SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / online dating scams

You have. Biggest Rat nest Snakes with
Suits nest with your Fake Bride site. Hopefully Scotland Yard will pay a visit
To your Scam business and shut the
Bloody mess down.
I have asked the [censored]s in Ukraine that work for u to take down a stolen photo profile of my fiance's s they
Do not reply what a business model
No integrity no so called anti scam joke . I am pissed off
Policy . Just a human trafficking meat market site. .
The confirmation interviews they perform are a joke I have watched some. Hard to believe you actually
Pay them money what a farce
Just a side job for women men robots
Pimple faced kids etc. Everything is fake it is like watching a bad movie.
Men Are waking up !! Hopefully the
Government will take away your money and leave you a pauper
You are a bloody Get !!!

Aug 27, 2019

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