First Convenience Bankcharge twice or three times overdraft charges


Been with the bank for 7 years with no problem until 2009 when i noticed they were overcharging me overdraft charges (35.00) when i still had 200.00 and sometimes they would overcharged me two to three times for nothing i try to talk to them and they gave some kind of story that did not compute . besides that they charge you fees for everything they overcharged me about $350.00 before i decided to close my account. I have other friends that have the same problem . this bank is bad stay away from it


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    momofseven Feb 27, 2010

    I have had nothing but problems with this bank! I am now in the process of looking for an attorney to handle my case, as I have tried and tried to work with this bank. They charged me an overdraft fee of 164.00 when I had plenty of money in the account! I finally looked online and I am finding at least hundreds of people that have been robbed just as I have!

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  • Ca
    Callie9228 Apr 26, 2010

    I have had the same problem with them where I have plenty of money in my checking account before I get charged. I even calculated it one time when I actually got overdrawn and told them that with two transacation that's when I got overdrawn but they charged me 135.00 plus another 135.00 for overdraft fees and the represenative still couldn't give me an exact reason for that. I can admit when I have done something wrong but I know that I haven't and it makes it impossible for people to catch up.

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  • 68
    682jewel May 24, 2010

    They DOUBLE DIP!!! If you make a charge...they list it as PENDING even after it's not pending anymore and they've already debited your account. Many people don't realize it and they do it to make you overdrawn so they can charge you $35 each overdraft that they INTENTIONALLY caused you to get. They are breaking the law and someone PLEASE contact me when you're ready to sue.

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