First National Bankwon yahoo mail lottery


I wont believe that this Bank doing fraud with using big company names if they doing like that y the companies not taking action n stop fraud n stop making fools for peoples. Couz I received some kind of mails from yahoo n First national bank of south Africa if I really won YAHOO MAIL LOTTERY PRIZE then y they asking Approval fees using the name of REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA MINISTRY OF FINANCE here I m attaching files where I received from this side. Please help me suggest me n kindly send my amount in my account which I won from YAHOO AND MICRO SOFT lottery.


Union Building
P.M.Bag x0001, Pretoria, South Africa
Our Ref. MOF / 2894 / 10 Your Ref.
From: The Desk of the
Hon. Minister of Finance
Union Building
Pretoria, South Africa
To: The Director
Foreign Operations & Int’l. Remittance Dept
First National Bank of South Africa
In accordance with the recommendation of the transfer of payment, in favor MUHAMMAD
TARIQ NASSER to the tune of GBP£1, 000, 000.00 under the provisions of the Contract
Approval Act of 1991, section V, paragraph iii, we hereby Authorized the First National
Bank of South Africa to effect the Remittance of the above mentioned transfer payment.
The First National Bank of South Africa should adopt the conditions and terms of the
International Transfer Laws and Regulations, in the telegraphic transfer of payment. The
Ministry of Finance has classified the beneficiary as a Category “E” foreign contractor and
do extend the full power and authority to the Foreign Operations and International
Remittance Department of the First National Bank of South Africa (FNB) to complete the
procedures and effect the transfer earnestly.
The information of the approval for the transfer is as follows:
TRANSFER AMOUNT : GBP£1, 000, 000.00
ACCOUNT NUMBER : [protected]
The finance ministry approval fees of USD$1950.67 should be paid to enable us release
the transfer pin code and complete transfer this morning
Accountant General
Ministry of Finance
South Africa


  • Sa
    sarojsaroj Nov 24, 2009

    Hi Dear, In this world no body will give nothing without any work. How u can won this much of amount from xxx company. Just push this kind messages to your trash folder. - saroj

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  • Jo
    JOE ALHADI Jan 10, 2010

    EMAIL: [email protected]

    Dear Mr. Javad Hadinejad,

    Thanks for your mail; after reading your mail I called our appointed paying bank the First National Bank Of South Africa (FNB) to find out if they have transferred your winning fund, I was told by the banker that your winning prize money has being approved, and the bank manager made me to understand that you are required to make the payment of the mandatory endorsement fees been the transfer charges of US$2, 250.00.

    Mr. Javad Hadinejad, I advise you to comply with the bank and settle the bank mandatory endorsement fees to enable the First National Bank of South Africa to release and transfer your winning fund into your nominated bank account over there in your country without any further delay.

    Bear in mind that you have a limited time to claim your winning fund, I advise you to act as quickly as possible, you have to understand that your winning fund is fully insured by Old Mutual Insurance Company, you should go through the Insurance Certificate I sent to you in my previous email, nobody has the power to tamper on your winning fund until the transfer have been completed to your home bank account.

    Moreover, the original copies of the certificates will be send to you through DHL to your home address, as soon as the First National Bank South Africa complete the final transfer of your winning fund.

    Mr. Javad Hadinejad, the fees which the bank requested from you is just like transfer fees, and the reason why they can’t deduct that fees from your winning fund is because your winning fund is fully insured by the insurance company, and this fund been insured is for your own good.

    Also know fully that every bank has its own policies it would be of your own benefit if you were to follow the laid down rules and regulations of our appointed paying bank the First National Bank of South Africa.

    Keep me updated immediately you send the fees to the bank because I will like to be there in the bank to monitor the final transfer of your winning funds.

    I have attached a copy of my international passport for you to know who you are dealing with.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

    Paul Brown (Claim Agent South Africa National Lottery)


    My International Passport.JPG
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    Address: 6th Floor1 First Place

    First National Bank Bankcity

    Cnr, Simmonds And Pritchard Streets

    Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa 2001

    Tel: +27 71 913 3833

    Fax: + 27 866 139 696

    Email: [email protected]

    Date: 09/01/2010,

    Attention: Mr. Javad Hadinejad,

    How are you I hope all is well, when I was discussing with you few days back you told me that you are on a business trip that you will instruct your friend to transfer the mandatory endorsement transfer fees from Dubai U.A.E, Mr. Javad, we are still waiting for you to send us the transfer slip for confirmation of the fees here in our bank and to enable the First National Bank of South Africa to release and transfer your winning funds into your bank account in Iran.

