FashionNovafalse advertising led to financial scheme

V Dec 05, 2019

Placed order on November 29, website states est delivery December 9th. As of December 3 still hadn't received any confirmation so I sent an email inquiring about these items. I thought maybe they were out of stock temporarily due to holiday rush, it reads:
Hello I was wondering when these items will ship and if they are in fact in stock. The delivery schedule you have posted says delivered by December 9th if purchased on Black Friday

The response I received Fashion Nova Customer Care
Your request (18‘[email protected]&&") has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Nova Star (Fashion Nova)
Dec 3, 1:22 PM PST

Thank you for contacting Fashion Nova!

I'm happy to check on your order for you. Your order is being processed at our warehouse. We don't have your tracking number at this time but when your order is ready to ship we will email you with tracking information to har*********** You can use that email to track the status of your package or you can check the status of your order here. Once shipped, most orders arrive within 5 business days for standard shipping, 1 business day for overnight, or 2 business days for two day.

Thank you for being a valued member of the #NovaFam! Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


Nova Star

Fashion Nova Customer Care

What DID happen immediately after these correspondence was my account being charged lol. No delivery confirmation or answer to my ACTUAL initial questions. So I sent a final email before heading to my bank to report this fraud and get my money back. Unethical business dealings borderline fraud and they should be made aware of this and implement better business practices before they end up in a class action lawsuit. We've seen this happen ALL over our wonderful country when big business forgets that they TOO are held to certain regulations and laws set forth by the government just as we the "ordinary people" are

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