Firestone Complete Auto Careovercharging and hiding


Went in to have my A/C serviced the day before IKE hit. The manager had that thing in and out in 4 hours, which sort of surprised me, but the A/c was cold so we hit the road for New Orleans. Then the thing started making all kinds of noises from the compressor, the HIGH switch wouldn't work and the drag on the engine was unbelievable. Went back to give details of the interior switch and they took it back in and told me it would be an additional $800 for the switch. I had just paid nearly $2, 000 already (and I found out that the job would normally cost $1200.00. Asked to speak to the manager who was "out", "on the phone", "on the toilet", "with another customer", "sick", "out" and "home sick". Called Firestone's Customer Advocacy toll-free line and the lady was nice, but did nothing. She told me she would have a "senior supervisor call" regarding the over-charging and lousy service. Never heard from anyone. Don't use Firestone Complete Rip-off Auto Care. You're going to pay 30% more than you should and you will get absolutely no customer care, much less customer CARE. Avoid these guys like the plague and go to Jerry's on 1960 in Humble.


  • Ja
    JAMIE Feb 17, 2009

    On January 22nd I went to Firestone Complete Auto Care in Baytown, Texas to replace my tires. I asked them to check my brakes because they were making noises and it didnt feel right when I braked. They told me my brakes were fine and that I had 50% of my break pads left. The brakes pads did not need to be replaced. However, for 50$ they could maintance and clean the breaks. So I gave them the go ahead and to do the break maintance to preserve the life of my brakes. On Febuary 13th I got into my car and I noticed that I had to push down harder on my brakes and I heard a horrible grinding sound. The next day I took my car back to the same Firestone to have them check my brakes and change my oil. They told me that I didn't have any brake pads left and it was metal on metal. They also told me that I needed to replace the brake pads, turn the roaters, and replace the calipers. I told the manager that I just came up their less than a month ago and they told me they were fine and that I paid to have the brakes maintanced and if they had actually did the job they would have noticed that the brake pads were almost gone. I also told Bill (AKA- Firestone Manager) that I had been driving around for almost a month with no breaks and what if I were in an accident. Bill told me that if I were in a accident that they obviously would be liable. Bill told me for my inconvience that he would give me the oil change for free. However, they didn't change my oil at all! If they would have did the job I paid them for, they would have noticed the brake pads, and their would not be as much damage as their was. So it would have been cheaper to fix the breaks, because all I would have had to do is replace the pads.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Lucas May 26, 2009

    May 4, 2009

    Firestone Complete Auto Care Consumer Affairs
    PO Box 7988
    Chicago, IL 60680-9534

    • On 8/14/ 2006 (customer invoice 068635) a Trans Flush with Versatran Trans Fluid was recommended by the Service Advisor to improve performance. Vehicle had 69, 223 miles.
    • On 6/3/2006, (customer invoice 105393), Half Shaft (Front-Right) was recommended by the Service Advisor. Vehicle had 63, 791 miles.
    • On 6/14/2006 (customer invoice #105563), Half Shaft (Front-Left) was performed. Please take note that this service was recommended by the same Service Advisor and the vehicle was taken to the same location for repair. Please keep in mind that I had to call the Service Advisor prior to the work being done so the part could be obtained. Vehicle had 64, 243 miles.
    • On 10/7/2006 (customer invoice 069941) Trans Flush with Versatran Trans Fluid was performed on the vehicle. Vehicle had 71, 499 miles. Also, a Standard Tune Up 4 Cylinder service was performed on 2/4/2007, (customer invoice 072700) returned the car and found that one of the spark plug wires were bad and also an ignition wire was also installed at no charge. Vehicle had 77, 542.
    • On 7/23/2007 (customer invoice 047143), Half Shaft (Front-Right) was recommended by the service advisor.
    • On 12/31/2008, (Invoice # 062460) an alignment check, transmission Fluid Flush and a Complete Vehicle inspection service was performed and an air filter was installed. The vehicle had 107, 339. The Vehicle Inspection was performed because I heard a clicking noise when turning.
    • On 4/5/2009, A Synthetic Blend Oil Change was performed, An Alignment Check was performed. The vehicle had 110, 534 miles. Also, the Service Advisor recommended Struts as well as Half Shaft (Front-Left). Please note per Firestone (customer invoice #105563) this service was performed on 6/14/2006.

