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Festiva Development GroupFestiva resorts

I purchased a vacation package/timeshare from Festiva Resorts back in October 2018 and didnt find out until January 2020 that if you aren't one of the first people to pay your maintenance fees then you don't get the 2 free weeks that go along with that. It's first come first served. I was never told that. Plus there are only a certain amount of rooms allowed for points. There are always rooms to stay if you pay. Why have points if you can't use them? Why offer the 2 weeks for paying the maintenance fees if there isn't enough for everyone?

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    Festiva Development Groupchurch street station, charleston, nc

    I tried to make reservations on my Timeshare as deed in June for Unit 502 for 5th week in 2020 and was told that I had to prepay my maintenance fees in advance of when they are due in January 2020. They claim the board approved these term but I have never been advised of this policy nor does it spell that out in my recorded deed. This is a shame and it is time for me to write the attorney general in Asheville, NC and Charleston, SC. If any deed holder wants to join me please email me at

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      Festiva Development Grouptimeshare id 623284


      Board of Directors
      C/O Stonebridge Village COA
      1 Oak Lane
      Reeds, spring, MO 65737
      Owner Name: Billy Cross/Emma Cross
      Owner ID 623284

      On June 30, 2007, my husband and I entered into a contract with Escapes, INC. d/b/a in Texas at the Escapes! To The Gulf at Galveston, INC. At the time, we told the salesman that we did not travel much and we were just about to leave when he ask us to wait and then he came back saying there was a very economical one just opened at Stonebridge in MO. We told him we still did not travel and he then said but you can come here at Galveston as your exchange if you like. At that time, we agreed and continue with the sale.
      We paid $6, 500.00 for the timeshare and it was paid off on April 6, 2009 and we have the Warranty Deed. We were very pleased to have our vacation every year at Galveston until Escapes sold their Galveston resort to the Holiday Inn Club and our contract was under Festiva afterwards. Since then we were unable to get a vacation there and we feel that as of August 28, 2014, that our contract with Escapes was broken. We tried a number of times to still get reservations there but they never came to pass.
      Since then I have researched the internet and found out the information I have added below.
      March 2, 2016
      Tennessee Attorney General Herbert H. Slatery III recently announced a $3 million settlement with Festiva, a network of vacation and timeshare companies, for alleged violations of the federal Telemarking Act, federal Telemarketing Sales Rule, and the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act.
      Under the terms of the settlement, Festiva has agreed to provide $1, 250, 000 in cash restitution and up to $1, 000, 000 in loan forgiveness for eligible Tennesseans, and make a $750, 000 payment to the State of Tennessee. In addition, Festiva has agreed to specific guidelines prohibiting unfair, deceptive, or misleading acts or practices in connection with their telemarketing and face-to-face sales of vacation or timeshare products.
      Certain consumers who purchased vacation or timeshare products from Festiva companies, including Festiva Adventure Club and Etourandtravel, will be eligible to have their Festiva contracts cancelled and receive partial refunds of the money they have paid to date. In addition, some consumers who financed their Festiva purchases will be eligible to have the entire balance of their Festiva loans forgiven.
      "Tennessee prides itself on being one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Our office has zero patience for the type of activities exhibited in this instance and will take swift action against companies that do not play by the rules, " Slatery said. "We hope this settlement will remind consumers to always do their homework and research a company before turning over hard-earned dollars to that company."
      The settlement resolves allegations that Festiva operated a telemarketing and direct mail enterprise that used fraudulent and deceptive tactics to lure Tennesseans into attending high-pressure sales presentations designed to sell them expensive vacation memberships and products. According to complaints reviewed by the Tennessee Attorney General's Office, consumers were misled into believing they had won or been selected for a valuable prize, but to claim the prize, had to comply with many undisclosed requirements including a lengthy, high-pressure sales presentation.
      Once consumers purchased their vacation or timeshare products, they learned the vacations were different from what was promised at the sales presentation or during the telemarketing call. Onerous rules and terms allegedly made the products difficult to use, and desirable vacation locations were difficult to book because of unavailability.
      The defendants, all headquartered in Asheville, NC, include Festiva Development Group, Inc., d/b/a Festiva Adventure Club, Festiva Real Estate Holdings, LLC, f/k/a Festiva Resorts, LLC, Festiva Resorts Adventure Membership Club Association, Inc., Festiva Sailing Vacations, Inc., Human Capital Solutions, LLC, f/k/a Festiva Resort Services, LLC, Resort Travel & Xchange, LLC, f/k/a Festiva Travel & Xchange, LLC, Patton Hospitality Management, LLC, f/k/a Festiva Management Group, LLC, Zealandia Capital, Inc., f/k/a SETI Marketing, Inc., Zealandia Holding Company, Inc., f/k/a Festiva Hospitality Group, Inc., as well as Festiva principals Donald K. Clayton and Herbert H. Patrick, and Festiva marketing executive Richard A Hartnett. Additional Florida and Arkansas-based defendants were later added to the case including Etourandtravel, Inc., Escapes Travel Choices, LLC, and Festiva/Etourandtravel principal J. Lance Croft.

