Family Dollar Storespoor customer service

H Sep 04, 2018

Besides the store ALWAYS being dirty on inside and out. The manager there by the name of STEPHY OR STEPHANIE is VERY RUDE. She stands there at the register as if she doesn't see you standing there waiting. Instead of helping a customer, her and the undercover cop stands there and talk about personal business. She rung me up, turned her back and took her time putting lotion on her hands and talked with the cop. She didn't tell me how much i owed before she turned her back. The card machine was broke so i couldn't see the total either. When she FINALLY turned around, she gave me the dumbest look as if i was just standing there to be standing there. I had to ASK her how much. She NEVER greets customers. She acts as if she has a chip on her shoulders and don't want to be there. The whole store needs a make over. Until a change happens. Ill be going to Dollar general. Where the workers are nice and the store is clean and in order.

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