    Thank you for your urgent co-operation and we choose to serve you better.

    Yours faithfully,

    Dr. Michael Botha,

    The director of foreign remittance exchange and regulation control, First National Bank of South Africa (FNB) an authorized financial service provider.

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  • Mr
    Mr eugene struwig Jul 02, 2010

    i applied for a loan a month ago, i heard nothing for two weeks, i then went back to the branch to be told that it was approved but they noted on my pay slip i had only worked for the company for 5 months, i corrected them and told them it was 18 months, they were told to re send my payslip to the head office, i once again waited another week heard nothing returned to the branch to be told it had to be re sent by myself, the monday morning idid what was instructed emailed my latest payslip and just to avoid confusion i emailed my rip5 to show my months of service...its now a week later i have sent the above 4 times and heard this bad service or what, if its declined, surely they can call you

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  • Lo
    Lollide Sep 13, 2010

    I have been in touch with this branch several times in the last few months and still have had no service or help at all. The receptionist takes an obnoxious and sarcastic tone, when I try to explain our situation. In her infinate wisdon she tells me I need to come in to the branch personally to update these details, knowing full well that I am overseas.

    My problem is that I need to change my customer profile details, so I can receive my OTP whilst in Australia. Yes I know this probably should have been done before I left, but be that as it may, if I can varify my identity over the phone when requesting statements, account balances etc, why can I not do this to update my profile details ?. I have been a customer of FNB for over 30yrs, and this display of poor customer serviceattitude, is the worst I've ever experienced.

    How difficult can this be ?. It's almost as if FNB are going out of their way to make life MORE DIFFICULT for their customers, instead of easier...

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  • Ov
    Overeem Sep 15, 2010

    I have been struggling for weeks now to get a FNB bond of which the husband and only working spouse passed away in June already. After FNB having been notified in June already and again a few weeks ago the client is still recorded on their system as alive. I have spoken to the claims dept and they were very helpful at first. When we came closer to the committed time for the claim to be paid they started dragging things. I was asked for a power of attorney letter all of a sudden but I have been dealing with them from the beginning, faxing documents, getting info without any power of attorney. The unemployed wife of the deceased was called by FNB last week and asked if there is no way how she can pay the bond now that her husband has passed away. WAS THIS NOT THE REASON WHY YOU OFFERED THE CLIENT BOND PROTECTION IN CASE SOME ONE DIES? Why is it an issue now to finalise this claim. As a bond originator I'm very disappointed if this is how my clients will be dealt with going into the future with FNB if a spouse passes away. This matter is taking too long now for my liking. I send emails and all I get is email confirmations that my mails have been read but one bothers to respond.

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  • Yi
    Yioller Sep 15, 2010

    On the morning of 18 Sept, money was transferred via internet from Nedback to our credit card. On 23 Sept I made an enquiry and was told to faxmail through the proof of payment, which I did. On 25 Sept I enquired again and was told that a case was opened. On 28 Sept I phoned again but was told the same.It is also impossible to talk to the correct dept as they don't take calls???? Later on I was told that the money was paid into the account, they traced the payment. I logged onto the internet and the payment showed, but was now told it would also only be available on the 29th of Sept, as if the money was originally deposited on 28 Sept. Also, we were charged late payment fees etc which have still not been rectified. Nedbank traced the payment to a FNB Credit devision account that was available in that account on 19 Sept and was also told by them that they have had numerous queries re payments into FNB credit cards. My question is then if they are holding on to all those funds for the interest and extra penalties they can impose???? I need that money released immediately and all penalties and or interest rectified at the least.

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  • Kr
    Krebalitos Sep 21, 2010

    In Sept 2008 I voluntarily returned my credit card to FNB card divison and made an arrangement (after much argument) to repay a minimum amount of R974.65 over the next 60 months. Whilst I was aware that they reserved the right to charge me maximum interest in terms of the NCA, I was not advised that this would be over and above the agreed amount. I have paid R975 every month as arranged yet have received statements requesting in excess of R1000 pm. After getting an SMS at 5 AM on 5 Oct advising me I was in arrears to the amount of R1081, I contacted the collections department and queried my account. I was advised that I 'had to pay' the full amount on the statement. when I asked to speak to a manager, I was cut off. I then received a call in the evening requesting payment. I spoke to a manager (Sipho) who informed me that I was liable for interest and charges in addition to the arrangement amount. What is the pount of a fixed arrangement if extra charges are being added? Nad why is their letter of arrangement so ambiguous. I am also now advised that I have been placed on the ITC due to this arrangement. I find this high handed approach totally unacceptable!

