Fantastic Sams Franchise Corporationcustomer service at a hair salon

I made an appointment at 5:30 on October 5th at the Battlefield Parkway in Fort Oglethorpe Georgia location Fantastic Sams and when I had gotten there the store manager was the one in charge name Cristia she was the one to cut my hair. she was already complaining about how i had made an appointment at that time and that she could not eat her food. she sat me in the chair and then told me to never make an appointment at this time again and just was complaining the whole time. And kept checking her phone to see what time it was and to check her notification but when she got done with my hair I left and that's when I realize she had messed up on my hair so bad it looked like complete crap. This is unacceptable customer service especially to be a store manager and VERY unprofessional !

Oct 06, 2019

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