First National Bank [FNB]checking account


My father and I went into the bank to open a checking account for him. My father has a traumatic brain injury and I am his durable power of attorney. I gave the manager a copy of the POA paper work and we requested that I be added o my Dads account as an authorized user .Also we were asked if we wanted overdraft on he account which we absolutely declined. We were assured that all had been done according to our requests.
Sadly my father fell and suffered a very serious laceration and he needed to be hospitalized and then sent to a nursing and rehabilitation center. I was unable to access his account online over the phone or in person. I was unable to transfer money from my account to his . The bank also allowed a $ 25.00 transaction to put the account in the negative and charged $ 102.00 to do it. we have been lied to, disrespected hung up on, dismissed disregarded and discriminated against. after complaining to a banks employee the area manager called and said not only was he closing my dads account but he was closing mine as well with no authorization. we are horrified that this bank has been allowed to conduct such poor business and gain financially from our misery . My father is on social security and cant even cover his bills in a month with out our help. This bank is robbing from the poor and discriminating against the elderly and disabled

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