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  • Sr
    SRamkone Sep 22, 2010

    Due to the fact that online banking has been down since Sunday- I have been unable to pay my supplier who quite frankly does not care that this is beyond my control, I will be forced to not open for trade tomorrow as I have not had a delivery as I was unable to pay my supplier. Who should I be Billing for this loss of trade? I spend in excess of R3000 a month on fees with you people. And this is the pathetic service I get? To top it off your staff had the audacity to call me and let me know my one account was overdrawn and yet, even you guys dont give a toss that the banking sight is down so how the hell can I rectify this?

    This is completely pathetic I am horrified and disgusted at this complete lack of competence. i hope to that the IT department gets the boot for this complete mess.

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  • Br
    Brayan Sep 23, 2010

    My mother, Dawn Bonny, has had an account with FNB Kempston Road for years. Her rent is on stop order. A few days ago, she was informed by the landlords of her rent-controlled flat that her rent hadn't been paid for a few months, and they are now demanding that she pay an extra R1500 a month to rectify the situation. She is a pensioner, on a fixed income. Now I know she should have read her bank statements, and I said as much to her. What flumoxes me, though, is why the bank failed to inform her the first time it happened, and subsequently. I know they're quick enough to inform me if I'm a day late with my credit card payment. Had someone contacted her, this whole thing could have been sorted out, maybe by changing the debit order date, and she wouldn't now be sitting with such a massive problem. At the very least she deserves an apology and some help in fixing this situation. What concerns me as well is how much extra money she's been charged for the returned debit orders.

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  • As
    Asmikk Sep 23, 2010

    In 2006 a Kulula credit card was opened at FNB, a person used my ID Copy but with a different picture on it. I resceived a call from FNB asking for my residential adress I then told them I did not apply for a credit card. I asked them to cancel it but they never did . I stll received more calls from corier informing me that my credit card was on the wayI asked them o cancel it again but theynever did. The person who was handling the case was not interested in investigating my case he would always tell me to talk to people at FNB. He promised to contact me and let me know about the progress. Even today I have not received a call from Wessie.

    I had to go and clear my name by myself FNB was not interested in assisting me. I had to go to the police station to obtain an arffidavid and the NCR cleared my name.

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  • Al
    Alfred Sep 29, 2010

    I bought a house in June 2007. The previous owner, registered a close corporation, in October 2007, fraudulently using my physical and postal address. At first I was not sure who the company belonged to, but after I went onto CIPRO's website, I found out the cc was registered in the name of none other than the previous owner of my house.

    Lately, I have had letters from SARS and the bank statement, from FNB, shoved into my gate. I am alarmed that my home address is being used by a company. I phoned the branch concerned, and their attitude is that I must come in to the branch. I feel that, I am the victim here but I must waste my petrol and my time, standing in branch queues for something that is not my fault. They apparently want to change the address. Changing the address is NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY and wont solve anything, and furthermore, I would like to know how it was possible for this person, to open a bank account, using my home address, bypassing the FICA act? Did you actually check and comply with FICA law? The bank account could only have been opened after the CC was registered, and this took place after, the title deed and transfer was done!!!

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  • Sm
    Smitlenne Sep 29, 2010

    I have applied for a loan online and have been approved in principal. When calling the call center this morning to verify to recieve documentation, i was told to call back at 12pm to find out the status. I called back at 12:50 and was meet with a call center person who was unwilling to call the other departments to find out the exact status and if there were any problems. When i asked why she wouldn't call the other departent, she just responded that they work on a queue basis. i still asked her why she won't call them to find out she started to raise her voice (which i kindly told her to not raise her voice to me as i am not her child) and stated to me that she has been doing this a long time and does not need to call them as they work on a queue basis.

    It's amazing that a platinum customer gets treated this way, especailly that since i have a job and i am meetings most of the day that i can not just keep calling back for status update to be told call back again.

    FNB, sort yourselves out quick...times are changing. people in south africa are becoming sick and tired of poor service (just look at the riots that have happened this week).

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  • Sh
    Sherloc Sep 30, 2010

    As a FNB Platinum account holder I applied for a FNB Platinum Credit Card on 8 September 2009.The call centre informed me my application was declined.I investigated the matter and found a fraudulent credit card was issued by another bank and furnished FNB with proof of the matter on 14 September 2009. It's already 19 October 2009 and I haven't had any feedback from them yet.I never had this problem with ABSA and will gladly move my accounts back to them if this is how FNB deals with clients - especially Platinum accounts.