      Therefore we feel that Festiva since it took over Escapes that it cancels our contract and pay us compensation for our paid up contract with them.
      Or else, Stonebridge takes back the timeshare and reimburse us for the contract we paid. Then they can resell it to whomever they choose.

      I will send a cc of this letter to the following people:
      Attorney General Paxton in Texas
      Governor Abbot in Texas
      Festiva Development Group
      Meridian Financial Services, INC

      We look forward to hearing back from you regarding this manner.
      If you should have any other questions or concerns email me at [protected]@gmail.com or call [protected]

      Billy Cross and Emma Cross

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        Festiva Development Groupfestiva adventure club

        We have been members of FAC (Festiva Adventure Club) for many years and have found it to be a total waste of money as we've not been able to exchange for any resorts with the points we have. The maintenance fees are over $2, 000.00 and have gone up every year from the $800.00 they started at many years ago.
        When I contacted Festiva Member Services about giving up our membership, based on the fact that we're not traveling anymore and we've not been able to make any exchanges, we were told that it wasn't an option.
        I indicated that we could not afford the $2, 000. + a year for maintenance fees and again we were told that we were responsible for them. That we could set up a payment plan.
        We don't want it, need it and feel totally trapped - held hostage by a corrupt company.

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          Festiva Development Group — timeshare fees

          Shame on Festiva. I just paid 450.00 dollars on special assestment fees and today I got my maintenance fee...

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          Festiva Development Groupmarketing practices

          I am a member at the Vacation villas at Fantasy World II in Kissimmee, FL...I received a phone call a few days ago regarding a special of $299 to tour one of the 6 newly acquired resorts, to get the word out from it's owners these other places are good to stay and spread by work of mouth. Out of the $299, I'll get a $100 Visa card to use however I wish and $100 food voucher to use at resort, once I book...I have 18 months in which to use. I called today to book in myrtle beach, SC and was told there is a daily surcharge and is different depending on which property THEY book me at (I have no choice). So in addition to the $299, today cost $275 (never did get exact address of where I'm staying, fantasy harbor blvd). I was also asked to set up appt for a 90 minute tour! Are you kidding me???? I told the girl I was already a member and at the initial phone call I asked would a tour be a part of this $299 deal and I was told NO. I also asked at initial phone call would it cost any additional fees, I guess surcharge should have been the word I should have used. So I wonder when I check in will they withhold Visa card and voucher until I set tour appt or if I have to sign a document to get room key will it state in document I MUST take tour??? I'll keep you posted. Bad way to do business!!!

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            Festiva Development Group — timeshare

            If anyone has any information on how to get out of this waste of hard earned money, please let me know. We...

            Festiva — horrible company

            This company is nothing but a SCAM with nothing but lying, seedy sales people that are hired to push hard in...

            Festiva Development Group — timeshare

            My wife and I Purchased a timeshare unit for $18000 on November 27 2015. Every time we try to book a vacation...

            Festiva - Cabins at Green Mountains - Branson — festiva resorts

            I own a timeshare for deeded week at Cabin at Green Mountains. They promise you the moon to get you to buy...

            Festiva Adventure Club — timeshare

            We purchased the Peppertree at Atlantic Beach NC. We were told our yearly maintenance fees would ensure u...

            Festiva Development Grouphorrible customer service

            We were contacted last year by Festiva develpment group and ETour and travel. They were selling owner vacation packages. We purchased one of the packages to use this summer. I made over 15 phone calls and either no one would answer, they would transfer my call or give me another number to call. No one ever returned my calls by the way. My last call was to Melissa on 5/12/2016. She said she was with Festiva owner marketing. I told her that I needed to cancel my reservation because my husband has been diagnosed and he will be getting treatments for the foreseeable future. She told me that they did not issue refunds. She told me to call back when he was better and reschedule. We lost my husbands brother 2 years ago to cancer and now my husband is sick and I obviously don't know if and when I can use this vacation package. When I told Melissa this she said to hope for the best and maybe we could go in the future. I really am not in the mood to hear that. I just need to cancel this reservation and be done with it so I can concentrate on more important things. Evidently Festiva needs my money more that I do !! This company is such a scam. DO NOT get involved with this company at all!

