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First Convenience Bankoutrageous overdraft fees


I am angry at First Convenience Bank because they did not bother to call my son to tell him that he was negative and has overdraft fees worth x amount of dollars from many transactions over a period of about a week. I think they are immoral for making money off my son. He is a good citizen and has never hurt anyone in his life. He works hard and goes to school. I put 700 yesterday to replenish his account and today they are saying that the money I put in yesterday is not in there until tomorrow making him have overdrafts today. I do not think he should have overdrafts today if I replenished his account yesterday. I know the bank wants to make money, but this is not right. I hope they will have to answer at judgment day. This really, really makes me mad.



  • St
    Steph12345d Dec 19, 2017

    I would never use this bank again . I saw on my account that i had $600 more then what i originally had thniking my bonus came in from work, strangely it didnt have a amount saying deposited, it just ahowed my available balance higher. so i bought a few things online a few days later i see that i am negative and have two over draft fees so i call customer service and explain to them and they basically say i am lying, i told them look i am more then happy to pay 1 overdraft fee even though i know what i saw . They still refused to remove at least one overdraft fee, i dont feel like this is right. I should of juat stayed with navy army.

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  • Ir
    irishmantx Jan 29, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I normally avoid ATM machines, and their Check Debit Cards. I go to the Teller, and get the money I need, and I load my own Wal-Mart Money Card. :) Better Control.

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  • Cl
    clrtruck1 Nov 08, 2011

    Yes this bank is a ripoff artist!!! Here is how they do it. Let's say you have $500 in you account and you do 3 transactions, each one for $200 which makes one of them overdraft your account. They will charge you 3 overdraft charges at $34.97. And their explanation is because you account was in the negatitive when all three transactions posted they get the O/D charges. Well hold on, if 2 of the transactions drew down the balance to $100 and when the third makes it a -$100 how do you get $34.97 for 3 transactions instead of 1? Here we go with this insane customer no service explanation..."when you did the transactions they (all 3) went in the pending section and when the system went to post them you were in the negative therefore you were assessed 3 o/d charges and that is not a bank error so we cannot refund you account for the o/d charges."

    In these hard economical times we all have pushed our accounts to the limit and that last transaction may put us in the red and we expect an o/d charge for it but not for all of the good transactions that were done with funds available.

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  • Ir
    irishmantx May 05, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't know where this may fit, but I feel this bank has its ups and downs. I work for the State of Texas and I've had some 'bumps' and bruises with this bank. I had disputes with the branch in Gatesville, but I use another branch. Any errors that came up, I drive back to the bank in question with an angry face, and a stare into the camera, of my problem, usually that does the trick and getting the issues resolved. I demand to see a manager, get their name, and take notes. If you feel you are getting "handled" or "dealt with" badly, TAKE NAMES! Complain to the FDIC! That will scare the poop out of them. The FDIC is the "police" of the banking industry. The FDIC can and will investigate any fraud, if the Texas Department of Banking fails to do so. I've went to the FDIC about a bank in Round Rock, and working to pay off a past due balance on a "defaulted with interest" loan, I took out back in 1998.

    1st Texas Bank of Round Rock, never did report any errors to Experian, or Credit Reporting Bureau. I found out about opening an account at a branch in Copperas Cove, and a red flag showed up, saying I owed 4, 400 bucks! I "defaulted" on a 334.00 loan, when I lost my job at Dell, then they added default interest, and it kept growing! After I reported them to the FDIC and Texas Dept of Banking did they change their mind, and worked out a deal to pay off the principal.

    Contact a lawyer that specializes in bank policy and procedures, and take names! That way, you
    can get better results! "Check those who put you in check" Trust me, don't go alone, bring a video
    camera, video every conversation and record so if it goes to court, you got a leg to stand on!
    In this day and age, protect and defend yourself! Don't rely on face value, in the age of the
    "Transformers" there is more than meets the eye. :)

    I hope this helps.


    Michael D. Lucas

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  • Do
    Doesnt_matter Mar 25, 2010

    OMG its obvious that none of you people keep a transaction register not one time have i went negative keeping a transaction register, also its not the banks fault if somebody steals your card number or account number that's all on the persons account. Maybe if one didnt give out information online than one wouldnt catch theirsevles in these situations. It so obvious how the person that posted their print out got those OD fees. My family and I have been banking with this bank for many years and if we had a problem it was fixed. So please understand its your fault or your childrens fault so quit complaining.