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  • Ar
    Arkinolle Oct 04, 2010

    Problem 1 - Have a personal loan. On my 2nd request for a monthly statement - was advised that it can only be sent quarterly - if I recall correct - National Credit Act states differently.

    Problem 2 - Have a applied for a 2nd bond (10% of value of first bond). 3 weeks after signing documentation at attorney's - they now want me to get my short terms insurance company to stipulate clauses into the contract. My principles kick in here as it was not required for my first bond and why am I only advised 3 weeks after signing. I need the money for rennovations - and now have a 3 week delay in terms of turnaround time. The attorneys advise me that someone at the bank can waive this requirement. The bank advise that I should speak to the attorney's. The bank blame the attorneys for the delay in not getting back to me. And say I should contact the attorneys. No one in charge at the branch for me to speak to... Not given the name of supervisor at homeloans to speak to. Asked bank and attorneys what will happen if want to cancel ext of bond. Not getting an answer from either.

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  • Pa
    Padder Oct 12, 2010

    I am not happy with the service I am receiving from FNB Branch in Volksrust, especially concerning the treatment I constantly get whenever I am using my FCA account. I understand this branch has no foreign account department, hence I do not deserve harrasment for my money to say how I happen to have FCA account it has nothing to do with this bank adminstrating staff. The worst is that I get this treatment from the management of this branch. Could something be done to resolve this situation. I am tired of these harrasments. I would have wrote this complaint on their complaint book, unfortunately the few times I am in this branch the customer complaints book is never available.

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  • Ja
    jacky 4 Nov 29, 2010

    This is now the 3rd time that i had to sit and wait for more than a hour to see a consultant. FNB service is really pathetic. The manager walks pass the customer's without helping them instead asking how long ive been waiting. for a flippen notice for my own money I have to sit for hours without help. Im going again tomorrow just to take my money out of this stupid Bank that clearly doesnt give a crap if you sit for a day in their bank with only 2 consultant working that is so gevrek. Im going to join another bank, I just want my money out of my 32 account. Was customer service i have ever seen but quick to take your money. E

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  • Dr
    Drianade Nov 29, 2010

    The NCA is very specific in its design to protect the consumer from over-extending himherself and affording the lending institution an impartial viewpoint of set person's ability to repay. Not according to the Credit Department of FNB and especially when it concerns the above-mentioned individuals and their shenanigans.

    Shaheem nor Danny have heard of CIPRO business verification, vetting application criteria against presently held accounts let alone applying an ounce of common sense. No, Inspector Gadget and Inspector Goose apply what they charmingly refer to as 'discretion'. Hmmm ... this is not a playground where one plays favourites but not at FNB!

    Yet amazingly, when one is one of the top 10% earners in the country, FNB does NOT want your business! No instead they want to keep incompetence on the top of their things to do. No matter, I am now demanding a written response in regards to this application as the damage incurred to my hard earned credit score has come into play thanks to FNB’s Credit Department and will be moving forward with an Ombuds complaint. Keep up the good work as at this rate, you will have NO customers left in no time!

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  • Ti
    Tired_of_Stupid Nov 30, 2010

    If you're one of the top 10% earners in the country, why are you overdrafting your account?

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  • Go
    Goones Jan 24, 2011

    I was contacted 2 days ago to be told that my house was on auction by First National Bank. I explained that I was in financial difficulty as I had been unemployed for the past 1 year and had just gotten a job and was trying to get back on my feet and I just needed an extention and that I would get it up to date. IToday I came up with the money only to be told it's too late. I did not receive any correspondence to say that my house was being auctioned, I did not sign any documents. Today I found out that my house is gone. I was told that if I have any issues I can contact a lawyer. I am trying to contact anyone who can assist me, please can anyone help me, I need my home back, please... please can someone give me advise.