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              Festiva — peppertree atlantic beach resort

              ON our way to vacation in August 2014, we called to check and found out Resort is condemned because of...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Festiva Resorts — liars

              I was an owner of the Odyssey Vacation package where I financed my vacation basically a try it before you buy...

              Festiva Travelfraud

              I am handicapped. It takes about 2-4 hours on the phone after you have done your searches on the Internet to find places that are available. You can only use points on 3-4 day weekends. We were never told that when we purchased 2 years ago.
              There is never a handicapped accessibility unit listed in their properties. When one accidentally is found and reserved, we got there and someone else was in it.
              Got to one of their properties in Atlantic Beach, NC and there was a wet towel hanging in bathroom and bed had not been changed. Went to Manager and she said they only changed linens when residents requested. Called home office about this and the one at Edisto. It was not supposed to rented. Commode lid missing, no air filter in air conditioner, screens torn on porch & many more problems. Horrible place.
              They tell you to call months ahead and make reservations but there is never anything available. Horrible investment!

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                • Am
                  AMANDAPALOOZA Feb 10, 2015


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                Festiva Resortsfraud - out right lie!

                I just dealt with what I believe may have been a fraudulent phone call. The person selling me the "deal" offered a 4 day 3 night stay at any of your resorts PLUS a "bonus" 4 day, 3 night cruise or could be used the same as the first at any of your resorts. All for $159 (originally quoted $199) with no tour since I had done the tour in a previous stay. I asked many questions & was initially told that each package was for 5 people & could be used at any time. I gave my credit card info & was transferred to the verification dept where I was then told that each package was for 2 adults & 2 children. This made me VERY uncomfortable as I felt I was completely lied to. The original sales guy, Nick, got back on the phone & then said he made a mistake & that it was for 4 people...I questioned if it was 2 adults, 2 children or could be 4 adults...he said that he can guarantee that I can set it up for 4 adults when I call to reserve. Then he sent me back to the verification/confirmation dept & she repeated 2 adults, 2 children...I immediately informed her what Nick had told me & "guaranteed" that it could be used for 4 adults, she said no, 2 adults, 2 children. I said that I was not interested then but I had already given my credit card info to him. I also said that what he had said was a direct lie then & that I should report it because that is fraud. She then hung up on me.
                I'm very concerned that my credit card info is out there now. It's very disappointing as I did enjoy my 1st stay with your resort a while back. I'm not sure that I'm even contacting the correct place here but if you are interested the number the call came from was [protected]. I did call this number back of course BUT it just went to a message that said the box was full. I hope that this does not happen to anyone else.

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                  • Je
                    Jesus Alonso Feb 23, 2015

                    Do not buy anything from Festiva resort. I made the worst decision of my life buying a package.

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                  • Fl
                    Floridatl Apr 30, 2014

                    If you're charged, call the credit card company and have it removed. Since nothing was signed, they will take care of it.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Festiva Adventure Club — useless

                  I'm not usually a sucker for falling for scams but this time my husband and I decided to go to one of...

                  Festiva Resorts Vacations — got ripped off

                  I decided to order Advantage Nights package from the company Festiva Resorts Vacations. They told me that...

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction

                  Beware Charleston tourists! Festiva representatives stationed at tourist/visitor attractions throughout Charleston in an attempt to get you to sign up for a vacation timeshare. The lure used are free restaurant/sightseeing tour tickets in exchange for a $20 cash deposit and your agreement to listen to a 120-minute sales pitch at the Church Street Inn. Here's what happens: you get your $20 back, but the presentation is ~3 hours, at the end of which you will have 3 pushy marketers telling you that timeshare price packages are good "today abd today only!" Things take a sharp turn for the unpleasant if you arent jnterested in buying: that gets you three sales people berating you for not wanting to invest in their "valuable product" that will "build equity for your and your family for generations." Repeating "I'm walking away now" gets you to a 4th representative claiming to be a customer service rep who offers to extend the pricing for 18mos. Not worth the "free" tickets!!

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Festiva Adventure Club — scam

                    Shocker... why am I not surprised! Festiva Adventure Club has more complaints than I could read in one...

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