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Farmers Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Farmers Insurance / Home & auto insurance

Maggie Burnell on Feb 6, 2017
I have been with Farmer's Insurance for more than a decade, first with my husband when we purchased our first home and after he passed, I continued with Farmer's as a widow. I currently retired and my home & auto are both insured by Farmer's, my agent is Kelly J. Applewhite, (928) 758-7961, 1285...

Farmers Insurance / Homeowners and auto insurance policies

Jackie Weiss on Sep 20, 2016
In February of this year I got a divorce. My ex husband and I had 2 houses and several vehicles with Farmers. We asked our agent to split up the policies so we each had our own. I think the attempt was made. However, my ex husbands vehicles and name kept ending up on my policy. In May and...

Farmers Insurance / Quality issues on vehicle repair

LIBRA1008 on Jul 20, 2016
Re: claim #3005827003-1 I took my vehicle in for hail damage repair and everything looked good except for the interior of the vehicle was left unfinished. They failed to install both visors and the central part where you store the sunglasses. I later realized the handle bar in the back...

Farmers Insurance / Roadside service

KLB1948 on Mar 5, 2016
While traveling I had a flat tire on evening of Feb. 27. I called the farmers roadside number and was given a arrival time for changing my tire of approximately 1.5 hours. After several calls the tow truck arrived 3.5 hours late and watched us, he also helped from time to time, change the...

Farmers Insurance / Insurance

Nathan71 on Oct 20, 2015
I was lied to from the beginning. An agent named Ralph Brewster from Odessa, TX signed us up for our home and told my wife that we were getting a multi policy discount. He encouraged her to hurry and put the cars on that policy. So I dropped Geico which was giving me a deal of $63 a month...

Farmers Insurance / Cost

Laurie2015 on Jun 29, 2015
I have been with Farmer's for several years and have always been satisfied with the service, until now. I own a 2001 Buick LeSabre and dropped to PL&PD a few years ago.I also have my Renter's Insurance too. I moved about a month ago to a much smaller house and my Insurance rate...

Farmers Insurance / Rude recruiters managers insult candidates stupid company insults people with skills

john920 on Jun 1, 2014
I understand that companies don't hire every candidate and they have a certain selection process-- what bothers me though are these nasty recruiters and hiring managers who just have to INSULT candidates interviewing. let me explain that this has happened to me and a friend of mine...

Juan Chavez, Farmers Insurance, Platinum Empire Real Estate / Slumlord, lies, contract fraud, retaliatory eviction attempts, conspiracy

spencerhoodumbass on May 31, 2014
Before I begin my review, I want to explain who I am so that you can ascertain that what I am saying is factual and that I'm in no way a non paying renter. Between 2012-2014, I leased a real property unit on main st in santa ana. I have paid Mr Chavez in access of $50, 000.00 in rent to...

Farmers Insurance / Homeowner's Insurance / Fraudulent sales practice

steel5blue on Apr 19, 2014
On 2/4/14 I contacted Farmers' Insurance via my auto insurance (21st Century) to obtain homeowner's insurance. I wanted to expand my coverage and had heard, I could get a better rate when having homeowner's and auto under one "roof". My then current homeowner's policy wa...

Farmers Insurance / Bad service and caused trouble

John watkins on Jan 14, 2014
I have had farmers ins insurance for my home and auto for over 20 years I had problem with my roof and had several roofing contractors look at it and where told to call insurance company, they stated that it was damage from storms and winds. They denied coverage .I got a call from a claim...

Farmers Insurance Agency / Unethical and illegal behavior

Alison Scott on Jul 8, 2013
Mr. English's daughter, Dawn M Arthur, works as an agent in her father's Farmers Insurance Agency but she is not licensed by the state of Colorado (or ANY state). She refers to herself as an "agent" and uses her father's agency's computers and professional affiliation...

Tennessee Farmers Insurance / They increased my insurance

Teagarden on Jun 6, 2013
I have insurance with Tennessee Farmers Insurance. My daughter was in an accident in a friend’s vehicle and was t-boned by a drunk driver in another car. We are suing the drunk driver’s insurance but farmers sent me a letter adding my daughter who doesn't have a driver’s license or...

Farmers Insurance Group of Companies / Not performing as agreed

Teela Marie on Apr 12, 2013
Farmers has completely and totally put me against a wall, and I refuse to be bullied by their horrendous business practices...I speak for everyone and not just myself, now that I have seen I'm not alone...I have created this page for anyone and everyone who has been wronged by...

Farmers Insurance - Colorado Springs / Home Claims

JJon on Feb 27, 2013
How come `we're not hearing anything about the ordeal many people with Farmers Insurance are experiencing with claims for damage to their homes caused by the Waldo Canyon fire last June? Many homes not destroyed by the fire suffered major damage to roofs, sidings, and interiors. One home...

Farmers Insurance / Unethical

Romano Agency on Aug 30, 2012
This company did not honor their contract with my company/agency. They promise that you have control of the number of leads that you receive however; after requesting no more than 3 insurance leads per day they proceeded to send me up to 25 leads per day. I continued to call and email my...

West Farmers Insurance / Not acceptable insurance

Ekir on Aug 15, 2012
I had problems with my car and appealed for West Farmers Insurance. They claim zero responsibility! The insurance they provide is not acceptable. They didn’t want to repair my car even taking into account the fact that I paid them for insurance not the first year.

Farmers Insurance / Be careful for they will not take care of you

Traci Zartuche on Dec 13, 2011
My daughter got hit by an older lady that had Farmers Insurance for her coverage. They came and did an estimate on the car and arranged for the car to be dropped off to be repaired. They also arranged a rental car for the duration of time car was at repair shop. Anyways, the car is still at...

Farmers Insurance / Double billing

tommy l nelson on Aug 22, 2011
My mother and sister were on one auto policy together shen my mother bought a new car she went in and got a policy on her own and paid for 6 months in full. Right after this she became ill and was in the hospital for several months unable to speak while this happend the insurance company...

Farmers Insurance / Caller lies about bill due date

Marv1972 on Jul 30, 2011
The last few times my auto insurance has been due, someone from Farmers has called about about 10 days before the due date to say I'm in "pre-cancellation" status. That's despicable. But my next payment is due in 10 days and last week when they called, the woman literally said...

Farmers Insurance / Chris Neff and farmers two thieves

Lord74 on Jul 5, 2011
Our ex agent Chris Neff cancelled our auto policy without cause or notification. We only found out when the truck burned up|. He came out onthe day of the fire and assured us the truck was covered in full as well as the building it was in and all of our farm machinery". The following...

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