First Gulf Bank [FGB]harassment over late payments

N Mar 18, 2020

I have a credit card with FAB and at presnt the company I work for are very late in paying salary, Up to Dec 2019 I never missed a payment and I have expplained this the bank many times. I have blocked all their numbers because I am recieving 10 to 20 calls a day demanding a payment and im sick of trying to explain this every single time. Yesterday then even rang my 15 year old daughter in the UK, 0971 [protected] who was at school and never answered her phone, She asked me if I had tried to contact her on this number. When I called that number it was FAB chasing me still. This is disgusting, How they got her number for one as she has never lived here in the UAE and why they would have contacted her in the UK. I spoke to the woman on the phone as she said I gave it them it was on my file. There is no way I would do that also when I took the card out 5 years ago my Daughter was only 10 so total untruths. What right do they have to do this kind of behaviour and treat people in this way. I am totally disgusted by this and I want to contact some one at the senior management of FAB to discuss this behaviour.

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