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  • Ti
    tigo85 Mar 10, 2010

    Since when does the responsibility of your son's money default to the bank? If he was mindful of his money and of his purchases I'm sure there wouldn't have been a negative balance in the first place. When will people stop trying to blame others for their ignorance and place the accountability where it belongs. I work hard for my money as well and never hurt anyone either, that doesn't give me the right to spend money I don't know if I have to spend or not. And as far as a phone call I would think you should to tell him to try the automated number that gives him the balance on his account if he wasn't keeping a register. Then He might have caught it before it got that drastic, be proactive and don't wait for someone to call you and tell you that you have spent more money than was yours to spend. Instead of being angry and blaming others, blame either you for not teaching him how to keep a register or blame him for not doing so and being irresponsible. I hope since he has kept up with his account better and won't have to await a phone call explaining he is yet again overdrawn

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  • Pe
    pedrpipr Feb 23, 2010

    I agree I have been a member of this bank for less than 6 mo and every 2 weeks I'm in there fighting with them. Since there is no class action lawsuit against this bank currently, my attorney and I are looking into filing one, we are also looking at filing against since they are the company that started the problem with my account and refuse to admit their error. If you 're interested in joining me in this fight you can send your complaint and information to me Shane Pedersen at [email protected] . I'm also thinking about trying to organize a nation wide protest in front of there branches to draw national attention to their fees, Lack of Customer Service and Horrible banking practices.

    The Details of my Complaint against First Convenience Bank.

    Or should I say First Inconvenience Bank and

    I entered my credit card # in some age verification site that said it would charge nothing ($0.00) to my acct. Then I'm redirected to a page that tells me I've been subscribed to free 3 day membership to some amateur site I didn't even sign up for and I have 3 days to cancel or I'll be charged $34.95. So of course I went and canceled right away, site shows that it was within 10 min of entering mycredit card at the age verification site. the The next day I go to my bank and they tell me I'm overdrawn because of a hold this company put on my acct. for $35.00 and charge me an overdraft fee due to it. So I file a complaint with the bank (First Convenience Bank), which they did nothing about and told me I would have to get a letter from the company stating the transaction was made in error and asking them to reimburse any charges and fees to my account due to this transaction. So I call safetyget and let them know about it and thatthe bank said there would be no penalty or charges to the company if they sent in the letter. They tell me they don't do that and won't, so I ask for the address of their legal department. The lady tells me they don't have one. I ask where my attorney should send a letter and she tells me goodbye and hung up on me. So much for customer service.

    Now to the Bank issue, when I originally filed the complaint with the bank the branch managers assistant told me if it was never charged to my account they would of course reimburse any fees that resulted from this hold. Four days later and speaking to the branch manager now, I get a completely different story. Now they tell me they won't without the letter mentioned above. I have previously posted a complaint here about this bank and it's practices. Seems that every two or three weeks I'm in this bank arguing with them over some way they've found to charge me a fee on this free checking acct. Well I'm fed up!!

    If you've ever had a legitimate billing issue with either of these companies and it hasn't been worked out or you simply gave up due to the excessive hassle. Please contact me at [email protected] with a brief explanation of what happened and your contact information and I will provide it to my lawyer who is currently putting together a class action lawsuit against both andFirst Convenience Bank.

    A very pissed consumer,

    Shane Pedersen

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  • Ms
    Msmad2009 Dec 10, 2009

    This is how they did me just now, do the math. I swear i will find a way to prosecute them.
    We need a class action law suit against this crooked bank

