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My nightmare started on 1 February 2024; I brought my vehicle into the Firestone Complete Auto Care: located at 1031 Mount Zion Road, Marrow, Georgia 30260 at 7;30 am for my appointment at 8 am to replace the brakes and rotors. Also, I was to get an oil change. At the time of making the appointment I was told my vehicle would be completed before noon because I had to go to work. I explained to Jamie who took the appointment that I had a dentist appointment that morning at 8:30 so if my vehicle would not be completed. I would schedule for Saturday, but I was assured my Vehicle would be complete by noon, so I made the for Friday, February 1, 2024. I returned from my dental appointment at 11;50 am, and nothing had been done to my vehicle. So, Jamie apologized and asked me to bring my vehicle back on Saturday, February 2, 2024, and I agreed to bring my vehicle in again at 8am so, I could be out in time to go to work. About 11 am on Saturday, February 2, 2024, my vehicle was lowered, and the mechanic started to pull my car out of the bay and then it started smoking so he pulled it back up to the lift. 30 minutes later the mechanic asked me did the manager talk with me about my vehicle and i told him no, So, he explained to me that drained my transmission fluid instead of my oil and put ne oil on top of old oil cause it to be overfull. The manager Cornell never talked to me to inform me of what occurred with my vehicle. About 1pm I was told I would be given a rental car, but I had to pay my bill in full before I would be given a rental car for damages that Firestone caused. so. I paid the $713.90. I called and complained to the corporate office, and I was told someone would call me in 24 to 48 hours and that never happened. I was called on Monday, 5 February 2024 by the Manager Cornell, and told they need to order a tool to tighten a bolt, so my car would not be ready on that day. So, I said then the wrong tool was used to remove the bolt and the manager said I am not saying that. I have not got a straight answer as to what is wrong with my car to date. Then on Thursday of this week the manager Cornell called me and told me they would be towing my car to the Audi dealer for them to fix it at Firestone's expense, but I need to pay the dealer and they would reimburse me later for the repairs. I called the Firestone corporate office and relayed this info to them, and I was told we will see what we can work out about how who would be responsible for the bill and that someone would get back to me in 48 to 72 hours. This never happen. This has become a recurring theme with calling your corporate office. A promise that someone for the Corporate Office will call within a specified time but no one ever calls.

Claimed loss: uber to and from the dentist officeuber to the car rental Audi repair costpayment for services not rendered. rental not comparable to my car very small care cannot fit anything in it.

Desired outcome: Total refund of my money and expenses. Also, payment by firestone to Audi for repairs to my vehicle as a result of the negligence of Firestone mechanics. Or compensation for comparable replace car i

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