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  • To
    Toowaste Feb 06, 2011

    I have a huge issue with how my Vodacom Credit Card account has been handled by FNB. My Account was up to date, in November I Paid R8, 000 into the account, an upfront payment so that i do not have the expense over December, January and February as i was out of the country. Within these 3 months no one contacted me to say that i can not pay up front. Although my account was now paid in advance with R8, 000 i was handed over to attorney saying my account is R4, 400 in arrears...interesting cause i paid R8, 000 in advance. So in actual fact i was still R3, 600 in advance.After I explained this to them, NO EFFORT what so ever was made to utilize the R8, 000 i paid in to cover the arrears. A huge fight back and forth and still no solution. THEN, after i made arrangements with them last week to settle the account in full this week...well guess what. Monday I get a call from a DEBT collection company. After i made the monthly installment and was on my way to settle the account.What was the end result of this...My home loan i tried to get, was declined. The personal loan I applied for to assist me with the additional 10% on approved home loan of 90% got approved only for 30%. So lost my HOUSE!

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  • Ko
    Koxxes Feb 10, 2011

    On the morning of the 21st April, I went to the branch to make payments via internet. I went to the terminal which had a blank screen, enquired with the lady who was working the floor and was told that it was fine. I use the word fine as this was said without any consideration, she and her collegue were that dismissive. I asked her and the guy sitting next to the terminal if they had even bothered to look at it that morning and they just didn't care.

    Thankfully another lady came by and on hearing about my plight, tookk me to her own work station which I used for 2 minutes. I am really greatful to the lady for her assistence and hope that those two change their attitude.

    Someone needs to check that terminal and start it up in the mornings to make sure they know what the status is. I used to work for FNB Online and I know that it's NOT rocket science to do that.

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  • Ak
    Akler Feb 10, 2011

    FNB allowed an unknown person to change my cellphone detail, e-mail address and daily limit without my approval 5 days after it was registred for internet banking. To the best of my knowledge this instruction was received telephonically. This enabled the person to withdraw a substantial amount of money from my money market account without my knowledge.

    I became aware of this on 14 April 2010. This was reported to both the SAPS and FNB on the same day. A written statement was submitted to FNB on 15 April 2010 and a letter demanding the refund of the money lost due to a breach in the bank's security system was delivered to the bank on 16 April 2010.

    To date nobody from the bank took any trouble to contact me, either in writting or by telephone, to inform me on any actions taken by the bank to investigate the matter or refund my loss. All enquiries was from my side.

    The latest response when I phoned the bank was that they cannot contact me since the person dealing with the matter is working night shift!

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  • Mi
    Mistralle Feb 21, 2011

    I have been charged a late payment fee on my credit card because I paid more than my amount due on the same date on which the statement closed. Had I paid a day later, I would not have been charged this late payment fee... Go figure!!! I have yet to be shown the small print or policy which states this. All that I want is for the late payment fee of R190 odd to be reversed as logically speaking this payment I made was not late. They tell me that the fee cannot be reversed as payment was received on the same date.

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  • Cu
    curthu Aug 02, 2011

    First National Bank . Olathe Kansas 135th and Black Bob. Have been with them for 5+ years now, yesterday my transaction was refused because I had not signed the back of my card I had written "See ID" I was told that if I did not sign the card it was invalid and they would refuse to accept. Funny how after 5+ years of doing business with them and having valid picture ID with signature my card is not longer valid. I spoke with the branch manager who had a care less attitude. CLOSING account as soon as I can. We have a small account with another bank I spoke with the branch manager there and told her the story she could not believe they acted that way. Do a Google search and look at how many times you are warned against siging the card. I tried to explain to the branch manager at FNBK why I did not sign the card, it was for my own protection .. she could care less.

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  • Pe
    Peters Y . Daniel Apr 29, 2012

    What has been the response of the bank toward all this complains? has it been investigated? has the fees been paid?

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  • Jo
    Jonalyn Agustin Jun 27, 2012

    hi good day...
    im jonalyn a agustin from philippines, they sending me that i wont a 800, 000.00 us dollar...
    is it true??and then they asking me to pay the 821.000.00 us dollar for some expensis they do for my money..if i wont why i should pay for the expensis first??they can deduct to my winning price is ok for me...thank you

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  • Je
    Jehanzeb Khan Sep 05, 2012


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  • Pa
    PARAMVEER SINGH May 27, 2014


    118 Commissioner Str.Carlton Centre,
    Johannesburg, Gauteng,
    International Remittance Dep’t,
    south africa.
    Tel+ 27-83-61-91214.
    Office Tel:+27 11-0796 739.
    Fax+ 27-86-2759935.
    Email: ( [email protected] )

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  • Ca
    CARD Jun 03, 2016


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  • Ru
    Runneg Jun 03, 2016

    I'm sitting in Denmark due to Volcano crisis & thought that FNB would be able to handle a simple transaction where I could send money to my girlfriend's Standard Bank account via internet transfer using express clearing.