    According to the web page maintained by Firestone Complete Auto Care, under Transmission Service, it states that Firestone Complete Auto Care follows the vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommended service interval to perform a complete transmission flush however, also per the maintain your auto section of the webpage maintained by Firestone Complete Car Care, transmission service is not a scheduled maintenance for the Mazda 626 at 69, 233 miles. (Please see attached copies of Firestone Complete Auto Care – Maintenance Schedule.)

    On 12/ 31/ 2008 I was not advised by the Service technician that Mazda does not specifically recommend Transmission servicing for the 2002 Mazda 626. If the representative was knowledgeable and not being deceptive to make a sale, he should have advised me to take the vehicle to a qualified Transmission specialist for service due to the extensive damage to the transmission pan seal (gasket) that would have to be replaced as well as the filter needing to be changed.

    As a consumer and customer of Firestone Complete Auto care, I have the right to be protected against deceptive, fraudulent and unfair practices and from the above events, it is clear that Firestone and the Service Advisors practiced and committed deceptive acts.

    Please keep in mind that I had no idea of the “Half Shaft Scam” until I scrounged through all of my invoices from Firestone Car Care Center on or about May 1, 2009.

    Firestone did reimburse me for the Half Shaft - In May, 2009

    Also, the noise that I took my car in for on December 31, 2008 happened to be wheel bearings.

    These are the emails correspondances between the Assitant District Manager - Dan Yurko an myslf.
    Firestone deflects blame from the begnning and they also impliment policies as thy go along.
    From: Yurko, Daniel [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 11:05 AM
    To: Sonja Lucas
    Subject: RE: 2002 Mazda 626 - Claim # 1164709

    Ms. Lucas, thank you for your documents and the opportunity to allow me to help you. I would like to address your concerns and request some additional information:

    In your initial contact to our consumer affairs department, you stated that you took your car to the “dealer” for inspection concerning your transmission issue – My car was never taken to any dealer regarding any transmission problems. When I had the problem with my car to arise on Saturday, April 25, 2009, after I spoke to the Service Advisor for Firestone, I contacted the Mazda dealer by telephone on Monday, April 27, 2009.
    The dealer cannot nor will they diagnose your transmission over the telephone. You are “assuming” that our services or they way in which we have serviced your transmission has somehow damaged your transmission. Unless you have documented statements from a certified transmission repair center or Mazda dealer in writing supporting your claim, we are denying this claim. If you can provide this requested and detailed failure documentation, I will open a claim for this issue and put it under advisement with a 3rd party Inspection Company.

    You also said they told you that the gasket and filter were not changed Did the “dealer” state what failed and why? If so, I need this written diagnosis from them as part of this claim. I need to know what they are say has failed and why it has failed. Additionally, which Mazda dealer was it please.
    Please keep in mind that Firestone Care Center has been the only place I have taken my car for service with the exception Mazda in 2003. At that time there was a Firestone on Stonewall Street in Charlotte NC. I had the radiator flushed at that particular location and the technician did not replace the cap so Mark the Manager at that branch had my car diagnosed by Montgomery Mazda. Again, if you can provide this requested and detailed failure documentation, I will open a claim for this issue and put it under advisement with a 3rd party Inspection Company.
    Visual inspection of the seal is indicative that on 12/331/2008 Firestone did not change the seal on nor did they advise me that I needed to have the seal replaced or the filter changed. Who did the visual inspection?

    In your letter, you state that you were not aware of a “half-shaft scam”. There was no direct accusation as to what you mean by scam. I could only assume that you were speaking of our service center recommending replacing a half shaft again. Would you please clarify that for me before I can comment on it? The Service Advisor recommended the Half Shaft Front Right be repaired however, the front left was repaired when I took the car in for repair 11 days later. Did you address this issue at the time of repair? If so, what was the location staff explanation?

