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I placed an order march 22nd 2017 for $562. Two days later I received a message saying that my order has been flagged and I should send my id verification items. This is the fourth time it has happened in 3 months. I had to call them every time to make sure they receive my info and to know if my order has been processed. This time it is taking me two weeks to get a hold of somebody. I sent 3 emails so farto zendesk, to their info email, and talked to their community manager on facebook. The community manager told me that their phone line is down. Meanwhile they can still send you worthless newsletter.
This is my worst online shopping experience. I am living abroad so they are delaying by 3 weeks my package arrival. (my friend receives it in the states and send it to me)

  • FashionNova's response · Apr 11, 2017

    Orders are flagged to ensure protection of all our customers and hinder fraudulent activity. If you have previously verified an order and this has occurred again, please contact us at [email protected] "ATTENTION FRAUD DEPARTMENT" and we will assist you as soon as we can. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you or delay in receiving your shipment.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.


  • Ma
    María Emilia Pareja Apr 06, 2017

    The same thing passes to me!! and i dont recieve an aswer. I live in ecuador and i dont know anything from my order! I find it a lack of respect for the customer!!! coustumer care its the worst!

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  • Ly
    Lynda Weathersby Jun 21, 2017

    I've been ordering from fashion nova for months, and it has never taken this long to receive my items. Ive been calling to see what's going on... no answer!!! I paid for my items and the tracking says unfulfilled. ... and it's been 2 weeks... I AM PISSED ORDER 5940653

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  • La
    La'Shae Lopez Dec 13, 2017

    @Lynda Weathersby I am experiencing the exact name problem ORDER # 9864553

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  • Me
    Melina Ghossen Mar 06, 2018

    @Lynda Weathersby Same exact thing, tell me what happened, did you finally received it?

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  • Ka
    Kanke Ishaku Aug 14, 2017

    Tried to contact them for two weeks about my flagged order. No replies to my email and no one pick calls because they go straight to VM even after I sent multiple emails with a picture taken with my Government ID card for verification.
    Very disappointing that I have to write in forums like this to get a reply from fashionnova. I would have given them a minus star review if possible. My order number is: 6945049

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  • Su
    suriel Aug 18, 2017

    i need my order to be shipped as soon as possible, my order has been flagged too, and i already send my ID for verification!
    order number 7175527, my experience with FN has been magical! PLEASE DON'T CHANGE THIS!!

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  • So
    Sommy Sep 06, 2017

    I Ordered and the order no is #7484969. they sent me a email saying shipment on its way. I paid $25.00 for Fast Express International 2-4 Day Shipping. until today i stil have not been able to track my order. the trackin number i received on the email they sent me, i tried it with USPS and the told me that it an incoirrect tracking number. can i get a form of assistance, it the tracking no is incorrect, can i then get the correct tracking no.

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  • Aj
    ajones0619 Nov 19, 2017

    So this is my first time ordering from fashion nova and I'm terribly disappointed. Placed an order on 11/14 and ordered enough so that I could qualify for free shipping. Received an email that order has been received. Order has been paid for but site still shows that order is unfulfilled. Either give me my money back so I can spend it someplace else or make yourself available so that can get whatever issue it may be, straightened out. I have sent numerous emails and made several calls and still have not been able to contact anyone. No one from fashion nova has reached out to me to notify me of any issues so I have no clue as to what the hold up may be. I ordered for a special event but it doesn't seem like I will get my clothing or my money back in time. Is there a special telephone number or an email that anyone knows of where I can get in touch with a live person? My order number is 9382047. Help somebody...please...anybody...

