First National Bankfnb's refusal to accept responsibility for mistake


As I'm a client of Debt Relief, I can't open an account in my name. In 2008 my mother opened an account with FNB in her name & gave me full signing power on the account. We authorised FNB to pay Debt ReliefCPE by debit order every month. In FebMarch 2010, I went to FNB & instructed them to change the CPE account details to Debt ReliefElias Consulting's bank account details. About a month later, we had to change the bank account details of Debt Relief again. Again, I went to FNB Tyger Valley and instructed them to cancel the Elias Consulting details and change it to Debt ReliefCapital's account details. In April 2010 the specified amount was taken from my account twice. Chantelle van Staden at FNB told me that the CPE account was never closed, the Elias account was never opened but they had opened the Capital account. Not once on my previous 2 visits were I informed of any of this! I was instructed to write a letter of complaint & they would go search through the archives and see if they can find anything. Why do they refuse to accept responsibility for their utter incompetence? Our other accounts can't get paid now & we're being charged for this! FNB must take responsibility!

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