Family Dollar Stores908 la salle avenue, hampton, va

G Sep 03, 2018

This Family Dollar in Hampton is the worst Family Dollar Store I have ever seen.
The Store is in a disarray. The items are mixed up and all over the place on the shelves.
There is never any staff or anybody to help you. There is no air conditioning in this store!! The store is hot in = hot weather. Everyone is sweating. It is a shame!
There is never any staff in this store --except for two cashiers always.
There is always a sign outside that they need workers, and they are hiring, but no one stays long enough in this store. The cashiers they hire always leave.
There has been no store manager in this Family Dollar for quite some time. This store definitely needs help, and they are always "empty" in the food department.
This store needs a lot of help.
At least have air conditioning?

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