    Lo & behold, FNB does not do this on Express clearing, but on standard 3 day transfer. When I ask FNB call centre can they either recall the funds to allow me to do Express clearing, or to contact their interbank transfer centre, this is apparently impossible for them to do.

    they have no idea of customer service & no one is able to put me through to complaints dept. Apparently this is also too difficult a concept for them to grasp i.e. that shockhorror that they actually have complaints...'

    Useless is all I can say about them. Will be closing my account to go to their competitors - thank you to the Sunday Times for giving me an alternative.

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  • On
    online security office Jun 04, 2016

    contact cyber crime online security investigation department E-mail:[email protected]

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  • On
    online security office Jun 04, 2016

    cyber crime online security investigation department E-mail:[email protected]

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  • Ba
    Baksser Jun 22, 2016

    I have applied for a credit card at FNB, I have done the application on the internet on the 28th of August, the same day I faxed as they requested the nececary documents. Since then I visited my local FNB branch, the branch bank manager and we have faxed the same documents 7 times if it isn`t more, the bank manager send e-mails to the credit card department aswell.

    Today 6th of October I received an sms that asked for the bankstatements yet again!!! I have faxed it just now, for the 8th time. It`s already been 6 weeks and 2 days and I still don`t have an approved account at FNB OR atleast a no sir we aint going to give you an account at FNB!!

    I am a pasient person and did not mind it taking two weeks but 6 weeks that`s a bit pussing it!!

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  • Sa
    sainy123 Aug 01, 2016

    I have applied for a personal loan to join a business with 10 members that is banking with first national bank. However I have phone the personal loans call Centre to apply for a loan and was advise that my loan is been approve for R30 000. I request them to cancel it as I will get back to them and will need to advise the business partners that the loan is approve. I called back the personal loans and advise them that I will be taking the loan and advise them to contact me about 16:00pm so we can discuss what documents is needed. I receive a call from them however was unable to take the call as I was in a meeting. I made it my duty to go into the branch the next day (Saturday 20 July 2013) which I was assisted by a consulted and told me that I will need cancel the previous claims as it is depending, and will have to return into the branch to on Monday to re-do the loan application. Which I understood. On Monday when I arrive at the branch and gave them all my documents I was told that the most I can take was R10 000.00. Been approve from R30 000.00 now to R10 000 .00. In the first place WHY wasn’t I told about this the first call a made. I accept the R10 000.00 personal loan and had to increase my credit card so I could take out money from there. I asked the branch consulted at TRADEROUTE MALL IN LENASIA when will the R10 000.00 be reflecting in the account. She advise me within ONE HOUR the money will be in your account, I made sure I ask correctly if it will be today she advise me YES. I waited Monday the whole day and one hour that I was PROMISE was broken the money was not in my account, I left it till Tuesday morning and gave the personal loan a call to find out what the delay for the money to be in my account. The consulted from the call Centre advise they are waiting for my pay slip and to go to the branch. I just don’t understand that my pay slip was in the car on Monday and if they branch had to just advise me that they need the slip so the document can be approve as they system from the branch was not 100% to be approve, I been to the branch yesterday with my mother and sister to submit documents however I needed to use the gents and left the branch to go to the gents in the mall. When I got back to the branch the branch was close and my mother and sister was there, however then I ask the branch consulted I need to go inside as my family is sitting there and he said no everything is fine and money will be in. Today I receive a call saying that a only work six months and has to been more than that, I just don’t understand as im been working more than three years and have this account. Which I have debit orders every month. So how can I not be able to take out a loan if I am able to take temp loans and pay off every month.

    So I asked myself is this the way First national bank is looking after they customer???
    Been to the branch FOUR times and calling the call Centre FOUR times and they can only give me an answer on the 4th day. SO PROMISE to customer is been BROKEN.

    I know about 17 businesses that bank with first national bank with millions in profit account and investment account and 25 personal customer and family that banking with FNB. If I cannot get assisted and help how are you’re going to treat them in the future.

    I will be forwarding this email to 42 people as well as going on radio and the newspaper and advise them of the service I receive from First national bank. Customers going into branch and phoning call Centre and only been help with within 4 days and still receive a negative outcome.. So it’s better for customer to change banks????
    My concern is if I was told in the first place my loan cannot be approve I wouldn’t have join businesses and arranger meetings. What do I get to do now?? If I was promise a loan from R30 000 to R10 000.00 and been approve now all of the sudden application are been declined. So is first national bank a safe bank to bank with???
    contact number:078096347

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