Family Dollar Store #8083 2925 Madison Ave Indianapolis, Indiana 46225harassment and racial discrimination/slandering from store manager

B Nov 12, 2018 Review updated:

I walked into the store and was looked upon with a look of negative from the store manager at 3:30pm monday 11/12/18. Not sure of her name but was what looked to be early 50's dirty blonde short hair with big frame glasses with white hair band/tie. I said hello and went on with my shopping. Look at good section grab roll of toilet paper and headed to the men's clothes section. I tried on one black hoodie which was too big. I grabbed up a simlar black hoodie put it on to see if it fit. That's when said store manager walked on to the end ale looking at me up and down with a anger on her face for total of 2mins till I asked her "can I help you". She said no. I then said "is there a problem am I not allowed to try on something before buying. She replied"no i'm making sure your not stealing. I told her that's o. K I don't need to steal I have money. She then said "yeah it don't matter I got your kind of people coming in and stealing [censored] all the time". I then took off the black hoodie put it in its place and told her I would take my business else where. And started head to the exit. She followed me right behind yelling at that point where everyone was looking. Saying "get out of my store i'm not letting you"kind of people"in my store stealing" following outside the store and closing the door as if I done something. I was embarrassed and humiliated as if I was criminal or had do something wrong. I called the store the same evening ask for the store manager and when she got on the phone I asked who I was speaking to but she refused to give her name. Otherwise I would have been able to give it in the complaint. I do hope and trust that there was cameras in the store to capture the event and help family dollar with identifying the store manager. I'm filing a civil rights complaint as well as moving forward to hire a attorney for the matter. I don't look at family dollar as a whole in the situation but I feel something needs to be done. I don't feel like myself or anyone else should have to go through that kind of humiliation from your employees while trying to shop in your stores. Or atleast hope you take action on this situation because I would like to continue to using your stores but at this monument i'm in fear of simular behavior from your employees. Intill I know action have been taken against her I will not step foot in another family dollar and will continue to proceed with legal progress. Nobody civil rights should be treated like that in any place of business. Hope to hear from you soon. Atleast thanks for reading my complaint.


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