    12/9/2009 NSF Charge $34.97 ($276.15)
    12/7/2009 Overdraft Charge $69.94 ($241.18)
    12/7/2009 POS Denial Fee [protected] ICE BOX #4008 HOUSTON TX $2.00 ($169.24)
    12/7/2009 Foreign ATM Fee IQ 4566Z CHAMPIONVLG HOUSTON TX $2.00 ($167.24)
    12/7/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 TACO BELL1640000 HOUSTON TX $7.63 ($165.24)
    12/7/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 KATZ BOUTIQUE 4 HOUSTON TX $20.00 ($157.61)
    12/4/2009 Overdraft Charge $139.88 ($137.61)
    12/4/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 RANDALLS STORE00 HOUSTON TX $5.30 $2.27
    12/4/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 MCDONALD'S M6095 HOUSTON TX $7.88 $7.57
    12/3/2009 Overdraft Charge $34.97 $41.95
    12/3/2009 POS Denial Fee [protected] USPS [protected] HOUSTON TX $2.00 $76.92
    12/3/2009 POS Denial Fee [protected] MCDONALD'S M6095 HOUSTON TX $2.00 $78.92
    12/3/2009 POS Denial Fee [protected] USPS [protected] HOUSTON TX $2.00 $80.92
    12/3/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 GRAND CASINO COU KINDER LA $2.00 $82.92
    12/3/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 WAL-MART #0849 SPRING TX $14.99 $84.92
    12/2/2009 Foreign ATM Fee IQ [protected] Louetta Crossing Spring TX $2.00 $99.91
    12/2/2009 Foreign ATM Fee 9942E JETERO-DU HOUSTON TX $2.00 $101.91
    12/2/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 GRAND CASINO COU KINDER LA $7.00 $103.91
    12/2/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 GRAND CASINO COU KINDER LA $8.00 $110.91
    12/2/2009 ELECTRONIC/ATM TRANS 9942E JETERO-DU HOUSTON TX $23.00 $118.91
    12/1/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 FAMILY DOLLAR #3 HOUSTON TX $4.16 $141.91
    12/1/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 EXCLUSIVE FD M00 HOUSTON TX $7.12 $146.07
    12/1/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 MCDONALD'S M6095 HOUSTON TX $7.99 $153.19
    12/1/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 FIRST CLASS TOUR HOUSTON TX $10.00 $161.18
    12/1/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 MICRO CENTER HOU HOUSTON TX $10.81 $171.18
    12/1/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 DENNY'S INC HOUSTON TX $27.96 $181.99
    11/30/2009 ELECTRONIC/EFT FEE IQ 000100 GCA* COUSHATTA CASINO KINDER LA $2.00 $209.95
    11/30/2009 ELECTRONIC/EFT FEE IQ 000100 GCA* COUSHATTA CASINO KINDER LA $2.00 $211.95
    11/30/2009 ELECTRONIC/EFT FEE 000100 GCA* COUSHATTA CASINO KINDER LA $2.00 $213.95
    11/30/2009 ELECTRONIC/EFT FEE TX3061 619 TIMBERDALE LN HOUSTON TX $2.00 $215.95
    11/30/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 583114 DOLLAR-GENERAL HOUSTON TX $2.45 $217.95
    11/30/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 MCDONALD'S M6095 HOUSTON TX $6.15 $220.40
    11/30/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 KROGER #395 HOUSTON TX $18.52 $226.55
    11/30/2009 ELECTRONIC/ATM TRANS 000100 GCA* COUSHATTA CASINO KINDER LA $44.00 $245.07
    11/30/2009 ELECTRONIC/ATM TRANS TX3061 619 TIMBERDALE LN HOUSTON TX $63.00 $344.07
    11/27/2009 EFT TRAN/EFT FEE [protected] DOLLAR-GENERAL HOUSTON TX $2.00 $407.07
    11/27/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 583114 DOLLAR-GENERAL HOUSTON TX $8.04 $409.07
    11/27/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 TACO BELL1640000 HOUSTON TX $13.39 $417.11
    11/27/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 BEAUTY SUPPLY SU HOUSTON TX $14.05 $430.50
    11/27/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 CINEMARK USA THE WOODLANDS TX $17.50 $444.55
    11/27/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 FUDDRUCKERS #7 HOUSTON TX $19.11 $462.05
    11/27/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 CINEMARK USA THE WOODLANDS TX $22.35 $481.16
    11/27/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 NAILS & SPA OF T SPRING TX $74.00 $503.51
    11/27/2009 DEPOSIT $380.00 $577.51
    11/25/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 MCDONALD'S M6095 HOUSTON TX $2.49 $197.51
    11/25/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 DAIRY QUEEN #142 HOUSTON TX $3.44 $200.00
    11/25/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 AQUATECH CAR WAS HOUSTON TX $7.00 $203.44
    11/25/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 DAIRY QUEEN #142 HOUSTON TX $7.46 $210.44
    11/25/2009 ELECTRONIC/POS TRANS 123456 WALGREENS #4513 HOUSTON TX $11.67 $217.90
    11/23/2009 EFT TRAN/EFT FEE [protected] 510 FM 1960 W HOUSTON TX $2.00 $267.57
    11/23/2009 EFT TRAN/EFT FEE [protected] MCDONALD'S M6095 HOUSTON TX $2.00 $269.57
    11/23/2009 CHECK $97.43 $271.57
    11/23/2009 DEPOSIT $366.00 $369.00
    11/20/2009 CHECK $548.00 $3.00
    11/18/2009 DEPOSIT $548.00 $551.00
    11/16/2009 DEPOSIT $3.00 $3.00

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  • An
    anglica Dec 02, 2009

    i agree with all this people and i think that this bank is a piece of SHADY!! this bank is a dam rip off, i mean seriously too many overdraft charges for a 6.oo dlls charge ..Freak them the hell out, i swear this bank needs to be closed down and before that is done they need to return all the money that was taken away from the customers .. ugghhh i am so dam mad, how can this bank be a dam faker.. l, ier, rip off..

