I hope that the future even with all the progress is a warmer place than Walmart.

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  • Sa
    salter22 Apr 29, 2010

    I do not under stand why Walmart and certegy check service will not cash my pay roll check I have been going their for 10 months with the same company. My other coworkers cash their checks their no problem, The way to get thru th certegy is to keep pressing 00000 on your phone But you only get a dummy that has no answer. I went next door to he urban bank in walmart and they use certegy services to they ran the check and had no problem but charged me $22.00 dollar I think this a Oboma thing. The only problem is this is a goverment check.

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walmart's check cashing services

Walmart check cashing services are not what they advertise them to be. Walmart uses Certegy Check Service...

check denied

I visited Ann Taylor at West Town Mall in Madison, WI on Saturday, March 20, 2010. As I forgot to bring my...

unaccepted check @ kroger

Went grocery shopping @ the same store (Kroger), have been shopping/check writing @ for over 25 years without...

false information

Pet Smart, 1o245 Perimeter Parkway, Charlotte, N.C. 28216 refused to cash my check on March 10, 2010, saying it was refused by your company. I have a perfect credit rating, no charge backs on my bank account with SunTrust Bank and you may verify that with Telecheck. [protected].

Please correct your records and remove my name from your records. I am an attorney and if this is not done in one week, I will take legal recourse.

refusal to cash payroll check

Certegy Check Services refuses to allow Wal-Mart Check Cashing to Cash Legitimate PAYROLL checks from a MAJOR Company. Their "reason" per their customer service rep is "based on our computer model your payroll check bears the markers of a fraudulent or forged check and we cannot override the computer model." Now, this payroll check is generated by ADP for a world-side well known company, and Walmart/Certegy will NOT CASH IT? Further, who are these idiot computer programmers developing computer models that mark well known company payroll checks as fraudlent? Why don't the customer service reps at Certegy know who their president of the company is or even give you their complete name and managers name to reference in a complaint? This company needs to be PUT DOWN. They are a disservice to Wal-Mart and many other companies.

  • On
    OnlyinAmerica Mar 11, 2010

    I have a paper check for the first time in about 12 years and is due to being laid off and receiving my first unemployment check in my life. I was at WalMart and decided to try their check cashing service that my teenage son has used (does not have checking account) and figured I'd put it on a moneymart card I have of theirs then. It was in the evening and my bank was closed. I was pretty shocked when I was denied. At first the girl thought it was because I wasn't in their system yet and she tried again. I've had direct deposit forever and never needed to cash a check for anything. If I had one, I just deposited it through an ATM. I was so embarassed. It was bad enough standing with an unemployment check as it was and going through about a worse depression ever being w/o a job in the first place still. I called the # that printed on my little receipt and it turned out after nine years of being married, the Certegy system did not have my SS# updated with my new name. They will not cash any checks that are in my new name until I MYSELF call and get it straightened out. I told the girl on the phone that WalMart better get a new company to do their check cashing if they are using one that can't get their records up to date after nine years for crying out loud. I'm not taking the time to prove I got married nine years ago and what my new name is. It also took business from them because I did not put any $ on the card like I planned to. Of course, it was WalMart, what do they care. I never felt that way until the last year or so. The girl was as civily polite as possible.

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  • Ge
    George Nov 05, 2010

    Certegy became a part of Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. in 2006. Certegy is located in Tampa, FL, but you might have better luck if you were to write to FIS directly... they do list a page of the corporate officers. Hope this helps you in lodging your complaint.

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really bad service

What a waste, this company has declined so many checks ( good checks) its unreal. I cant believe Walmart...

same old song...

Just as many others have stated, Certegy has failed to come through while trying to cash my Federal Return check from the IRS at a Wal-Mart store. Technically, several times! (Have been cashing my payroll checks at WalMart & just cashed my state return check there a couple weeks ago, by the way). Went in four nights ago to cash the check; "We cannot cash this check: reason 2." So I go home and call the number on the slip Walmart printed me, for Certegy. The automated number (as well as a double-check online) stated that the transaction is approved, and any subsequent attempts to cash it should work. Tried again tonight - I asked that the lady helping me try to run it through three times!--but to no avail.

I just hope somewhere else will be able to process it normally as the lady wrote my passport number on the front of the check, and scribbled over the date slightly for some reason.?. Shouldn't it be okay to cash at a bank still?

  • No
    noncheckwriter Nov 17, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. I tried to cash a check at wal mart and was told it declined, since it was a payroll check from a new employer I was upset thinking they had no money. On my way back to the job I called the number ( on a small piece of paper they gave me). They told me that nothing is wrong with the check if I would go to a different Wal Mart it would probally go through. I ask the question how could that be, about three different ways so that the rep and I was on the same understand and I still don't understand. You tell me, after waiting in line over 20 minutes to cash a check it was declined because of WHAT?

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