FashionNovaorder #8649438


I made a purchase and I have not received a shipping confirmation email, although I have paid the $15 for next day delivery and I do live 8 miles away from your Vernon Warehouse location. AND YET I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY ITEM! or an email regarding my Item and I need it by this Saturday October 21st, I keep calling the customer service line, I have called over 20 times AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS PICK UP THE PHONE, DEAD AIR THEN HANG UP. THE WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! THEN YOU GUYS DON'T OFFER REFUNDS ONLY STORE CREDIT!!! THE WORSE COMPANY EVER. I NOW DO KNOW YOU PAY ALL THOSE CELEBS W/OUR MONEY THAT YOU GUYS SCAM US WITH AND NEVER EVER SEND US OUR ITEMS!!! THEN ONLY WANT TO GIVE STORE CREDIT THAT YOU NEVER EVEN GIVE OUT TO PPL THAT HAVE BEEN WAITING ON THEIR STORE CREDIT! STAY AWAY FROM FASHIONNOVA POS COMPANY!!!

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