    Would you kindly outline your accusation of deceptive acts? Why would the service advisor recommend a repair on the Front Right Half Shaft, order the part and repair the Front Left…..which put my life and the life of my family in danger.
    Also when I took my car on 12/31/2008 for diagnosis of a noise, they did not tell me that the wheel bearings needed to be replaced. Who advised you of the overlooked wheel bearings? Please provide written documentation or repair estimate so I can follow-up with the location manager and service manager at our location.

    I have a lot of documentation, invoices and information. I would like to address each of your concerns, but need you to directly list your accusations. I will address each and every one of them.
    Thank you again for giving me the opportunity. Thank you for responding promptly and I hope the above clarifications. Also, since the Service Advisor was unable to specifically tell me what type of transmission fluid was used in my vehicle or what type of Transmission Flush machine was used on 12/31/2008, would you kindly find out and let me know. Thanks!

    Lt. Dan Yurko
    Assistant District Manager
    Bridgestone Retail Operations
    0505 - Charlotte, NC.
    (704) 847-0355
    (704) 408-2860 Cell

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  • Co
    couchfighter Nov 05, 2010

    Agreed, I worked for them, the focus was on sales, and customer service was only at the forefront when a problem occurred...I'm with a different company after 10 years and 7 as a store manager. I would love to write a book!...but death awaits the brave soul who attempts it, Firestone is owned by the Japanese!!! they are ruthless. I am relieved to be out of it all. I do miss the customers and I wish i could open my own shop, but big corp. like Firestone keep the local shops at bay in the big city.

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  • Ti
    TiredWithTires Mar 01, 2011

    I’ve been a Firestone customer since last several years but based on my personal observation and experience I can say that all Firestone doing is just making customers fool.
    Here is what happened with me. I bought 4 tires from Firestone with 65, 000 miles warranty and every 5000 miles I visit local Firestone shop and asked for rotation. Since I also have life alignment service from Firestone so every time I also asked them to check if my car needs alignment. Sometimes they did alignment and sometimes they said there is no need of alignment. Today when I went there for rotation they informed me that the tires are not in good condition and I need new tires. When I asked them about the warranty they informed me that since I wasn’t doing alignment regularly so warranty is no longer effective. I explained them that I was there every 5000 miles and asked them to check for alignment but they didn’t listen to me.
    Now imagine, Firestone tires with 65, 000 miles warranty are worn out in just 33, 000 miles so what is the standard of their products and then these guys are using different hidden tactics to make customers fool. I am sorry but I am not going to buy anything from Firestone anymore.

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  • St
    Stazzi777 Sep 05, 2011

    Lost brakes on our Acura, brought the car across the street to a Firestone location in Charlotte NC..they told us it ws the ABS and that they needed to be replaced..and also had to replace the brake cost about $2, 000..and they would not use the brake pads we already purchased saying warranty would not cover it..Took the car down the road for a second opinion at a family owned shop...turns out the Cylinder needs to be replaced. they will do that and the brake pads for $400...Clearly by all the complaints, Firestone is deliberatly finding ways to rip people warned!

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  • Al
    Ale82 Sep 27, 2011

    Firestone is a complete ripoff. My 83 year old mom went there for a tuneup and came out with a 2400.00 bill on a credit card she didn't know sh was getting. She thought it was a loan, they told her she could make small monthly payments. They didn't tell her it was at 23% interest. Her car only has 71, 000 miles on it, they replaced the struts, shocks, brakes and a lot more. Attonery General investigators have contacted us regarding our complaint. We hope they stop them from ripping people off.

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  • JKWilliams Sep 01, 2016

    They will not rotate your tires. They will only try to sell you new ones. But they WILL put "Tire Rotation" on the bill and charge you $20 anyway. Did it to me. No more Firestone for oil change and tire rotation for me!

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