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  • Ky
    Kyanna Pierce Nov 22, 2017

    So I placed a order on 11/19 @11:19pm for 120.92 so I could get the free shipping and it would be here before Thursday or Friday .. my bday is tomorrow, , and I don't understand how or why my order is unfulfilled or fully refunded .. it's not explaining too me why they refunded my money etc I just really want and need my things for my birthday or it's going too be ruined .. I really just want them too help me .. my #9516941

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  • Ja
    jaayyyyyda Dec 01, 2017

    Sol I place my first order which costed $65.43 on October 10th and I never received it, but they sent me an e-mail saying that my order has been shipped. I have emailed them uncountable times but never got a response I have also call them several times but since they don't exist, they decided not to pick up. And then recently I decided to shop on black friday after receiving the confirmation mail, I have not heard from them again and it's been a week now. When I check they say unfulfilled status but paid and I freaking paid $46.49 for that [censor] so I'm really pissed because when I add those money and the money that I used to buy dem cards together I could at least buy a phone. In my opinion I think they are frauds stealing people's money. The thing that annoys me the most is when they say you can use an E-gift card [censor] where the [censor] is the mF card.

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  • So
    Sonay Coleman Dec 07, 2017

    I placed an order on Nov 26. Order Number: #9846596 They took money out my account for the order on the 28th. I still haven't received my items which were suppose to ship in 2 days. I've emailed, text and called with no resolve. All I keep getting is due to high volume there is delays. Don't take my money knowing you don't have the items available. I'm so disappointed, because I got good reviews from my friends before I ordered. This is my first and last time ordering from Fashion Nova. If I don't hear from them today I will call my bank and get a charge back. I'm not waiting for something that I paid for almost 2 weeks ago.

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  • Sh
    Shaun R. Dec 14, 2017

    @Sonay Coleman They have a longer than normal shipping time frame this time of year. That's to be expected. You'll likely find your bank will not be able to reverse the charge this early in the process.

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  • Tr
    Truthbtoldyas Mar 05, 2018

    Always order from paypal girls, that way you can open a dispute and never back down. This company's business conducts are unacceptable.

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  • Nu
    nurse8284 Jul 10, 2018

    @Truthbtoldyas I learned the hard way. thank you

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  • Tr
    Truthbtoldyas Mar 05, 2018

    *using paypal.

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  • Ni
    nicol alvarado Apr 29, 2018

    I ordered 7 jeans by mistake and i cant get a refund that is ridiculous..I cant cancell my order..Im very disappointe fashion nova.we all make mistakes we are not perfect, dont know wgy i cant cancel

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  • Ne
    Nemika41 Aug 01, 2018

    Ladies, my daughter and I ordered 3 separate times from this company and never once did we receive an order. Each time we received a message stating "Refunded - Order Unfulfilled" but oddly the funds are yet to appear back in our accounts. I spoke with my aunt who is on the police force and head of CID (Criminal Investigations Dept). She said if the funds don't show back up in my acct within 72 hours to contact her and she'll take it further and pass this site on to a special agency that has jurisdiction to launch an investigation into this company. I pray fashion Nova is reading these comments because I'm a force to be reckoned with. You can't keep doing these things and expect customers not to get the law imvolved as coporations are capable of committing fraud just as individuals. To have so many disappointed customers with the exact same complaints says alot about your company and she make you guys put a better system in place as your current one just comes across as messy, unprofessional, negligent, disrespectful to consumers and to be quite honest fraudlent. I will move forward with getting the law involved in the event this situation is not rectified in 72hrs from 8/1/18 @ 11:35p. Fashion Nova I've also notice that you post the same thing on everyone's complaints. You guys always say you made several attempts to reach the customer with no success while we all know that's not true. Well my number and email address has not and will not change so please don't even think about attaching that pre-scripted response to this complaint

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  • Ba
    Barbie l Dec 02, 2018

    @Nemika41 I didn't get my 3 items refund and I e-mailed 、 I called、 but I only got automatically reply、 I orded12 items but they only sent me 9 items、and two shirts are broke. Other 3 missing items are still in stock for a long time. I asked them to send to me because I saw it in stock but no reply.

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  • Ca
    CassMuehls Oct 22, 2018

    I ordered $60 worth of clothes and paid for 2 day shipping. It has been 2 weeks and my order has still not showed up. I requested for a REFUND but I have not received any email retaining to me getting my money back. Fashion Nova is a website that just takes your money. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE. Order #22049800 If I don't get my money back then I will file for a law suit. I do not play when it comes to getting my money back. Fashion nova sucks and just scams you for your money.

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