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  • De
    Deputy RDH Sep 29, 2009

    I have another legitimate bank complaint. I keep a register, double check with the computer, and in this case, stopped by the local branch to check the balance. (I''m extra cautious as a master police officer who worked fraud and theft cases, as well as a former credit union collections manger). In this case, a debit card transaction was deducted 3 times in error on my account. They immediately assessed NSF fees, but the account was still in the black. I had not checked it in 2 days (and really had no reason to). I made another $500 deposit, and used a debit transaction of $385.00 leaving what should have been $300 in the account after all deductions.
    The bank has charged me a total of $1, 015.00 fees in 2 1/2 days. $35.00 fees. 29 of them. While working (politely) with the branch manager in El Campo, Texas to resolve this, the bank continued to charge the account $175.00 and $209.00 NSF/OD fees. The bank manager when to his regional manager (Becca Foote) and explained it was not my error. They refunded only 5 charges while looking into the rest. I unfortunately made a good faith effort with them and deposited another $520.00 in cash yesterday. They have now charged my account another $209.00 in NSF/OD fees, when there is nothing to withdraw. All checks have been paid. I went over this in detail with the assistant branch manger, then the branch manager. Customer Service was useless, and didn't even want to talk to me originally. They said it was not their fault and they weren't going to refund anything.
    Seven On Your Side is very interested in storys like this for the Houston Nightly News.
    It's shameful that I've done everything in my power to make sure that (1) this does not happen (2) kept articulate and accurate records (3) attempted to work with all bank personnel, and am still having this problem. I've placed 4 telephone calls to the District Manager Kevin Traylor, however, he doesn't seem to know how to set up his voice mail system, and after a long hold, the system cuts you off. You then have to go through the entire customer service system to get a live person to talk to you, and start the sharade over again.
    It is didn't cost me over a GRAND in fees for something that is not my fault, I'd think I was on some kind of PUNKED TV show.
    Unfortunately, this is real life. Attorney's are so expensive, and the bank should be ordered to pay for mine when this is over if they don't come to a resolution immediately and refund the other $885.00 owed to me.
    We shall see. While I try to look at situations from all sides, I just can't see it from the banks perspective. Of course I can't fit my head that far up my rear end.

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  • Ya
    yami2 Sep 07, 2009

    Umm I have a register and the bank had to pay me 139 dollars back in overdraft because I keep a good register. Someone got a hold of my check card number and went to and american singles in June and made my account go negative.

    Now.. after I got a new card.. someone got that number too and went to AGAIN and macy's and hot topic.

    I am getting a new bank tomorrow.

    PS This isn't the first time the bank has had to give me back overdraft charges because of a mistake. One time, a girl made a mistake and deposited my money into the wrong account. And made me go negative.

    Soooo it's not necessarily that one doesn't keep a good register. The bank isn't the greatest. Period.

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  • Kr
    KrlyQ Aug 24, 2009

    This is a ligitimate complaint against 1st Inconvenience bank. They are a second chance bank for anyone who is unable to open a bank account anywhere else. This bank takes advantage of desperate people in need of a checking account and use shady practices to steal their money. I dealt with them for a short period of time, but I was not in need of a "second chance" bank so I closed the account as soon as I realized that they were trying to steal my money. My mother also opened an account with them soon after I did, and left for the same reasons. Unfortunately, my sister was in need of a second chance bank account and opened an account with them. I tried to warn her, but she was in desparate need of a checking account. She is now fighting with them to prove the outrageous overdraft fees she is being charged. She was told that it would take 5 business days to get back to her with an answer. Her account is overdrawn, so there have been no recent transactions. Now here's where it gets ugly; they are charging $2.95 per day for every day the account is overdrawn. These people are crooks!!
    I worked in the return items department at a bank for 2 years, so I know how it should work. I know that if a cash deposit is made before the books are closed for that day (usually before 2 PM) then that transaction should reflect immediately. This is a very corrupt bank.

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  • Un
    ungryCustomer Aug 18, 2009

    Debits are taken off the account immediately, but when deposits are made in cash (REAL MONEY) its not available until next day!!! Thst is how they cause overdraft fees cuz even when they get the money, they delay the availability. Mngt is poorly skilled, rude customer service and ###s running the whole org.

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  • Un
    ungryCustomer Aug 18, 2009

    Total rip off!!! All credits you make in your account do not show up immediately, however all debits do...

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  • Sl
    Slagathorn Aug 11, 2009

    It's not the bank's job to hold your son's hand. If he kept a check register and wrote all his transactions down, he wouldn't have that issue. He needs to learn how to manage his money. It's not the bank's job to call everyone when they're accounts go negative. It's the customer's job to keep track of their account.
    Keep a check register. And, if you use online banking don't just soley rely on that. It doesn't show every transaction. Keep a register. Only your son knows what he's spent whether it be debit card transactions, automated debits or checks.
    As for the deposit, it sounds like you made the deposit after cut over.
    After a certain time, the banks cut over to the next business day. So, while it's Monday for us, after cut over it's Tuesday for them. Technically, you didn't make the transaction until Tuesday, so yes, anything posting Monday night wouldn't be covered by your deposit.
    KEEP A CHECK REGISTER!!! That's the only way you can safeguard against overdraft fees. He has to keep on top of his bank account, not the bank.

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