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8/26/19 - My granddaughter and her friend went into your store around 5:30pm or 6:00pm and was treated very badly from the middle age woman that was waiting on them. My granddaughter was using the digital coupon via cell phone for the first time and for some reason it did not take the coupons off of her bill. The checker would not rescan her items and would not return her money when Megan ask to return the items if she was not allowed to use her coupons. Her friend asked the checker "why are you always rude when I come in?" The checker got mad and told them to get out of her store or she would call the police. My granddaughter said the checker accused her friend of calling her names which she DID NOT call her one bad name. Her friend just called her "Rude". That is not name calling!!! The checker called the police and lied about her being called names from my granddaughter's friend. The police would not let the girls say anything on their behalf, so they had to leave the store without getting their money back. This is very unexceptionable customer service and I would appreciate if you have a talk with this woman and have her own up to the false accusations. This is not setting a great example to these young kids to lie to the police and get away with it. Please have a talk with her and I feel she owes these girls an apology. Also, I would like to see them both get their money back! I feel Megan's friend was being discriminated against because she is black. My granddaughter is white and was not treated as harshly as her friend was. In fact, her friend was told she was not allowed to go back into the store. IF there is nothing done about this behavior, I will take it to the CEO and explain there is a reason your stores have such a bad rating because of this behavior from your employees. Please let me know when this has been addressed and what you will be doing about it, ASAP. You will find my business email below.

Thank You
Connie Wilton

Aug 28, 2019
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