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Everything about this bank sucks. More than half the time you can't even access the online banking site. It is always "under maintenance". The other day I had two accounts that weren't even mine on my online account, and then they emailed me that I apparently tried to administer an online account transfer from these accounts that were not mine. The transfers were denied so they sent me a denial email then. Also, when THEY make a mistake at Walmart and swipe your card numerous times the bank debits your card $2.00 every time Walmart's system screws up. I have disappearing and reappearing charges, leading me to believe that I have more money in my account than I actually do, so then I make a purchase, then the disappearing and reappearing money all of the sudden disappears permanently and BOOM there comes my service charge and daily fees. They also NEVER answer the phone at the local bank. They demand you call the 800 number and then you have to wait to speak with someone and then you have to wait 24 hours to SEE if a charge will drop off then when you go in to the bank, the associates claim the can't remove a service fee or charge so you have to again WAIT for a manager to come in for a fee to be removed. I have 2 accounts. One of them is for my son's SSI. For some reason when I got divorced and went to have my last name changed on my account, all of the sudden now my SON'S name is no longer on the account and they have the account all screwed up, all over a last name change. I'm going to change banks ASAP. I've had nothing but trouble, undeserved service fees, and incompetent customer service from this bank. If you can find a different bank, steer clear of this one.

everything about them


  • Mry1968 Nov 19, 2013

    Again this morning I try to log on to check my account. Of course...once again, it's not working. Go figure.

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