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Shell Vacations Club Financial Services

Americana Home Club Owners: +1 (844) 233 5505
Hawaii Home Club Owners: +1 (844) 233 5502
West Home Club Owners: +1 (844) 233 5509
Pacific Home Club (U.S. Residents): +1 (844) 233 5508
Pacific Home Club (Canadian Residents): +1 (844) 233 5503
Direct Members (Carriage Hills/Carriage Ridge): +1 (844) 233 5507
Direct Members (Plaza Pelicanos/Sunset Plaza): +1 (844) 233 5504

Shell Vacations Club Complaints & Reviews

Shell Vacation Club / Not getting our membership

Shell Vacation Club Scam on Aug 9, 2014
We have owned at our two-bedroom resort in Hawaii for years and have enjoyed spending a week there every winter. The staff always has been nice, helpful, and we have always trusted them. This last Feb. the sales staff persuaded us to give up our deed and $3, 000 for membership in the Shell...

Shell Vacations Club / Maintenance Fees

Shellie T. on Apr 29, 2014
Shell Vacations Club is a rip off. They charge more for their maintenance fees in a year than what I pay for property taxes on my house! Most of the time the dates I want tobook arenot available. Their website needs to be updated. They were bought out by Wyndham and they still have not...

Shell Vacation / Kauai Beachboy / Cheyenne from Shell Vacation

K. Hoffman on Aug 12, 2012
Vacationing folks be warned of Cheyenne Redfern from Shell Vacations. During out 90 minute presentation she behaved rude and accusatory. Once she realized that we were not interested in purchasing a timeshare she accused us of threatening her and abandoned us. The Resort GM Troy Spaulding...

Shell Vacations Club / Bait and switch

Ol'Dad on Oct 7, 2011
In 2007 we retired from many, many years teaching years in the Public Schools and went on our dream vacation to Hawaii. Something we had been dreaming about since we were married, but we just never could afford to take a honeymoon. We had saved some and already owned a place at another RCI...

Shell Vacations / bait and switch

su and jo on Jul 7, 2011
Purchased a 159$ "opportunity" to visit up to 4 locations to hear their time share presentation. After deciding where we would like to travel were told we must submit 4 nights x3 at least 2 weeks apart - a fact that was not seen in literature or heard in phone presentation. There of course is an...

Shell Vacations / The excuses continue..

Tim on Feb 1, 2011
You want to come out smelling like the rose when your stuff stinks! Please do not make this our fault it will only add to my hopes that the AG will spend lots of time in your books. It is hard to use the correct account number when your statement has the incorrect number on it for three...

Shell Vacations Club / Misrepresentation

Victimofsvc on Jan 26, 2011
If you are here, you probably already knew all the bad things about Shell Vacations Club. They lied to you, and now it's too late to cancel. Now you find yourself a victim. But it's not too late to do something to recover your losss and prevent the company from preying on other...

Shell Vacations / Awful customer service

I have tried for over a year to use the certificate provided AFTER I purchased the timeshare. I am sure that Shell Vacations knows that the company that they are using does not follow through. I am sorry that my money has been wasted. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB regarding...

Shell Vacations / Close this business!

If you wish to shut down their business . . all of your complaints should be forwarded on to events at which Shell or one of its contracted marketing groups does their marketing (invites people down for "free" gifts) so that maybe they won't allow their booths to be set up their...

Shell Vacation Club Explorer / Ripped Off

We bought an Explorer membership with Shell after being hassled and pressured by numerous sales people while in Hawaii on our honeymoon. Although this isn’t the reason for my complaint, I will point out that the sales people were extremely rude when we didn’t want to buy the...

Shell Vacations Club / Misrepresentation of product

These people sold us a lie that we could get hotel rooms for $33 per night anywhere in the world. Offered to give 1000 points for sales referral but never awarded the points. After returning home and following up on the points we were told that the referrals must purchase a timeshare...

Shell Vacations Club / Don't be ignorant

Back in 2004, at the Legacy in AZ, I bought a trial membership for $4500, to be used within 2 years. After reading the fine print, I did see that I could cancel the contract within 7 days. I decided to keep it and I booked 1 week in Hawaii and had only used half the points that I bought. I...

Shell Vacations Club / Lack of response to inquiry

My friend and I bought in Napa, CA. We thought we were buying points only to apply to our Hawaii points/property, and were assured there was no property being purchased. We started receiving maintenance bills. Phone calls were made to inquire what was going on but were not returned. E-mail...

Shell Vacations Club / Salesperson misrepresented product: Points banking lies

When we purchased this timeshare we were told that we would be able to bank points for 4 years - enough to return to Hawaii every four years if we so desired. That was clearly defined and asked about - we own timeshares with other companies and understand the pros and cons fairly well...

Shell Vacations Club / Timeshare rip off

I also got sucked in to purchasing a timeshare. I walked in thinking I was going there only for the free gift, but in the back of my mind I really wanted to start traveling. They tried talking me into purchasing a bunch of points, but in reality I knew I could not afford to purchase a...

Shell Vacation Club / Deceitful sale

My wife and I attended a fair and by a sales person we were told we would get a free trip by just attending a meeting. One week later we did just that .We purchase a time share and when we realize our mistake it was too late. Everyone who we contact would not help us in canceling the...

Shell Vacations Club / Worst Company EVER

I bought into this timeshare plan about in Feb 2009. I was very hesitant to buy into it from the sounds of how it works, I honestly only went up there to get the free dinner and free gas :) Anyway, I bought into their cheap low line package which ended up being about $20k in the end. I wa...

Shell Vacation Club / timeshare presentation

A rep of this company booked a presentation for four of us (me and my wife and another couple). As reward, we got discount on a gift. Last Sunday we drove to SF fisherman's wharf Shell vacations, they rescheduled me and my wife because she forgot to bring her ID, and allowed my...

Shell Vacations Club / Rip Off

I am infuriated with Shell. I purchased points in Phoenix, AZ with my friend in 2002. We both have paid half the cost and paid it off. Since then our friendship has ended because I continued to receive maintenance fees bills and he stopped paying me his half to pay the company. I continued...

Shell Vacations Club / Deceitful Sale Tactics & Unprofessional Staff

While vacationing in Kauai, Hawaii, we stopped by one of the “Activity Centers” to scope out our options for the best deals on some of the outdoor activities we wanted to do. We were told by the “Activity Center” rep that if we were willing to sit through a 90...

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